Ways to Speed up the Performance of CakePHP

PHP web development is highly in trend nowadays. PHP is the general purpose programming language that offers numerous frameworks to develop a website. CakePHP is one of the most reliable frameworks of which is used by most of the developers for developing a website. This framework of PHP is best in terms of support and security. But the most common issue that arises while working with this framework is the issue of speed. In this article, we would further discuss some of the ways for improving the speed and performance of the CakePHP framework.


However, if you are confused about choosing the most suitable framework for your web development project, then it is advisable that you should choose CakePHP framework. There are so many benefits of using this framework. Qdexi technology is the well-recognized company that can provide you CakePHP development service at very reasonable prices. The expert developers of this website can help you develop a dynamic website using the CakePHP framework.


Tips That can Enhance the Speed of Your CakePHP Performance

Update it to the latest version: If you want to derive maximum and optimum results of from your CakePHP framework, then you must update it to the latest version available. The updated and latest version always delivers enriched results. When you update the version you would be able to witness the improved and increased speed in its functionality. It would take less loading time. There would be numerous new features available in the new version of this framework.


Default Debug option in CakePHP: You must disable the Debug option while using the CakePHP. It helps in protecting the site from the loading time. It also eliminates the unnecessary and error messages that appear when a new request comes to the project.


Use Ngnix over Apache: Ngnix is the most useful server for all the projects that are running CakePHP framework. It also helps in optimizing the CakePHP from heavy web traffic. The developers use ngnix, while working on CakePHP framework. It is extremely good and reliable, plus, it consumes very less memory. It also has in-built features which handle speed issues perfectly.


Memory-based Caching: It is the best way to increase the speed of CakePHP. Whenever an issue arises, the PHP opens related files to it and it automatically decodes it to deliver accurate results. This method uses a lot of memory space which affects the loading speed of the site. So it is better to access information from the memory space. It would save the space on your website which would automatically result in high speed of the website.


Browser Cache Warning How to Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress

Ever noticed a ‘Leverage Browser Caching’ warning in Google Analytics test of your WordPress site?

If yes, this article is worth your reading. First, let’s understand what is a Browser cache?


We all must have heard about word ‘cache’ like it is a practice of storing information for the later use. A browser cache also works this way.


Whenever a user visits your WordPress site, browsers tend to store some pieces of information on hard drive of system. For instance, information like HTML, Images, JavaScript, etc. are being saved. All the information stored includes static assets that don’t change for every different user visit.


This method helps to cut down on the consumption of bandwidth by your web server and reduces the server load as well.


Whenever you check your WordPress site for speed performance related optimization, you must have encountered with Fixing “Leverage browser caching” as shown above. You should not be avoiding this warning as it can slow down your overall website performance to a great extent.


How can you leverage Browser Caching in WordPress?


When it comes to leverage browser caching in WordPress, there are different scenarios that you need to consider. For e.g., if your web server is not properly configured, you can get this error in the performance test. The other option can be possible for other 3rd party scripts returning this warning.


So, you need to see the options in regards to your website. However, some common best practices involved are as follows:


Using Plugin


To address this issue directly, you can opt for WordPress plugin from its store. Having to mention, ‘Leverage Browser Caching’ is the best option to make. You can also hire Wordpress plugin developer to build customized plugins to address this issue.


With over 30,000+ active installations, Leverage browser caching plugin is marking a huge impact amongst the retailers. Some core benefits of using this plugin are,

- speed up website,

- stores web data for every visitor,

- saves website server bandwidth,

- decrease server load,

  • cuts down on HTTP requests.


You can simply download and upload it via WordPress dashboard. Once the installation is done simply activate it and your job is done.


NOTE- I don’t intend to promote any product by mentioning this plugin here. It is just an illustration based on popularity of this plugin.

Apart from choosing a plugin, you can also perform some manual tweaks in your WordPress site as discussed below:-


Set expiry time of resources


Expire headers are sometimes the cause behind browser cache warnings. Where we tend to forget mentioning the expiration of cacheable resources.

