Get Closer To Your Dream with C Programming Online Learning

Introduction to C


C language is an imperative, general-purpose procedural programming language developed at Bell Telephone Laboratories almost fifty years ago by Dennis.M. Ritchie for developing the UNIX operating system. It is one of the most extensively used computer programming language. It gives a tough competition to Java for number one position in popularity. C forms the base for most of the modern day programming languages. C language is a successor of B language.


If you intend to become a computer professional then learning c is the foremost thing. Once you the c language you will be in the most demanding career in the techno-world. Your career will leap bounds with c programming online tutorial. A programming career cannot prosper without c.


Advantages of learning c


If your dream is of becoming a good software engineer and especially if you want to work in Software development industry, then c programming online learning is highly important and essential for working professionals and students. The main advantages of learning c are as follows:


It is a structured language.

It is easy to learn.

Low level activities can also be handled.

It yields efficient programs.

It can be assembled at various computer platforms.


C programming applications


Earlier c was used in system development work, especially in programming the operating systems. It was accepted as a system development language as it could produce code that could run almost as fast as the codes written in assembly language. Here are some of the uses of C:


Language compilers

Operating systems

Text editors

Print spoolers


Modern programs

Language interpreters



Who all can learn?


C programming online tutorial is designed for everyone who wants to learn the c programming language be it a novice or a working professional. The tutorial will provide you with minutest details about the language from the scratch and gradually move upto advanced levels of expertise.


Though having a basic understanding and knowledge of the programming terminology always prove to be an edge, but is not mandatory.


What all will you learn


C programming online learning course explains first of all about programme flow and how does programming languages manage with data. Therefore, you can understand and recognise the basic architecture behind c programming. The tutorials also include explanations and overviews about the usage of essential c functions, routines and methods. All the curriculum would be in a simple and clear language in a step by step way.


Why Newtum


Newtum is a leading online academy offering various technical courses for youths and working professionals. It uses realise life examples to tech train the students. The tutorials are designed in accordance to and by industry experts. You can watch c programming online tutorial as many times as you want at your convenient time and place.


So go ahead and take a step today to get a step closer to your dream of a computer programmer.

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High-quality production beats are the most important thing for every musician when rappers search for a site for buying or to get lease beats.


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Most Romantic Flowers for Your Partner

Flowers always play an important role, no matter the occasion. Whether you are planning to surprise your love on Valentine's Day. Flowers or maybe you want to surprise your husband or wife at the office with the bunch of roses, and then don’t worry with Flowera we’ve got you covered with the best online flowers delivery.


If you bring flowers for your girlfriend, it'll make her extremely happy and romantic. Flowers do speak what words are unable to. Flowers are enough to make the special person in your life to understand your importance. An expensive gift falls short in front of a bunch of flowers. Flowers strengthen the bond between lovers and ensure a long time relationship. Flowers are always the best medium for expressing love and care.


There might have been many times when you think of gifting your mother a perfect gift. But most of the times either you don’t know what to gift or you just end up giving her a gift card. That is why I have brought this list for you to solve your gifting problems for your mother. Birthday baskets have become really popular in the modern scenario when people don’t really have a lot of options or confused between which gift to pick and which one to leave a birthday basket comes in handy. show all you need to make his birthday basket are some of your mother’s favourite items such as you could include some essential oils candles a baking kit chocolates soaps anything that your mother loves is going to be a part of your birthday basket and include this birthday basket as well there you go your gift is ready.






Orange Roses: A mixture of red and yellow; these orange roses are considered to lighten and brighten friendship symbolized and represented love. They help in expressing fascination or a flower to say I’m proud of you. When you give these flowers to your loved ones, it means you feel proud to have them in your life and want them further. This blooms will make your special ones happier and give a moment of the best feeling ever. You can give to your best friend, the best motivator of your life or special someone with whom you feel proud.


Rose is the most common and popular flower. The red rose is the symbol of beauty, passion, desire and romantic love.


A dozen red roses boldly declare, “I Love You” while single red roses communicate devotion and loyalty.


Red Roses are the most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day.




