Latest Mobile App Development Trends in COVID19 Period

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by storm claiming thousands of lives, thousands, and thousands are affected. Considering the virus to spread with human-to-human contact, many countries and governments have asked their citizens to minimize the movement and stay indoors.


In some countries, there is complete lockdown which makes people sit inside their house, which results in more work from home, the shutdown of schools, office, theaters, and almost everything. In this extraordinary situation, businesses have opted for a new way, which made them go for work from home.


Quarantine situations have changed the way we used to operate, in fact, the consumption pattern of masses has changed significantly. Certain apps have gained overnight popularity while certain are facing an all-time low.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends in COVID-19 Period


1. On-Demand Apps:


At this point where mingling and meeting people can prove to be dangerous feats, businesses that operate on essential goods have their focus on-demand. Many mobile app development companies in India are earning good amounts of money with on-demand apps. Many businesses are developing apps to help people who are stuck in a particular area and willing to come back to their homes, the demand for grocery apps, etc are at peak. By catering on-demand apps, app developers India demand has been boosted.

2. Fitness Apps:


With shut down of gyms, growing mental stress with the ongoing situation, no or very little movement outside home affects the physical health of the person. With the rise of health and fitness apps, you can keep yourself fit without going to the gym and without proper exercise equipment. Many fitness influencers and fitness businesses have opted for ways where they can teach people how to be fit, workout knowledge, and can help in achieving fitness goals.


3. Social Media Apps:


No going out, no coffee date, no interaction with people, can make people sad as we humans are habitual of meeting and greeting people every day and it has become an essential part of our lives. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the meetings have been limited which can lead to mental illness and nostalgia for people. The download of Social Networking apps has seen a new rise, with people showcasing their hidden talent in terms of dance, singing, cooking, art, etc.

4. Health-based Apps:


People are setting as their prime priority and health apps are becoming one of the most demanding apps day by day. Many paid subscription health apps have started providing free service for limited people to boost the download or they have reduced their subscription rate. Many companies and fitness institutes are coming to app developers for customized fitness apps using AI. AI helps to build an efficient app for a better experience, even machine learning is also used in the development of health apps.

Everything You Need to Know About Pink Kush Strain

Pink Kush is a legendary indica strain, originally coming over from Amsterdam in the early 1990s. Also known as Pink OG, or simply as King, it has been medicating and elevating people all over the West Coast for decades.


Despite dozens (maybe hundreds) of new and exciting strains hitting the shelves these past few years, there is a reason why Pink Kush is still on everyone's shopping list. It's powerful medical effects, and enjoyable high are why this strain remains one of the most popular indicas on the planet.


Why is it named Pink Kush? It's because of the subtle pink hue it takes on in flower. Pink kush (a relative to pink bubbe kush) nugs are small to medium-sized, dense-packed (thanks to the kush heritage), and purple. Combined with the bright red hair covering the trichomes, it often appears to glow pinkish. A well-cultivated Pink Kush nug comes coated in crystals, which helps deliver an extremely potent and satisfying session.


The Pink Kush Heritage


Pink Kush is one of those strains that come from unknown genetic lineage. Before modern-day medical cannabis markets got going, there was less data on the various breeding programs. In many cases, one cannabis lover shared a clone or a seed with another, and in a few short harvests, the genetic heritage was lost forever in a puff of smoke.


What we do know about Pink Kush is it from influential indica parents? On one side sits OG Kush, but the other is much more mysterious. According to the cannabis lore shared on Seed finder, one breeder suspects it may be Chemdawg. A breeder by the name of 'Reeferman' shares how he gleaned a clone of Pink Kush back in 1992 from a group of bikers and based on its expression, he suspects it may be closely related to Chemdawg.


