RSS Feeds For WhatsApp a fast Guide For Businesses

RSS feeds are simple files submitted to feed directories that will allow subscribers to view updated content almost instantly. Up until now, RSS feeds have been actively used by businesses and marketers to update users on any new content surfacing on the website using an Aggregator that alerts users on any changes that go up on the RSS feed.


RSS feeds are a boon, twofold. Not only do RSS feeds help build backlinks and improve SEO, but they are a great way to have user be in complete control of the content they view and be engaged with the same.


As the times have evolved and so have processes, and marketers wonder if there is an advanced means of sharing RSS feeds with users. The answer is, Yes. And the solution is RSS feeds for WhatsApp.


As a business, sending an RSS feed to your subscribers is no rocket science. All it takes is a WhatsApp Business account, and Flock-cast to actively send out constant updates and meaningful content to your subscribers via WhatsApp.




Step 1: The WhatsApp API link will urge people to enter their phone number to a WhatsApp business account.


Step 2: Once the number is added, the chatbot will request a confirmation to start sharing updates


Step 3: On receiving a confirmation, you will be now sent RSS feed updates straight to your phone.


Imagine being a business and constantly using this feature to help your users stay updated with meaningful content updates.


FlockCast ensures the RSS feeds are:


1. GDPR Compliant - with end-to-end encryption

2. Constant - always available for your customers

3. Convenient - less hassle for you and your consumers


Interested in getting the WhatsApp RSS feed?

Dental Treatment in India

Dental Treatment in India

Prevention, the diagnosis and the treatment of wellness-destructive diseases and disorders of the oral cavity, teeth, gums and other structures of the mouth fall under dental treatment procedures. As a matter of fact, many serious illnesses can occur within the domain and surgeries that include a minimal tooth implant cost in India may be the best option for health tourists from the western, African and nearby Asian nations


The costs associated with dental treatments, such as root canal cost in India are lower than most other western nations despite the fact that the quality of treatment is of the same level. No surprise therefore in the fact that dental tourism in India is one of the most revenue-generating in the world.

Best Approach to Answer the Career Goals Segment in an MBA SOP

MBA Admissions Consultants at Scholar Edits, the firm that extends boutique MBA Admissions Consulting and Essay Mentoring Services, offer comprehensive guidance to understand end-to-end aspects of the MBA Admissions process. In particular, the mentors at Scholar Edits provide seasoned guidance for MBA essay writing and ensure that students incorporate all important components of MBA Admissions Essays in a succinct and fluid manner.


Avail Seasoned Mentoring

During the course of intensive MBA Essay Writing Mentoring with MBA Admissions Consultants at Scholar Edits, candidates will get in-depth guidance and brainstorming sessions to outline specific mid-term and long-term goals. With the help of the most reliable MBA Admissions Consultants at Scholar Edits, you will be equipped to understand the common mistakes committed by the candidates as well as insightful guidance to adopt the correct approach to answer the question on career goals successfully.

Avoid Common Mistakes

When it comes to answering the Career Goals Section in an MBA Admissions Essay, some answers may indeed sound passionate but they are not convincing and hence MBA Admissions Consultants at Scholar Edits opine that providing such flowery answers without believable content can be greatly detrimental. The three common mistakes are to give generic answers, wishy-washy goals, or mention unreasonable objectives.


Do Not Provide Generic Answers

Adequate attention must be given to core questions because the answer provides the Admissions Committee an insight into your maturity with regards to your career planning. For example, MBA Admissions Consultants at Scholar Edits point out that it is generic to respond that you aim for a profile of a manager in a multinational firm while it is wishy-washy to merely state that desire a position that helps you realize your true potential. Irrelevant goals that do not objectively factor in one’s professional trajectory and management education and do not showcase a sync between the background, short-term, and long-term goals invariably fail to impress the MBA Admissions Committee.

Give The segment on career goals is indeed extremely important in any MBA Admissions Essay and the manner in which it is answered can truly make or break your chances at getting an interview call from your dream B-School. It is imperative to provide an astute answer and the aim should be to demonstrate conviction in your career plan.


Project Clarity and Well-Defined Vision


Admissions Committees seek candidates who demonstrate potential to transform into industry leaders and therefore it is very important to showcase a passionate as well as practical vision. Therefore, the correct approach is to state reasonable, achievable career goals and suggest a clear profile and a clear industry such as Technology Consultant in a prominent consulting firm. Remember that the short-term role must lead to the long-term role.