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Red Tulip is perfect for expressing your emotion towards your partner or to anyone. Tulip is one of the best flowers to show your loyalty towards your partner and the sign of love and care.




Carnation symbolizes love and affection. This flower comes in different colour and every colour has its own meaning as white symbolizes good luck and pure love, red light symbolizes admiration, while dark red represents deep love and affection. The red colour has long been associated with feelings of love, affection, and admiration. Carnations have become synonymous with ‘love.’ On Thanksgiving, you can go for these flowers and speak your heart out in front of one whom you love. Flowers are the best way to express the deepest feelings of heart, and Carnations have their own special meaning, which clears your words when you give it to your loved ones. We believe that this Thanksgiving will definitely create beautiful moments with your loved ones.ORCHIDS


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This flower symbolizes love and innocence. Freya is a goddess of love, beauty and fertility and such as the daisy came by symbolize childbirth. Sometimes daisies are given to congratulate new mother.




Orchid is the most highly desired of ornamental plant. White Orchid represents innocence and purity, elegance and beauty. Purple orchid symbolizes perfection and admiration. While Yellow orchid represents friendship. If you want to surprise your beloved ones you can send online flowers to Bhopal if someone your loved ones lived in Bhopal.



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5 Essential Elements to Keep in Mind While Ordering Mail Order Marijua

Whether you have been using medical marijuana for some time or are just getting started, learning how to get mail order marijuana from online dispensaries is a relatively new opportunity for most people. The good news is that finding marijuana for sale is quite easy with a quick online search. However, from here on, things can get a bit trickier.


If you want to make sure that you get what you pay for, it is essential that you know the safety indicators and the red flags that you should watch out for. With this information, you can have the best purchasing experience. Below are the five essential elements to consider then ordering weed online.


Compare and Contrast


Compare a few online dispensaries to ensure that you get the best possible weed. Look through several sites and see the options available to you. Remember that every store has different products, so you need to know what you want. Look for a store that offers variety, as this usually signifies that the store knows its craft. Also look into the other information listed on the site. Read up and stay clear from erroneous and baseless claims.


Look at Reviews


After comparing online dispensary sites, turn to the reviews. Online reviews can tell so much about an online weed dispensary. It is best that you read several reviews spanning from the best to the worst ones to give you a good idea of what you can expect from their products and service. Do not believe all bad reviews, though, as that might just be from bitter customers who failed to properly course their concerns. Look for sites with the most overall positive reviews.


Buy in Bulk


When buying marijuana online, it is important that you buy your goods from a trusted store so you can get them in bulk. However, if it is your first time to buy weed online or the first time from a new store, try to start small in a variety of strains. Once you receive your order, try them out. And if you are happy with them, see if the store has a bulk option. Remember that ordering online entails shipping fees, so buying in bulk can greatly reduce costs.


Check on Delivery


Some people buying weed online do not worry too much about delivery. There are deliveries that can take weeks, but it is best to go with those that can deliver in just a few days. If you need weed for chronic pain and other illnesses, you would not want to wait for weeks so get relief from your health condition.


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Best dental doctor in delhi

People are often misinformed about dental braces. As most of the people become more conscious about their looks around puberty, that’s usually the time they commit to get braces. But you don’t necessarily need to be a young adult to induce fitted with braces.


you'll be able to get corrective treatment for your teeth as an adult additionally. the sole reason that dentists recommend braces at an early age is because you would like strong teeth and gums are ready to be fitted with braces.


Braces work by moving your teeth in an exceedingly certain direction by putting pressure on them. Therefore your gums must be strong enough to resist that pressure. Before you get braces, you would like to induce a radical checkup done by an honest orthodontist. That way you may get a correct review of your oral health and know if your teeth can withstand braces.


The decision of getting braces is best smitten the assistance of an expert orthodontist. a normal dentist could also be ready to fix you up with braces, but their knowledge on the topic won’t be as thorough as that of an orthodontist. An orthodontist has comprehensive training that permits them to cope with problems with the jawbone and dental movement. Therefore we'd always recommend that you just go an orthodontist to cope with your alignment issues.


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