What is a Logistic Software

Logistics.... Logistics management is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward, and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer's requirements.


The basic function of any logistics management software is productivity and efficiency enhancement, in warehouse operations, aimed at saving money and improving customer satisfaction. A customised version covers everything from supply chain planning to control of inventory, and from the refining of warehouse functions such as picking, packing, slotting and shipping, to streamlining transportation routines, and much more. Side by side, it co-opts vehicle tracking to improve transparency and enforce greater control over operations.


Some of the basic features include:


Multi-client architecture to support more than one customer

Efficient costing and invoicing control functionality to process and apply service contract policies in real-time, to facilitate prompt invoicing


Real-time inventory control and visibility, to nip issues in the bud

Automated vendor-managed inventory management, to processes and record replenishment requests, aimed at speeding up the supply chain and minimize stock-out situations


Vehicle tracking can automatically sends and receive location data, to improve accuracy and offering unbridled transparency into product in transit.


MIS reporting capabilities, with key data such as inventory figures, product histories and shipment records are all accessible remotely at the swipe of a finger or the click of a button, and more.


Smart enterprises go in for inherently customizable and scalable solutions in software and data depositories.


for essential functions related to logistics, today’s highly competitive and integrated business infrastructure requires either a single module covering all these activities or seamless integration between the various stand-alone modules.


Salesfundaa Logistics Management Software Facilitates Seamless Integration


The requirements of integration extend to the business infrastructure. Small and medium sized enterprise can deploy a standalone module but there would hardly be any large enterprise handling the entire gamut of its logistics operations, end-to-end. Outsourcing is the norm, and striking strategic alliances with competent partners is an established industry best practice and a source of competitive advantage. Many large enterprises partner with 3PL companies, who in turn work closely with mainstream parcel carriers such as FedEx and UPS. The smoother the interactions with such partners, the more productive the business.


The best logistics management software requires the capability to tap into the software of all these 3PL and other partners, draw critical information from it, subject it to analytics, and present it to the stakeholders in the form of actionable information.


For instance, seamless logistics requires smooth integration of the software managing warehouse operations and logistics tracking software to the ERP suite of the enterprise, enabling decision-makers and managers to sync and plan inventory and product movement between the warehouse and the store. State-of-the-art automated logistic management software automates such a function, scheduling warehoused dispatches in sync with the movement of the cargo through the supply chain, to avoid stock-out situations. Likewise, it may schedule a slowdown of production if the cargo is blocked at some point in the supply chain, to reduce inventory glut or warehouse over-capacity situations.


The core of any logistics software is warehouse operations management. Likewise, logistics tracking software offers visibility and helps maintain control of the supply chain. Success depends on a well-integrated logistics software solution, integrating all these critical solutions, and deliverable to the right stakeholders in easy to use dashboards, preferably through mobile apps that facilitate anywhere, anytime access.

Growth and Scaling Tips for Australian E commerce Websites

The success of your Aussie ecommerce website will depend on how healthily it can grow over the years. The Australian market is shifting towards online purchases, following a global trend. So the opportunities are there for e-businesses to succeed. The challenge will be managing the growth in a desirable manner. As an ecommerce website owner, if you are in the “growth hack” phase, read below for several tips to initiating and managing growth and scaling in a strategic and smart manner:


Focus on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Digital marketing techniques like SEO, content, videos, and so on are great for attracting attention. Certain design choices can even increase the percentage of the search volume that ends up converting. However, the impact of these strategies are miniscule compared to the power of world-of-mouth. If you want to attract and retain customers on the long run, you need to launch a plan to optimise word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth spreads among existing customers and across social media. Therefore, invest in social media content and incentivise existing customers to mention your brand to friend, family and colleagues. While a big marketing push can initially generate buzz for your brand, only word-of-mouth can retain this buzz. Your site can only grow when customers keep talking about your brand.


Choose a Growth-Friendly C.M.S Platform

Obviously, more functionality and design elements will have to be added to your ecommerce website once it starts growing. More customers mean adding more products, content, improving customer service, and so on. Making these modifications will require a highly user-friendly CMS platform that is pro-growth for websites. It should be noted that it’s easier to modify or develop growing sites on some CMS platforms than others. Therefore, when you launch your site, choose the CMS carefully. Do you research and find out which CMS supports growing sites the best. It’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance from skilled coders, like Magento developers Sydney, once you have chosen your CMS.


Don’t Blindly Increase the Number of Servers

Growing a website is not determined by how many servers are present, so don’t add servers hoping to attract more traffic. While server capacity, bandwidth, and such other factors are important for site growth, that’s only a part of the larger picture. Adding more servers is important for making sure the site loads fast. However, there are many other factors to consider as well. The site may load fast, but what about other end-user operations like loading the shopping cart, finalising a payment, or submitting a customer service request? The speed of these operations will not depend on the number of servers present. Therefore, instead of obsessing over the server number alone, consider the whole picture for improving traffic and increasing the number of customers.


Use More Database Servers

Also, if you do want to add more servers, rent or buy database servers, not capacity servers. As the site grows, the challenge will be to manage the sheer amount of data, which will require database servers. Therefore, make sure you are adding the right type of servers as the site grows.


Last but not lease, focus on the performance of the website. Most e-commerce site owners make the mistake of improving the aesthetics of the website when they should be investing in better performance. Even if your site is ugly, customers will keep coming back if it’s fast and convenient.

How to find whealth online

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HBSE 10th Result Bhiwani Board 10th Result

HBSC will conduct the Class X Board examination from March 8 to March 31 2018.Students must remember that Haryana Board 10th Result will be announced 
online only.Haryana Board of Secondary Education(HBSE) will declare the Haryana 10th Result in the third week of the May,2018. Students who will appear
for the Haryana Board Class 10th exam can check their HBSE Result 2018 by clicking the link given below.


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Sling TV and PlayStation

Streaming services are finally starting to replace cable as the go-to destination for hot shows, but broadcast TV has had one major advantage over its online counterpart: live television. Not anymore. If you want to watch live TV online, you have more than a dozen options, depending on what you want to watch. Read on to find live TV on your computer, mobile device or set-top box.
Online Live TV Channel
If you thrive on live TV but don't want to pay exorbitant cable costs, a Online Live TV Channel might be the way to go. These streaming programs are just like cable or satellite subscriptions, complete with live broadcasts and a variety of familiar channels, except they come over the Internet rather than through analog cables or satellite signals.
MORE: Best (and Worst) Online Live TV Channel
DirecTV Now, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are currently the most recognizable of these services, and the three are fairly similar in practice. They're not alone, though, as YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV (currently in beta) joined the fray more recently. These services include channels such as E!, FX, TBS and TNT, ESPN, AMC, Cartoon Network, HBO and Univision, although the exact lineup varies depending on the provider in question.
All five services have dozens more channels available, and you can watch them all in real time, just as you would on a standard cable subscription.
Article source:


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