Some Most Romantic Resorts for couples getaway to Thailand

For couples, Thailand offers temptation in the sheer breadth of indulgent experiences. From private pool villas to five-star hotels and beachfront retreats, the luxury holiday and honeymoon options are endless. Together with thoughtful service and those beautiful Thai smiles, you have the makings of an unforgettable romantic escape.


Paresa Phuket.                                                                                                                                

Named after the ‘heaven of heavens’ in Sanskrit, Paresa perches high on the cliffs of Kamala Bay, with sandy beaches within easy reach and God-given views of Andaman Sea sunsets from all of its contemporary rooms. Sensitively designed around existing trees to make the most of its 30-acre coastal setting – with a natural palette of stone, timber and green slate roofs so it blends in with the bush – this restful resort does romance to the max. Opt for the ‘Infinity dining’ option, and staff will set up a day-bed for two suspended over the LED-lit infinity pool, where waiters will wade out to serve you supper beneath the stars.

Putahracsa Hua Hin.

Get your marriage off to a romantic start at Putahracsa in Hua Hin, where all that glitters isn’t gold – it’s calming white and beige. This stylish reinvention of Sixties motel architecture features romantic rooms and villas clustered around a rectangular infinity pool, bordered by wooden walkways and parasol-shaded day beds. The restaurant serves up delicious fusion food; nab a coveted table with two seats facing the sea (unless you’d rather stare into each other’s eyes lovingly). You can also request yoga sessions or unwind entirely with snooze-inducing spa treatments.

Layana Resort and Spa Ko Lanta, Krabi Province.

The 51-room Layana Resort and Spa is a luxury beachfront escape, with James Bond-style treatment that starts with a private speedboat along the scenic Andaman coast to Koh Lanta Island. The lush, adults-only resort consists of exquisite Garden Pavilions as well as exclusive Beach Suites (stand-alone bungalows) that sport private terraces and direct beach access. The resort offers a saltwater infinity pool, spa, and fitness centre. Guests can sample international and local Thai cuisine at the on-site restaurant, and as the name suggests, watch the sunset from the Sundowner Bar and Lounge.

The Shore Kata Beach, Karon, Phuket.

The Shore at Katathani is an upscale villa resort that caters mainly to couples and honeymooners. The spacious villas come with private plunge pools, some with direct ocean views. Its private location, tucked away in a cove along Kata Noi Beach, adds to the hotel’s intimate, beachy atmosphere. The property includes a small spa, an oceanfront restaurant, and freeform infinity pool with sweeping views of the beach.

Six Senses Yao Noi – Phang Nga.

It can be quite a struggle to tear yourself away from this hotel’s private pool villas and jaw-dropping views. But trust us, it’ll be well worth it. Tucked away on an unspoilt island facing Phang Nga Bay’s picturesque limestone pinnacles, the resort has access to some of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkelling sites, as well as sea-kayaking and sailing equipment. Can’t find your sea legs? Hop on a boat to nearby Krabi or Phuket for elephant trekking, mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing.


Online Accounting Software

Online accounting is a special service that allows you to keep a full account of the activities of IP and small businesses. This type of accounting is especially popular among those business owners who want to have an idea of what is happening with their finances in real time. In our opinion, online accounting is easy, convenient, reliable, relevant and profitable. Why? Let's explore it more closely.


Online accounting is easy - If you maintain your accounting in an online service, then you do not need to have special accounting knowledge. You also don’t need to study the specifics of each tax regime, choose your taxation system and keep records only in the corresponding reporting.



Online accounting is developed for the ordinary, non-professional users, so it is characterized by the following:



  • Simple and intuitive interface;

  • Automatic filling of documents;

  • Hints and examples of filling;

  • Checking prepared reports before sending it;

  • User guide;

  • Answers to common questions and help desk support;

  • Reminders of the deadlines for submission of reports, payment of taxes and other important events;

  • Availability of reference materials;

  • News in the field of accounting and business.



Such programs will not full replace your accounting specialist. They serve to optimize your accounting and give you a live overlook what’s going on. It also helps keeping things in order, store statistic data, manage documentation and make everything clear. The protection of data is similar to the internet banking and payment services. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your financial information. It is stored in the cloud and protected by the developers’ servers.


It is important to understand that online accounting services exist not to replace a professional bookkeeper. But to make it easier for you to work with finance. An online service is a helpful tool to make small business bookkeeping and manage convenient.


Tips to Control Inventory and Warehouse Efficiency

Helpful tips to control inventory and warehouse efficiency from Procon Pacific


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5 Natural Ways to Stop Rectal Bleeding

What is rectal bleeding and what are some natural remedies that can help you with it? Whenever you see blood on the toilet paper or in your stool, that is what's called rectal bleeding.


