Growth and Scaling Tips for Australian E commerce Websites

The success of your Aussie ecommerce website will depend on how healthily it can grow over the years. The Australian market is shifting towards online purchases, following a global trend. So the opportunities are there for e-businesses to succeed. The challenge will be managing the growth in a desirable manner. As an ecommerce website owner, if you are in the “growth hack” phase, read below for several tips to initiating and managing growth and scaling in a strategic and smart manner:


Focus on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Digital marketing techniques like SEO, content, videos, and so on are great for attracting attention. Certain design choices can even increase the percentage of the search volume that ends up converting. However, the impact of these strategies are miniscule compared to the power of world-of-mouth. If you want to attract and retain customers on the long run, you need to launch a plan to optimise word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth spreads among existing customers and across social media. Therefore, invest in social media content and incentivise existing customers to mention your brand to friend, family and colleagues. While a big marketing push can initially generate buzz for your brand, only word-of-mouth can retain this buzz. Your site can only grow when customers keep talking about your brand.


Choose a Growth-Friendly C.M.S Platform

Obviously, more functionality and design elements will have to be added to your ecommerce website once it starts growing. More customers mean adding more products, content, improving customer service, and so on. Making these modifications will require a highly user-friendly CMS platform that is pro-growth for websites. It should be noted that it’s easier to modify or develop growing sites on some CMS platforms than others. Therefore, when you launch your site, choose the CMS carefully. Do you research and find out which CMS supports growing sites the best. It’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance from skilled coders, like Magento developers Sydney, once you have chosen your CMS.


Don’t Blindly Increase the Number of Servers

Growing a website is not determined by how many servers are present, so don’t add servers hoping to attract more traffic. While server capacity, bandwidth, and such other factors are important for site growth, that’s only a part of the larger picture. Adding more servers is important for making sure the site loads fast. However, there are many other factors to consider as well. The site may load fast, but what about other end-user operations like loading the shopping cart, finalising a payment, or submitting a customer service request? The speed of these operations will not depend on the number of servers present. Therefore, instead of obsessing over the server number alone, consider the whole picture for improving traffic and increasing the number of customers.


Use More Database Servers

Also, if you do want to add more servers, rent or buy database servers, not capacity servers. As the site grows, the challenge will be to manage the sheer amount of data, which will require database servers. Therefore, make sure you are adding the right type of servers as the site grows.


Last but not lease, focus on the performance of the website. Most e-commerce site owners make the mistake of improving the aesthetics of the website when they should be investing in better performance. Even if your site is ugly, customers will keep coming back if it’s fast and convenient.

Make the bigger change in management of your business

In the present era, the software creates the versatile platform for the easy life and profession, payroll software provides a very comfortable set of tools to administer your organization. The benefits that you probably own from officekithr make changes in your organization that optimizes the working schedules. No need to waste your precious time on manually correcting your payroll processing task. Usually, you require a large amount of time accomplish payroll calculations by accompanying with attendance. Take the brilliant step to look forward to by adhering to the payroll software. Worth every penny you spend on the software since the officekithr providers provide you with proper customization.


It is inevitable to depend on software in any future ready organization. There are many latest changes happening in the tech-savvy eco-system that is imperative for the achievement of goals. While you adapt to the latest changes, in the field of technology as an important step to the growth of the business, it becomes essential to switch to the cloud payroll software. The benefits that you obtain from officekithr include flexibility, efficiency and give you more transparency in every area. In this world of competition, almost every organization that is in the developing stage is switching to cloud for their HR payroll activities.


It is very easy to work on the scalable software and that is the major reason why the software built on cloud architecture. Cloud software provides you a platform that that expands as per the needs moreover helps you to work in sync with the entire organization. Managers always have a connection with all the employees that helps to focus on the core of the matter. Business management and profitability are the areas that need ultimate success.

Importance of cloud-based payroll software


When your business is growing, there arises the need of expanding the IT infrastructure. When you have a cloud-based payroll you don’t want to worry about such changes. It is only the vendor’s commitment to providing you with maximum results. Thus you are having a minimal dependency on IT infrastructure. It seems like the safe and secure cloud platform is more suggestible than server platform. You don’t need to worry about risk factor when you adhere to the cloud payroll software since the encryption protocols and stringent measures are the ultimate guards of protection.


