4 Fundamental Elements of Interior Designing You Must Play with Them

Interior design field is strongly related to creativity with a degree of science involved. Becoming an interior design expert is not easy. One must consider and play with the certain basic elements to find out the best possible interior design solutions for the clients. The interior design is beyond one’s imagination, not lies within certain limitations. If you are an interior design expert or aspiring to become an expert; you must play with these basic elements to bring a smile on your client’s face delivering the out of box interior design.


The very basic element of the interior design is Space and it acts as a base on which a design plant is applied. So, it’s essential for a designer to aware of the space clearly, its dimensions & utilities. Space is either two dimensional (A wall) or a 3-dimensional (a living space). An expert can utilize the space with all the necessary stuff in a proper manner to improve the curb appeal of a home or office. An empty space is called negative space and the equilibrium must be maintained between decorated and empty space.


Mainly three types of line are in the interior design industry – Horizontal, vertical and dynamic. These lines define the shapes of interior space. Horizontal lines decorate structures like beds, chairs and tables, vertical lines adorn doorways, windows and almirahs. The angular or dynamic lines are totally action-oriented & can be seen on stairs and other zigzag type stuff.


Without light, there’s no significance of color, pattern or texture. Light is an obvious element whether it’s natural or manmade. Light is required to set mood & create a perfect ambiance into a space highlighting every element including line, space and foams. Generally, the windows and doors should be placed where natural light can enter into. The man-made light is divided into 3 categories: Task, Accent and Mood Lighting. All these light types should be placed well in a living space to create a good ambiance. Don’t miss a single class of your diploma in interior designing in Delhi. You will miss a lot in the future.


Do I need to introduce? Of course, not! Colors set up an aesthetic connection between mood and objects in living space. Each color has its own characteristic so they must be chosen carefully. If you are not good at choosing colors; either you should change the field or learn to choose as quickly as you can. The colors are categorized in two: primary & secondary colors. Make a right combination of colors and a get praised by a homeowner.

So, these are the basic elements must be covered in the interior design. Do you aware of this till now? Want to build your career as an interior design expert; you should join the interior design institute in Delhi to make your dream true and call yourself a design expert.

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