If we dig back before OG Kush and Chemdawg, some of the grandfathers of Pink Kush likely include Lemon Thai, a Hindu Kush from Pakistan, and perhaps a sativa. Pink Kush has gone own to spawn dozens of new hybrids as well, including Champagne Room, Tom Ford Pink Kush, Pink Widow, Pink Bubba Kush, and Sour Pink Kush, among many others..


The Pink Kush Terpene Profile


The Pink Kush terpenes profile contains limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene as the top three scents. Terpenes are the natural essential oils that give cannabis strains their unique aromatic profile. This means when you break open a beautiful nug, you'll pick up hints of earth, florals, and perhaps a bit of lemon. On the inhale, you might also expect sweet berry flavors, with a pungent undertone.


Limonene is associated with citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. It's under investigation for several exciting medical applications, including as an antioxidant, an antiinflammatory, and excitingly for use in chemotherapy treatments. All this research is in the very early stages of development, but the potential is quite exciting


Linalool is primarily associated with lavender plants, but you can also find it as a part of a great terpene profile in cannabis. It's a very spicy and floral smelling terpene, often used in the fragrance industry. But beyond smelling good, it also might have medicinal potential. According to preliminary studies, linalool is an antiinflammatory, reducing stress and maybe even soothing pain.


Finally, the third primary terpene found in Pink Kush is caryophyllene. This spicy aroma is also in cloves, hops, rosemary, and other robust herbs. The current research suggests it could be useful for inflammation, mood disorders, and chronic pain.


Terpenes tend to vary from one producer to another. Depending on where you source your premium Pink Kush from, you may also find levels of Humulene, alpha-Pinene, and myrcene. These are all commonly associated with Kush genetics. Another great strain with a similar terpene profile is Pink Bubba Hush.

The Pink Kush Cannabinoid Content


Most medical cannabis strains contain a spectrum of a dozen or so cannabinoids. Pink Kush may be so beloved because it was one of the first big-hitting, heavy THC strains on the market.


Some producers report hitting over 25 percent THC with this strain, although most likely, you'll get something hovering around 20 percent THC. Generally, Pink Kush contains only minimal levels of other secondary cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. These could help improve medicinal benefit through the entourage effect and gently mellow out the intensity of the high.


The high THC levels, combined with the unique terpene profile, make this strain incredibly valuable for chronic disease.


What Does Pink Kush Feel Like?


There is no doubt, Pink Kush remains one of the hardest hitting strains on the market today. Depending on who is growing it, you may see some of the highest levels of THC available.


THC is what makes cannabis intoxicating. In the case of Pink Kush, which tends to have minimal CBD levels, the high will pack a punch.


Many report an uplifting body high from this strain. As a potent indica, it likely won't stimulate much cerebral activity, creativity, or sociability. Instead, expect a deeply relaxing experience, where the stress and anxieties seem to melt away. It's both reportedly euphoric and happy but will trigger the onset of sleepiness. It's an excellent strain solution to insomnia.

What can you expect in terms of side effects? The most commonly reported side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, so have that glass of ice-cold water and Viseen handy following a smoke session.


One note for any newbies curious about Pink Kush, this has pretty substantial THC levels. You may wish to familiarize yourself with another low to mid-level strain first. While one or two puffs won't get anyone into too much trouble, a big hit from a bong or the entire joint to yourself may feel a bit overwhelming.


Pink Kush is an Indica That Will Never Go Out of Style


If you love indicas, Pink Kush should be right up there on your list. After all, you have to wonder why it's stuck around this long for a reason. If you can't find bubba kush, try Pink Bubba Kush.


People continue to love Pink Kush for its remarkable pink crystallized nugs, it's pungent kushy-aroma, and of course, for the intense THC content. After three decades of cultivation, it's still beloved by farmers, patients, and chronics alike.


How do I create a vacation rental website like Airbnb?

Accommodation is a huge problem for any traveler. To overcome this, a creative vacation rental website named “Airbnb” was created. And it became a huge success.


Now it has over 150 million users and the net worth of Airbnb is 38 billion worldwide.


