Tips to improve your CSR score under Express Entry

Canadian immigration applications are managed through Express Entry using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The more a candidate’s CRS score, the more their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency. Candidates have to look beyond eligibility requirements to obtaining a score high enough to reach cut-off scores which will increase the chances of receiving ITA.


Candidate’s age, level of education, language ability in English/French, work experience, the job offer in Canada, nomination certificate through PNP all go into determining CRS score. A spouse, common-law partner including siblings also influence the scores positively after taking into account various factors.


Out of the 1200 points, 600 are awarded to those with a job offer or provincial nomination. Remaining 500 or so are for the factors mentioned above and another 100 for skills transferability combinations.


There are a number of ways in which a candidate can increase their CRS Ranking Score. Some improvements take up the score a few notches while others can bring in up to 500 points. The CRS is a dynamic system of ranking and your score can always be improved. They are Following:


1. Relative in Canada

A sure-shot way to increase your points is if you have a spouse, sibling or common-law partner living as a permanent resident in Canada. Add up to 15 CRS points once you prove such a relation.


2. Education

If your candidacy is under Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Class, you probably did not have to get an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) when you entered the pool. But get your degree assessed and you might claim up to 150 or 200 points combined with Canadian work experience or language ability.


3. Language

This is your best bet when it comes to increasing CRS scores. Language ability can draw in up to 260 points for a single candidate. Improvements in test results can increment your score and accumulate points. Get a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 9 in each language ability which will add points under skills transferability factors in addition to the initial points for improvement.


If you have a basic to intermediate knowledge of French, you can take the Test d’evaluation du français (TEF) which will give you a bonus of 24 for knowing a second language and 30 points for proficiency in the language. That is another 54 points.


4. Work

Work Experience of 3 years or more can gain you points under skills transferability combinations. For those working in Canada on a work permit, you will be rewarded more points each year as long as your work status is legal.


5. Provincial Nominee Program

You can receive up to 600 points under this category if you have received an ITA from a province. The provinces issue nomination to candidates in the Express Entry pool by targeting specific occupation groups.


6. Job Offer

It is a good idea to actively search for jobs in Canada through various online portals if you think your skill is in demand in the country. The value of a qualifying job offer can get you up to 600 points.


Now that you know various factors that increase your CRS score, proactively work on improving it. Careful preparation and assessments can easily get you the score you need to surpass others in the Express Entry Pool.


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8 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Your Office Desk

Being a career woman, the vicious cycle of 9-5 can be a real headache. I was having the worst phase of my life after I promoted to the role of Manager as it coincided with my marriage. The increased responsibilities of my life and work contributed to the work stress.


But more than anything it was my increasing belly fat that was giving me panic attacks. Part of this change was associated with the biological changes that resulted from my marriage and childbirth. From a carefree teenager to becoming an aspiring professional and a married woman, my journey to obesity sped up with my increasing roles.

I was a healthy girl with a decently looking physique and then I got my first job. Well, things were still under control until I tied the nuptial knot and became a mother. I gained 10 kilos and my clothes were no longer fit.


Then I got a book and learned about some light exercises I could do sitting at the office desk. To my surprise, the exercises were extremely easier than the strenuous workouts and don’t require any special arrangements. I was quick to try those exercises and I began to see the results.


Well, I would not say that I have built a physique like Beyoncé but it did help me reduce some weight. But more than anything, these exercises activated my body and boosted my energy. Today, I’m a more active woman and feel more energetic than I used to feel earlier and it is helping in my work and life.


So if you are also a working woman who is a victim of work stress and an unattractive body, then here are some of the exercises you can do at your office desk and they can really do wonders:



Don’t jump on the thought of the conventional way of doing this exercise. There is a variation for people like me who want to do it in their cubicle. You can do the exercise just by pushing yourself against the edge of your desk or the wall of your room. Do it 5-10 times. 3-5 reps would be enough.


2.Seated Reverse Crunch

This exercise will work on your core muscles and inner thighs. Just bring your body forward to the edge of the chair and then join both of your knees. Now pull them up to your chest, wait for a second, and then retract to the original position. Keep your back erect while you do the reps. Repeat it 5-10 times.


3.Triceps Dips

There are two variations to do this exercise. Either you can place your body in front of the chair and then put the hands on the edge of the chair and then push your body up and down. Do it for 5-10 times. Make sure that your chairs don’t have the wheels.


For the second variation, you don’t have to leave your chair. The only criterion is that your chair doesn’t have wheels and your chair is sturdy enough to bear your weight. Just set your hands on the hand rest of your chair and then lift up your body putting by the weight on your arms while your legs are extended out.