Discuss the Profile Rather Than the Position


MBA Admissions Consulting at Scholar Edits strongly advise that it is more prudent to discuss the desired role rather than designation; adding that one looks up to being a leader who incurs innovative growth strategies than merely showing preference for the position of a CEO works much better!

Give Clear Reasons In Case of a Career Shift

MBA Admissions Consultants at Scholar Edits strongly recommend that candidates must present a clear back-up plan that indicates due deliberation, reflection, and knowledge to build a strong case for themselves in case they aspire for a career shift.



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Why Pre Tender Meetings?

All the tenders announced by governments (Government tenders), funding agencies, Private companies or any other tender holder have some steps. Pre tender meeting or pre bid meeting is one of them.


When the tender issued by tender holder then all the bidders invited to tender briefing. In tender briefing that here we call it Pre tender meeting, bidders can ask their questions about that tender and maybe visiting the site for understanding the location of tender…


These pre tender meetings are held in a group session most of the times, although it may also be held on private basis.


Bidding Source Team recommends that if you want to participate in a tender and if you have invitation for pre tender meeting so always make the effort to attend.


By attending in pre tender meeting you will have good understanding of the tender and you can evaluate it in best way.


What are the benefits of Pre tender meetings?


  1. Attending in pre tender meetings shows to buyers that you are serious in taking the tender and so your chance for winning the tender will be increased.

  2. Knowing your competitors in a tender is very important in writing your proposals and prices for that tender and these pre tender meetings can give you this view. So we again recommend you always try to attend it.

  3. Knowing the buyer (tender holder) before participating in a tender is very important. This can help you to start good relationship with the buyers or tender holder.

  4. By attending in meetings you will have this tool to qualify the tender. Qualifying the tender will help you to have good understanding from tender and its conditions so maybe you decide that this tender is not good for you to participate.

By above mentioned factors you can see that pre tender briefing is very important step in any tender and without it you may have weak understanding of that tender and lose much.


What to do at Pre Tender Meetings


The person that wants to attend in meeting should have good knowledge of that tender scope and also should suitably dressed.


Always try to ask all your clarification questions about the tender. Finding all the answers for the tender is very important so ask any question you have and do not forget to introduce yourself before asking your questions.


Some of the questions that you may have about tender may be asked by other bidders too so do not hurry to ask all your questions in one time.


Tenders take a lot of time and effort so you want to maximize your chances of winning – so always attend pre tender meetings and maximize the opportunity.


You know that tenders take long time and effort so you should maximize your chance of winning of it. There are many factors in winning a tender and one of the most important factors is attending in pre tender meeting.


Invitation to Pre tender meetings always happen for tenders of construction and so on.


Pre bid meeting always held after the announcement of the tenders information and it may be one week or more after it. The reason that this meeting held some days after tender announcement is that the bidders have time to prepare the documents of the tender and study it carefully before attending the meeting


Pre-bid meetings are very important, because they can help the bidders to find answer to their questions.

We hope this article can help you in increasing your chance in winning of tenders. Bidding Source website as a leading G



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Secerates we dont know about effects of less sleep in our health

In case you’ve ever spent a night time tossing and turning, the way you’ll experience the next day — worn-out, cranky, and out of kinds. however missing out on the advocated 7 to nine hours of shut-eye nightly does more than make you experience groggy and grumpy.


It drains your mental abilities and places your bodily health at actual danger. technology has linked bad shut eye with all kinds of fitness problems, from weight advantage to a weakened immune gadget.


The results of Sleep Deprivation on your body

Natural latex mattress, spring mattress and orthopedic mattress provide better sleep experience. and healthy life experience


In a nutshell, sleep deprivation is due to constant loss of sleep or decreased fine of sleep. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep on a everyday foundation can in the end result in fitness effects that have an effect on your entire body. this can also be resulting from an underlying sleep problem.

Your frame needs sleep, just because it needs air and food to function at its first-rate. during sleep, your body heals itself and restores its chemical stability. Your brain forges new connections and allows reminiscence retention.


with out sufficient sleep, your brain and frame systems gained’t characteristic usually. it may also dramatically decrease your exceptional of lifestyles.


Dreamzee mattress provide better place to take proper sleep and stay healthy.


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