After the success of Airbnb, many entrepreneurs are trying to start their businesses like Airbnb. But they lack the most important part of the business - “the website”.


In this blog, we’re going to talk about actionable steps to be taken to create a vacation rental website like Airbnb.


What is Airbnb and how it works?


Airbnb is a vacation rental marketplace platform that bridges the gap between the rental business owners and travelers/renters.


The name Airbnb came from the original name


So, how does Airbnb work?


Airbnb does not own any of the listings on their site. They are just a platform that connects the listing owner with the renters.


The workflow of Airbnb:


  1. Hosts post their listings on the website.
  2. Travelers scroll through the listings and book the preferred space.
  3. Hosts accept/reject the booking request from the user.
  4. Travelers pay for the booking fee.
  5. Travelers check-in and check out
  6. Both travelers and hosts leave a review


So how does a platform like Airbnb make money? It’s simple, they earn from the commission fee for each booking made on their platform.


How can you create a website like Airbnb?


Before creating your website, you need to know the features that should be available and the tech stack that can be used.

Some necessary features of Airbnb like website are,


  1. Seasonal Pricing Calendar
  2. iCal integration
  3. Safer payment gateway - Stripe integration
  4. Multiple booking options
  5. Multi-language and multi-currency


Technology stack for building a website like Airbnb


We all know that selecting the right tech stack is so important in the process of building a website. Choosing the right tech stack provides flexibility and scalability to your product.


So, what’s the right tech stack for building websites like Airbnb?


Front-end: React, Redux, Bootstrap
Back-end: Node JS, GraphQL
Database: MySQL


You can create a rental marketplace platform like Airbnb in two different ways,


  1. Hiring developers to build a product from scratch.
  2. Choosing a pre-made Airbnb clone script and customizing it.


Which one’s better? From a cost perspective, hiring developers to build a product from scratch is far costlier than buying a premade clone script and customizing it.


There are a lot of clone script solutions providing companies out there to help you. But RentALL - Airbnb clone from RadicalStart is the best script to go with.


Buy the clone script, customize based on your preferences, test the final product and you are good to launch your startup.


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TOP 10 Reasons To Use React Native For Mobile App Development

Most consumers want fast details in this digital age and most companies want to give their customers a better mobile app experience. There are so many frameworks for mobile application development. It's high time to start using the mobile market, but users have already seen dozens of apps on their smartphones. What can you show them that's impressive, works great and integrates seamlessly? The answer turns out to be React Native.


React Native app development is bound to become a trend soon because of its cross-platform mobile application development feature similar to PhoneGap. It can be used to create a robust Android and iOS smartphone app. It is an open-source platform for the creation of mobile apps and Facebook has introduced this. React Native app development companies in India and abroad have a soft side to respond native when it comes to choosing.


There are so many successful businesses that have already used React Native framework and never missed a day. Several tech giants including Skype, UberEats, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vogue, Tesla, Bloomberg, and others have switched to React Native for developing iOS as well as Android applications. By selecting React Native, you also get cost benefits. This system paves the way for a user to gain access to the particular app for all formats. It helps you to work coherently as a hybrid mobile app. React Native is also able to provide its users with web-based solutions. It is known for saving time and thus providing a cost-effective solution for the growth of mobile apps.


TOP 10 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development:


1) Works with a tight budget also. When you start your company, money is the most important thing you care about. To survive in the tech-savvy market, every start-up wants to achieve fast returns. You have to grow faster and stay longer. The big reason to hire React Native developer is that when you select React Native for mobile app development, you will save time and money.


2) Mobile App Development across different Platforms. It enables you to use the same code to develop applications for both Android and IOS. Thus, without any additional changes, it results in the same performance. You can build a mobile app for your company in no time. There is no longer a need for different languages such as JAVA, Swift, C++, or any other. All you need is a deep JavaScript developer with a native UI library, APIs, and the development of hybrid mobile apps.