You could easily function in a safe environment since officekithr assures the entire security in cloud software. Cloud software makes the life of every busy employee much easier by its feature of accessibility on the go. The only requirement for the users is the internet connection. For the ease, officikithr is also available as an application so that you can use in the mobile. Hence payroll management is easy from anywhere at any time. You could easily perform any task using the software when you are at any internet available place.


Probably you know a major fact that the cloud software possesses low investment and high returns. The advantage is basically due to the reason of rather less or no usage of any additional hardware. It is obviously an advantage since the organization opts the cloud software can save the cost of both initial and frequent usage. Officekithr enables the users to be more considerate towards nature. You could completely reduce the usage of paper usage in your organization; you could wipe away the bundles of files.

Manage Payroll from punch to pay slip


Officekithr provides you complete payroll management initiating from the punch-in process till the delivery of pay slip. Employees get the pay slip of each and every month from their account in officekithr. Moreover, the employees could get the pay slip securely from their account according to their salary structure. Setting up pay calendars is a time-consuming task for organizations since there exist different pay calendars for the different country. Global operations inside any organization require different pay calendars. The efficient method for each country differs; officekithr provides the easy payroll calculation.




Ways to Keep Online Business Secure

In the era when everything is online, the security of online business’s and offline business’s information has become a challenging task for organizations. Yes, there are many programmers to design and develop applications and programs for various online selling and information sharing purposes; but there are also various hackers that can steal the information from your organization’s servers and misuse it. This misuse of information can cause severe damages to organization’s social image and financial status; ultimately destroying the customer base. Thus, it is mandatory to keep the online business secure. Here are 10 ways to protect the business from any cyber or IT crime:


1. Domain Name Server and Domain Name: Using a personal/private or restricted email account for domain name registration is advisable. Ensure that you keep the existing registration details secure.


2. Limited Access to Business’s Website: Keep an eye over the access of business’s website. Allow only to the employees who need to access it for the purpose of doing their official work. Using a strong admin password is also recommended. Block the access to various social networking websites. This would be helpful in increasing the productivity from employees’ end and saving the website from viruses and hacking.


3. Sources of Communication: Using encoded communication tools like instant messengers, text messengers, and emails are firmly prudent. This would convert the information shared over internet into codes that are difficult to decode. To stop wicked software and fraud emails, installing safekeeping software and instructing the staff on how to use email carefully is opined. The one most important instruction is of not opening any link that is from an unknown sender.


4. Confidentiality: Terminate, safeguard and preserve everybit of information receiving from clienteles, comprising


  • Address
  • Credit Card Specifics
  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Personal Views
  • Telephone Number


in a way that conforms with the Privacy Act 1988.


5. Mobile Handsets: You should not be saving any information in the mobile handsets as they can be crashed or be stolen causing you loss of information. Using updated operating systems, strong passwords, data encryption, and web browsers with mobile security software is recommended.


6. Desktop Computers and Servers: It is highly suggested that corporate computers and workstations should have safety software set up in them. Validate presence of authentic and effective:


  • Firewall secure system

  • Anti-spam filters

  • Anti-spywares

  • Anti-virus softwares


Servers must have anti-virus software, consistent updates and a firewall. Observe your safetyrecords and other server intelligences for everyunbalancedarrays or ups and downs. Be certainof keeping all of software fait with the utmost modern security coverings and software informs.


7. Junk mail Filters: They should be used with the intention of plummeting the number of phishing and junk emails received at your end. If a spam filter is functionalized, it would assist to diminish the probabilities that you or one of your employees will exposed a deceitful or phishing email by mistake.


8. Procedures and Policies: Ensure of organization having specific procedures and policies prepared for all the employees concerning what is tolerable when using and logging on the internet, electronic mail and IT. Make sure that employees are accustomed with organizational policies concerning gathering, retrieving and loading data, and be assured that they review them on a consistent basis. It can also consist of teaching employees on the correct measures for data collection and downloading.


9. Regular Data Back Up: Organizations should follow the rule of regular data back up to safeguard that it would remain safe just in case there is a hosting fiasco; such as crashing of application or software, unethical hacking, computer hardware glitches, or a virus attack. There are a number of methods for data backup. It can be done using a confined server, pen-drives, hard-disks, CDs, cloud computing or peripheral hard storage.