4.Shoulder Blade Exercise

Sitting on a chair for a long time is a major cause of slouching which in turn affects your posture. The exercise is meant to improve your posture and erect your spine. You can do it by sitting on your chair and bending your back so that it makes a curve. Wait for 10 seconds and then release. Do 5-10 reps after every half an hour.


5.Leg Exercises

Sitting for long hours can result in low blood circulation towards the legs. To cope with it, you can do several leg exercises to pump up blood to your legs. Doing a seated leg exercise really helps. Straighten your leg while seated on your chair. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then lower your legs without touching the ground. Repeat it 10-15 times.


Similarly, you can do the leg stretch to ease the muscles and increase the blood flow to your legs. You can do it by stretching your legs to the ground and then you can touch your feet. Do it 10-15 times. 5 reps are enough.


6.Neck and Shoulder Exercise

Sitting for 8 hours in the office makes you slouch and the muscles of your neck and shoulders suffer the damage. Often, it results in a stiff neck or cramped shoulder. This exercise can help you alleviate the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.


Just stand up and extend out your arms behind your back and intertwine your fingers. Now lift your arms until you feel the tension in your chest and shoulder. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times a day.



This is yet another simple exercise you can do within the premise of your cubicle. The exercise strengthens the thigh, hamstring, and hip muscles. You can do it by putting one leg in front of other and then lowering your knee of your back leg towards the floor. Stretch the back leg until you feel the tension in your muscles. Change the position after every 5 reps. repeats the exercise to 5-10 times.


8.The Squat

The squats are the easiest exercises. In this variation, you can simply stand up and then lower your back as if you are seated on a chair and stretch out your arms. Count to 15 and then get back to standing position. Do the 5-8 reps. The exercise really cuts down on your fat and shapes your hips.


Being a working woman and a mother, you are constantly in a race against time. The worst part is your sedentary lifestyle that takes its toll on your physique. So unless you make deliberate efforts to deal with it, it can have effects on your body and this where these light exercises come into play.


These light exercises don’t require much time and efforts and you can do in the comfort of your workspace. I’ve benefitted from these exercises and now it is your turn to benefit from them.


Author Bio

Kane Williamson is an ambitious man working in a private company as a Marketing Manager. He is also a part-time academic writer and offers assignment writing service. His interest in writing has resulted in two e-books she has written on academic writing. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Who Do You Think will Win Between iOS 12 and Android P?

Two most highly discussed and debated smartphone technologies, iOS 12 and Android P are coming out together. Although both Google and Apple are located hardly a few miles away from each other in the heart of Silicon Valley, their ideologies and working are poles apart. While iOS is well-known for its sturdy performance and secured network, Android is contested to be the most flexible platform ever built.


Google’s Android is all about convenience an openness, while Apple’s iOS focuses on making the system work while still providing an extremely strong security. Google’s Android P is already out on many Android devices. While iOS 12 is still in beta. We can evaluate and compare the features here. But we are sure both Google and Apple have left out some of the major surprises to be announced at the actual launch of their devices. Let’s see how and on what basis can we compare iOS 12 and Android P here.


1. Google Assistant vs Siri

The Siri upgrades on the new iOS 12 will allow your iPhone to predict what you want even before say it out. There will be a new app called Shortcuts that goes through a step-by-step routine based on certain keywords that you say. But compared to Siri, Google Assistant has got a lot to offer. It allows you to set a routine among many other functions.


In order to make the Android P more convenient for its users, Google has developed six new voices for the voice assistant. Taking it a step further, Google is also working on making it smarter to take appointments for you on your behalf. The Shortcuts app on Siri will do something similar, but it is still lagging behind.


2. Notch and Gestures

iPhone X was definitely not the first ever phone to either sport a notch or have swipe gestures. But it was definitely the first to make it popular. Google is adapting the same notches and swipe features on its phones. Google’s support is a good sign that Android phones, with both notches and gestures, will keep coming.


Android Pie cannot entirely rely on gestures though. It still has to rely on the back button. This makes the experience feel incomplete, not exactly the way it is iPhone X. Android phone makers like to leave a mark of their own, they do not promise to completely get rid of the notch and gestures from their future smartphones. There is a central notch and a corner notch on Android Pie, along with a notch on both the top and the bottom of the screen.