3) Different outcomes and versatility under one undemanding solution. Based on ideas, responding to the creation of native mobile apps enables you to perform complex tasks using simple codes. This system uses Facebook's UI library to make applications easier to implement and execute ReactJS. At its heart, the native mobile app developer responds with the feature' Live Reload. It allows us to work on changes to the code in real-time and make corrections while the app is being loaded.


4) The objective is bound to the UI and access to the Native API. This allows one to make UI look just like a JavaScript and less like a framework itself. It is a technique used to simplify the process and make the user interface work smoothly to produce fast responsive high-end results. Build your business with a mobile app without any complexity.


5) The key Android and IOS code base makes things simple. The programming at the base stage uses the same code for both operating systems. It's like running the same software on all mobile operating system forms. It's quick to recompile the app at any point you want without any changes in the code. In a comparable language, the entire module is written to connect it to the creator of the native mobile device.


6) It's super easy to turn a website into a mobile app. Native interfaces are explicitly and correctly interfaced with the scattered module and intuitive application overlays. It means that any developer can grasp the application's sequence of codes. For keeping the app working, having a core developer team is not compulsory. In times of shifting personnel and looking for external limits, one can easily adapt to the environment and the situation does not stop the application's progress.


7) Functions like a native app. The basic building blocks of such an app are assembled from native platforms to their origin. Components of the WebView framework can be completely overlooked during the production of hybrid mobile apps. For both IOS and Android, both codes are equivalent to React. This operates much more reliably with a handful of entities and responds more easily to all conjunctions. React Native's basic units are open to all specifications for mobile gadgets. Thus, it performs lucratively under the mobile environment. Modern processors are typically central processing units, but modern reactors choose to use graphics processing units to conveniently install their user interface. This helps us to build and execute faster and improve the app's agility compared to other cross-platform mobile app creation and android frameworks.


8) Comparatively less memory use. It is compliant with 3rd party plugins and offers smoother run-time for React Native software. With its well-diversified modules, the lucrative platform makes the participation of the 3rd party much simpler. You can easily connect the module to the plugin via the native module without using WebView. This process is directly linked to the resulting features of the app, which enables a quicker response. The native React for iOS and Android devices requires much less memory space because there is no need for cross-bridge linking and most codes are used during runtime.


9) It will not disappear soon. The creator of the native mobile app responds in the coming decades. Any developer has trouble avoiding the user-friendly manual and timely assorted structure. The app development sector is almost filled in no time. Facebook is ensuring it stays longer. The architecture is gradually being built every day to give us solutions to all our problems. The developers no longer need to learn about different languages and create complex codes where you can simply create anything using native React.


10) Futuristic and versatile project strategy. With the implementation of a system that interfaced with both iOS and Android, a single application is sufficient to eliminate bugs and improve them daily. Although the operations are basic, this one has long been on the market. This module is used by all major heads, so it is obvious to be more reliable and responsive.


Is the Native React perfect for your project?


You have now discovered some of React Native's benefits, but are you still not sure whether you should use it in your project? Let’s talk about the following points.


- Good on your Budget: React Native is the best tool out there if you need to develop an app for both iOS and Android. The codebase can be that by around 95%, saving you time and money. Also, React Native has a range of pre-built component open-source libraries that can help you speed up the development process further.


- Develop great mobile apps: For mobile apps, React Native is perfect. It offers a user interface that is sleek, seamless, and sensitive while reducing load time significantly. Creating apps in React Native, as opposed to building native ones, is also much faster and cheaper without sacrificing consistency and functionality.


- Develop with existing skills: Since React Native is JavaScript-based, it won't take the developers long to get to grips with it. That said, it is an open-source and community-driven project, so it is widely available online if they ever need support.


- Integrate third-party plugins: You can also easily integrate third-party plug-ins and APIs, including maps and payment systems, with React Native.


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Cannabis May Help Treat or Prevent Coronavirus



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