Rectal bleeding, or bleeding from anus is a type of gastrointestinal bleeding. It is definitely a sign that something is not right in your body. Whenever the rectal bleeding is mild, it will very often stop on its own after a short period of time. However, if it is moderate to severe, that is much more concerning and definitely warrants immediate medical care. Here are 5 natural preventative measures you can take to help avoid rectal bleeding.


1. Relieve Constipation

Oftentimes, constipation can be the cause of rectal bleeding. Two of the best ways to naturally avoid constipation is to make sure your getting enough fiber and drinking enough water. Some of the high fiber foods that help relieving constipation include beans, prunes, green vegetables and figs. Likewise, there are foods you will want to avoid since they will make your constipation worse. They include fried foods, refined flour, alcohol and pasteurized dairy products.



2. Calm Bleeding Hemorrhoid

People who have hemorrhoids, can often experience rectal bleeding because of them. There are some things you can do to ease it. Don’t spend a long time on the toilet. It will put additional strain on the hemorrhoids and make them bleed more. Also, make sure you don’t consume alcohol or spicy foods, since they will worsen your sensation of using the toilet.


3. Improve Ulcerative Colitis

If ulcerative colitis is the reason for your anal bleedings, then the following natural remedies will be of help. First, avoid problematic foods like refined sugar, spicy foods and dairy products. Keep in mind that foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics help to reduce inflammation and improve nutrient absorption. Relaxation is also a key in getting ulcerative colitis and the bleeding under control. When you relax your body, it helps with food digestion. Do activities like stretching and deep breathing to improve circulation.


4. Soften Stools

Hard stools greatly increase your chance of having hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding. Most often it leads to a tear in the skin of the anus (anal fissure). Here are some of the best foods and drinks that will help you soften your stools.


  • Prune juice and other prune products

  • Aloe vera

  • Water

  • Psyllium husk

  • Chia seeds

  • Coconut water

  • Flax-seed and flax-seed oil

  • High fiber fruit like figs, pears, apples and berries

  • Probiotic rich foods like kombucha, kimchi, coconut kefir and sauerkraut


5. Reduce Stress

The most universal health improper is the reduction of stress. Regardless of the cause of your bleeding, reducing your stress levels will promote healing and decrease inflammation. Research has shown that chronic stress is plays a huge role in the human body losing its natural ability to heal itself.


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Water to flow again through 145 year old drinking fountain

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Legend has it that anyone who sips from a 145-year-old public drinking fountain in Providence is destined to return to the city.


The ornate granite fountain has been dry for about a decade, unable to cast its spell on residents and tourists alike. But water will soon flow through it again.


The Gothic Revival style fountain in front of the Providence Athenaeum on a picturesque, tree-lined street filled with historic homes is scheduled to be turned on again at a party May 20. Its plumbing was fixed by the independent library and cultural center using donations from donors.



A wealthy neighbor, Anna Richmond, donated $600 in 1873 to build and maintain the fountain on Benefit Street, near Brown University.


It was a way to provide clean drinking water and encourage people to drink water instead of beer. It was also a symbol for the library, as a place to quench the "intellectual thirst of the community," said Matt Burriesci, the Athenaeum's executive director.


He said the fountain's internal plumbing has been replaced and the water is safe to drink. Two bronze cups attached to the fountain in the early 1900s that were often stolen and spread disease were not replaced.


Historian Jane Lancaster, who wrote a book about the Athenaeum, said that she has often heard the legend of the fountain, but that no one knows how it started.


Some believe that Edgar Allen Poe cursed the fountain. But that's nonsense, Lancaster said, as Poe died more than two decades before the fountain was built.


There's a variation of the legend that anyone who drinks from the fountain will never leave Providence. Robert Arellano believes it.


Arellano vividly recalls drinking from the fountain on a hot day in 1986. He was drawn to the sound of water burbling as he walked to his admissions interview at Brown. He read the fountain's inscription to "come hither every one that thirsteth." So he did.


Months later, a new friend at Brown told him the fountain was cursed. After graduating, Arellano said he was in a motorcycle accident so he couldn't take a job in Alaska. He went to graduate school at Brown, then worked there. His four-year plan in Providence stretched to 16 years.


Arellano, now a creative writing professor at Southern Oregon University, walked by the fountain last week when he visited Brown. Coincidentally the Athenaeum was testing it so the water was on.


"I won't touch my lips to it," he said. "Never again."


Jesse Polhemus, on the other hand, wants to drink from it again. He lived nearby as a child.


"I remember thinking at the time, this is something magical and special about Providence," he said. "I wanted to be part of it."


Polhemus lived in Canada for eight years before returning to Providence a decade ago. He now works at Brown. Another sip from the fountain to mark his homecoming would be poetic, he said.


The Rhode Island fountain was fixed using about $20,000 in donations from longtime Athenaeum supporters Richard Gilbane and Candy Adriance.


Gilbane, a Providence native, now lives in Austin, Texas. He never drank from the fountain. But he wants to.


"To have anything pulling me back, connecting me to Providence," he said, "that's a complete positive."


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