To cut down on browser cache, you can simply set the expiry time of CSS files and images, etc. You can achieve it while slightly modifying your .htaccess file. You can find this file in hosting servers’ root.


Simply change the expire headers, it will ultimately boost the overall website performance. You can also hire an expert WordPress developer encode the instructions in .htaccess file to set a different expiry time for different files.


Mentioning or changing expiry date is just an example whereas you can change the file types as well, depending on your needs.




Browser cache warning in WordPress is a serious issue that needs your priority while fixing site performance. Fixing such issues really come handy while aiming for great website.

The Basic Difference Between Corporate Law And Litigation

When it comes to choosing the career path many students get confused in between corporate law and litigation. Although both courses are high in demand through the country they are different in nature. In this article, you will learn about the basic difference between corporate law and litigation.


What is the corporate law?

Corporate law is the complete set of law governing the complete rights, relations and conduct of relations and conduct of persons, information about the companies, organizations as well as business. It basically refers to the complete legal practices that connect the different theories of corporations. The corporate law basically revolves around the main matters that provide information, guidelines and rules that are necessary to follow by corporates. There is no doubt that Corporate Law is quite famous among the students as this sector is offering vast opportunities to interested students. The professional writer working at the BookMyEssay offer the quality information to the students with the Corporate Law assignment help. So, they get the best or valid information for their academic writing tasks.


What is litigation?

On the other hand, litigation refers to an action that brought into the court to enforce a specific right. In the litigation entire act, bringing the lawsuit in or of itself, a judicial contest or any kind of dispute. You can also define litigation as when a person enters into a particular procedure and the entire procedure is known as litigation. A person who wants to pursue a career in the litigation must know that the field required complete information to get the best result possible.


BookMyEssay offer Corporate Law assignment to help students to understand the basic difference in between the corporate law and litigation.


Benefits of choosing the corporate law

It is the tough road students need to walk upon to get the degree in corporate law but there are few benefits you can expect with the corporate law.

Salary:- The corporate is known as highest paid fields which mean you can earn in 6 digits which is much better than litigation.

Notoriety: - If you are lucky enough to land in a major corporation and work on the way up to the senior position.


Demand in the market: - professional corporate lawyers are always in demand which means you can expect to work in the part of the world where corporation exists.

Benefits of choosing the litigation

Litigation is the field where you can enhance your skills and explore yourself to get the name and the fame. Here are a few benefits that come with the field.

Money: - The litigation comes with the highest paid salaries but you have to work hard in the beginning to achieve that.


Freedom of choice: - The litigator is free to choose their clients, fees and their own practice area.


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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

These days, we have several options when it comes to replacing damaged or missing teeth. But among all these options, one stands out above the rest: dental implants. Dental implants offer many benefits that other teeth replacement options cannot give. If you are thinking of getting a tooth replaced, here are 10 reasons why you should consider dental implants.


Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss - Tooth loss usually leads to bone mass loss in the jaw. Remember that the jaw bone needs adequate simulation – something that teeth gives – in order to maintain its mass. Dental implants is the sole tooth replacement option that will replace the jaw bone simulation that natural tooth does, helping prevent bone loss.


Dental Implants Match Natural Teeth - Dental implants are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Your dentist will closely work with you in designing the implants so that it will not only perfectly fit in the gap, but matches the color of the surrounding teeth as well. Once the procedure is done, only you and your dentist will know that you had implants.


Dental Implants Restore Bite Force - Implants are securely anchored into the jaw using a titanium post that replaces the root of the tooth. This means that you can bite with almost the same amount of force as you would using your natural teeth. Because they merely sit on top of the gums, other options for tooth replacement will not restore almost as much of your bite force.


Dental Implants Prevent Face Shape Changes - Because the teeth supports the facial structure, any tooth loss can also mean loss of facial structure support. This can mean changes in the shape of the face that can make you appear older. Dental implants give the same kind of support to your face as natural teeth, preventing any changes in your face shape.


Dental Implants Enable Natural Speech - There are some tooth replacement options, such as dentures, that can significantly impact your ability to correctly pronounce certain sounds and words. Missing teeth has the ability to alter speech. Since dental implants feel and function like natural teeth, you should be able to speak naturally and easily as before.