10. Secured Transactions over the Portal: Customers love only those organizations that take care of their money. Thus, organizations providing customers with a safe and sound mode for carrying out transactions are preferred over with those who do not. Having a continuous follow-up with the payment gateway provider on what can be done so as to help avoid online payment scam from taking place is a must follow strategy.


11. Systematic Staff Training: It is indeed significant to conduct regular staff training. Though, they need to also be up-to-date with what their computer errands and privileges are along with network access norms.


Keeping the online business secure is the need of the hour, if you wish to flourish and prosper in the industry. This can be done the above ways. Nonetheless; organizations with online service has to keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends. Share in the comment box below, if you are aware about any other ways to keep the online business secure.


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10 Handy Tips for Safe Industrial Dust Collectors Operation

Setting up Dust Collection Filters in factories solves the issue of polluted air around the employees and equipment thus keeping the work areas harmless from dust. The primary need for them does not offer the employees safe and pure air to breathe while they work. It also prevents equipment and machines from corrosion and other polluted air harmful effect. Inopportunely, this set up often takes place under a pique purchase situation. Though the initial idea may be to select the most reasonable dust collection filters, the actual purpose of upholding a safe working surroundings and corners should never be censored. The price of each unit and fittings should never affect the safety that dust collectors are intended to give.


From purchase, installation and maintenance, these dust collectors are quite costly to acquire, and when they break down in the absence of proper support, things get even worse. Like each useful and expensive equipment; the dust collectors also require adequate upkeep to function smoothly for a long time. This blog shares with you the handy tips to keep your Industrial Dust Collectors Safe for Operations:


The More the Pressure Ratings; The Better the Dust Collection Filter Is: Confirming that the dust collector installed in the factory is durable and combined with the correct blast defence equipment. It will permit you to use a meeker and less expensive blast defence system to fulfill with National Fire Protection Association standards.


Always Keep An Eye On Ductwork: The Dust Removal Filters/Bags installed in your company could be assembled flawlessly, but the incorrect ductwork could be the reason for significant problems. Ducting should be furnished with dampers and regulators intended to diminish the threat of blast.


Avoid Storing Dust in Hoppers: Validate that the storage vessel under the hopper is vacant and gutted regularly. This will lessen blockage of the system and confirm that the pulse-cleaning system is functioning its job.


Remember Compliance Cannot Be Foretold Only By Filter Percentage Efficiencies Or MERV Ratings: Plant procedures and safety personnel must incite guidelines as the Environmental Protection Act, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration linger to constrict air quality requirements. These bodies want to know that releases will be at or below essential brinks.


Enhance Fire Preclusion: Noninflammable filter media, spark arrestors, pricked screens, fire sprays, etc. benefits in preserving fire deterrence. Correspondingly, vertically-mounted containers also cut fire and blast risks as dust doesn't detritus and assemble on top of Dust Removal Filters/Bags.

Assess Requirements For Further Safety Fixtures: Occupational Safety and


Health Administration - recommended security platforms and trapped ladders can avert slip-ups and drops when employees access the collector for the check. Lock-out/tag-out gates avoid injury triggered by the accidental opening of gates in a pounding cycle and disclosure to harmful dust. Where exceedingly harmful dust is being controlled, a bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) repression system may be compulsory to detach employees from used filters in change-out.


Opt For A Safety Checking Filter: This is an additional panel of high competence air filters that avert composed dust from re-entering the workstation if there should be an escape in the dust collector's primary filtration process. This is also an essential constituent in a recirculating dust collection system that reprocesses air downstream of the collector.


Using A PLC To Regulate Pulse-Cleaning of Filters Is Not Recommended: Pulse-cleaning depends on very short, high-energy eruptions of compressed air to setback dirt off the filter shells. PLCs regularly open too gradually for correct pulsing to take place.


Consider Simplicity And Security Of Filter Change-Out:


  • Are filters positioned for the comfort of the entrance?

  • Do they glide in and out of the covering freely?

  • Drawing out a container that is muddy above your head and balances a ton can upshot in the neck, back and foot hurt along with muchuntidiness?


Some filter designs are subject to rough dust stocking, leading to smaller filter life and possible fire or bang threats.


Reduce Change-Out Frequency With Long-Life Filters: This will lessen worker contact to dirt, save on upkeep and removal expenses, and decrease landfill influence of Industrial Filters.


Accepting critical features of Industrial Filters and industrial unit's necessities will eventually save money in the long run for the reason that there would be lack of maintenances or further fixtures in the future.