Dental Implants are Cavity-Free - Artificial teeth like bridges and dentures will still require adequate care to prevent bacteria built-up that can increase your risk for infections. On the other hand, the materials used to make dental implants cannot decay. This means that you will never have to worry about getting cavities on your implants.


Dental Implants are Easy to Care For - Taking care of dental implants can be very quick and easy; all that you need to do is brush and floss as you normally would with your natural teeth. They do not require any special products – like cups, adhesives, cleansing tablets or special flossers – to keep them clean and in tiptop shape.


Dental Implants Has No Slippages - Patients who wear dentures usually feel self-conscious when eating, laughing or speaking in public because dentures can visibly shift inside the mouth or even slip out of it. By contrast, dental implants are securely anchored in place, so you are more confident and secure when facing other people.


Dental Implants Support Adjacent Teeth - When you have a gap in your mouth caused by a missing tooth, the teeth on either side of the gap usually has a tendency to shift their position. This can lead to misalignment and can cause several issues like bite problems. Dental implants will fill the gap, so you can still maintain your straight and even smile.

Dental Implants are a Permanent Solution - Other


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Inspiring Gift Ideas to Delight Your Married Sister on Raksha Bandhan

Siblings hold a real relationship of brotherhood and sisterhood together. They have a collection of many notorious pranks and funny moments as a record in her entire life. But, due to different reasons like marriage and work, they have to separate from each other. They hardly find time to meet and spend some quality moments. Raksha Bandhan is the best occasion for siblings to refresh their golden memories again. If you have a married sister, then you should plan some fantastic return rakhi gifts for her. You have time to make her day memorable by expressing your affection through unusual items. It should be a perfect get together to relish some unforgettable moments of your life. You can even impress your dear sister by dedicating the best presents of her tastes or style.


Following are some ideal approaches to gratify your married sister on Rakhi festival.


A Traditional Outfit:

When it comes to buying the best gift for the elder sister, then you should consider her particular choices in mind. The best option is to buy her favorite apparel on this memorable occasion. You can even go with a traditional outfit to show how much you love her from the heart. Give her a new style statement for her upcoming party. It should be a saree, lehenga, and gawn, etc. to bring a smile on her face. A traditional outfit can be one of the perfect rakhi gifts to make her feel fantastic. She will surely love to wear such a beautiful gift from your side.


Take Her for A Picnic:

On Raksha Bandhan, you have a great time to give some joyous moments to your sister. Plan a day picnic to the nearest place with all the family members. Make it a remarkable day for her by going to her favorite destination. You can even carry home-cooked food to enjoy in nature. It should be the best place for sight scene where you can also take family photographs to mark the day. Your sister will be thankful for refreshing such precious memories again. It will be a great time to make your sister feel happy and blessed.


Delight with her Favorite Food:

When your sister come to tie rakhi on Raksha Bandhan, then it becomes your duty to prepare something delicious for her. You can cook her favorite food items to show your affection at Rakhi festival. If you are not perfect at cooking, then you should take help from the internet. The main purpose is to give her some pleasuring moments of the day. You can even order a cake and chocolates of her choice to delight her. It will be an ideal approach to win her heart on this religious occasion.


Jewellery and Cosmetic Items:

Being a brother, it becomes your responsibility to show your care and affection for sister. You should buy her favorite jewellery as a return rakhi gift for her. Try to buy something that she may be planning for a long time. There are also different mediums that allow you to send gifts online India. You can purchase some cosmetic or beauty items from online portals to make her feel special. Add all the essential products of her choice in the packet to impress her. Your sister will feel happy to get such a lovely combo of jewelry and beauty products on Raksha Bandhan.


Flowers and Greeting for Her:

Fresh blooms are perfect for conveying some eternal emotions with your beloved ones. If you want to make your sister feel special, then you should create a beautiful bouquet for her. Pick her favorite flowers like carnations, gerberas, orchids, and roses, etc. to express your deep feelings for her.


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