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The Alluring Annapurna Base Camp

With over thousands of trekking trails and destinations to choose from, Annapurna Base Camp is one that has been loved and highly picked by trekkers and adventure enthusiasts around the world. This miraculous trek to the Annapurna Base Camp lying at the altitude of 4130m will refresh your souls and ignite a sense of zeal and enthusiasm as an adventurer. The Annapurna Base Camp trek quintessentially stirs folk culture, majestic Himalayas and thrilling trails, which is why it is one of the most trailed routes all over the world. The Annapurna Base Camp is the paramount destination in the Annapurna region. The journey to the Annapurna base camp unfolds at the absolutely vibrant tourist hub, Pokhara.


Along the way, nights are spent at villages of Ghorepani, Tikhedhunga, Chhomrong and several other villages where one is guaranteed to encounter the kindest and warmest villagers. The Himalayas have been known to notoriously alter their weather in mere seconds and the same applies to the Annapurna region. In this case, the Annapurna Base Camp is no exception, with the weather wavering in minutes. As for when it is best to undertake this moderately difficult trek, it is during the months of September to November and from March to May, autumn and spring seasons respectively. As you get to the Annapurna Base Camp, the fluorescent and dazzling snow below your feet and surrounding you all around, with the colossus Annapurna range welcoming you will truly be a sight to behold and gaze upon.


Annapurna Base Camp

The Annapurna region is home to several ethnic tribes of Brahmins, Gurung, Chhetri, and Magars are where cultural diversity begins and thrives. With a more diverse culture in the Annapurna region, the Annapurna Base Camp trekgives off a different vibe if one wishes to explore locally. With terrace farms and farming communities clinging on to the hills, life is pretty primitive in this part of the region.


The Annapurna Base Camp is not only about the Himalayas but so much more beyond that. Blossoming rhododendron woodlands, canopies of oak forests and terraced farmlands are what makes the entire trek more enthralling. A key factor as to why the Annapurna base camp is the highest trailed route all over the world is because of the holistic package that it is. The Annapurna Base Camp trek is packed with cultural integrity, an abundance of frondescence and undeniably the glorious towering Himalayas as the backdrop of the entire trek.


Farming on the way of ABC

It goes without saying that our hearts and souls are at peace when we meet strangers that treat us like friends for years. Nepalese have been well known far and wide to be the most helpful people and be all smiles despite several hardships. Undoubtedly, this has brought abundant love and respect for the Nepalese. With the tourism industry booming, the Nepalese have brought it to their favor economically.


Hence, hundreds of tea houses and snug lodges have opened up in the Annapurna region in recent years. Another reason for the Annapurna Base Camp being a top destination among trekkers is because of the easy and varied accommodation services that one can choose from. Not every adventure enthusiast is going to be necessarily physically fit. With gentler descents and an overall moderate altitude, 4130m being the highest, Annapurna base camp trek is a trek that isn’t very grueling and demanding on the knees. Eventually, it is safe to say that the Annapurna Base camp trek is a perfectly molded package with equally thrilling views. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


Halfway through the trek, a galore of snow-capped mountains grace the trails. The 360-degree panoramic view is such a delight to the eyes that they seem as though they’ve been carefully handpicked and put in place.


The Machhapuchhre, Mt. Hiunchuli, Annapurna South, Annapurna I, Annapurna III and Gangapurna are few of the massifs that receive trekkers with open arms. However, the fun isn’t over yet. The Hot springs at Jhinu are trekker’s favorites to unwind and rejuvenate after the strenuous trek. A bottle of cold beer and gossips with fellow trekkers is ideal to loosen up your mind and body.


Annapurna Glacier

We, at Frolic Adventure, are your perfect guide to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Our team of trekking experts, enthusiasts and guides are dedicated to making your trek to the Himalayas a memorable and joyous one, where you will be overcome with enthusiasm and excitement to undertake and avenge the Annapurna’s once again. Frolic Adventure always and takes our word, always prioritizes the safety of our clients and nothing is more important to us that your wellbeing as long as you are in our hands.


As we show you the best of trails and the most amazing views, your journey to the Himalayas is going to be a fulfilling one with us as your travel partner. In order to make complete your journey in the best way, Index Adventure has the best logistic and an exceptionally excellent team of guides. Undertake your trek with Frolic Adventure with the safest hands and create bonds and memories of a lifetime.


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