3. Messaging

With every update, Apple’s iMessage keeps on getting better. On one hand, we have Animoji, Memoji, FaceTime video calls, texting other iMessage users, peer-to-peer payments, cross-platform SMS texting etc. But with Android, we have what? Google Hangouts, which was trying to be like FaceTime, is very limited. The Android Messaging texting app was made available only recently. Google Duo makes good phone calls, but only on your phone and tablets, you can’t use it on your desktop.


4. Face Unlock

Android just got its own version of Face Unlock. But it is not as secure as a fingerprint. But secure face unlock is something Apple does. iPhone X was the first phone from Apple to use a 3D front-facing camera. 5. Notifications. With the new version of their operating systems, both iOS and Android have brought massive changes to provide you with more control over your own phone. On iOS 12, you get to set the apps to deliver the notifications quietly. Both the companies are coming up with new features to allow you to manage how much time you spend on your phone.


Who do you think is winning here?

Even though Android Pie has launched on majority of phones, Apple’s iOS 12 is still running in beta. There are a lot of surprises you can expect. It’s actually still very early to decide which one will be better based on the beta versions of the operating systems. We are really expecting Apple to fix Siri’s flaws with the new updates. Both iOS 12 and Android Pie seem to be really strong with their new features. Let’s hope both Apple and Google keep us excited and surprise us with their updates and give us more to discuss.


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Ngo Registration In India Why So Need

To ease poverty, the Non-profit Organizations emerged especially in the third world countries. Next to Federal government bodies, the non-profit organizations are to take steps in the direction of lasting growth of the areas. The advancement of the neighborhoods will definitely improve up macro economic climate of a nation as well as development will definitely climb. Based upon the principle various N.G.O registration are operating in financial climates of the third world. While the various organs of state devices are doing not have openness, as well as accountabilities, the corruption happens. The treatments of Non-Government companies inspire the society to prevail in a peaceful mindset. As a matter of fact, the incomes intent or menstruation of corruptions likewise cripples the NGO or N.P.O movement in great deals of economic scenarios.



Intention behind the force: In capitalist economy, revenue is the significant concern, to make sure that individuals need to work tougher in addition to more difficult to find out the edges. In a country, the state budget counts on abroad grants and also financing, the emerging capitalist seize the opportunities to earn money. Reforms procedures frequently fail to preserve. The suffering of mass individuals ends up being important progressively more. The federal government alone could not take the pressure, in these spaces the non-government organization or non -income company develop. Philanthropist initiate to run N.P.O, based upon their goodwill. In recent patterns, the principle of Non- Federal federal government Company has really been developed. In NGO activity, the participatory management happens. It is a taste of autocratic in addition to participatory monitoring. The socialistic recommendations interfere under the democratic norms in addition to worth.



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Recovery Guideline Of Different Liposuction Procedures in Islamabad

Numerous patients who are thinking about getting a liposuction methodology are pondering about the liposuction recuperation times and the aftercare that goes with a liposuction technique. The recuperation time and aftercare of a liposuction methodology relies upon the kind of strategy you are getting, so let us investigate what you can anticipate from different Liposuction Procedures in Islamabad.


What Is the Recovery Time for Liposuction?

Liposuction recuperation times can be influenced by numerous denominators, these incorporate the sort of liposuction treatment, the measure of the focused on territory and the sort of analgesic utilized amid the technique.


The kind of analgesic could impact your recuperation time. Despite the fact that most liposuction methods are executed under nearby analgesic, there are a few cases in which general soporific might be essential. This is especially significant for a liposuction strategy that incorporates the treatment of numerous zones in the meantime.


What Is the Recovery Time for Tummy Tuck Liposuction?

Recuperating from a belly tuck liposuction is additionally reliant on different denominators; this incorporates the measure of the treatment zone and the experience of the specialist. Like different types of liposuction, it is prescribed to get a gauge from your restorative medical procedure office. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can book a free no-commitment arrangement.


What Is The Recovery Time For Thigh Liposuction?


Each sort of liposuction has a variable recuperation time, so the same applies to thigh liposuction. Once more, your recuperation time will rely upon the measure of fat expelled, the multifaceted nature of your methodology, and the experience of the specialist. Along these lines, it is likewise prescribed to get a statement from your center for a thigh liposuction.


Recuperation Times Liposuction

What Is Involved in the Recovery Process for Liposuction?


Patients who have a liposuction strategy done under general analgesic may at times feel debilitated from the soporific. Medium-term remain at the center isn't required, yet despite everything we encourage the patient to remain with a companion or relative for the initial twenty-four hours after liposuction.


Patients who have their Liposuction in Islamabad done under nearby and general sedative can go home after the system, so a medium-term stay isn't required. Despite the fact that the patient has been conscious, regardless we incline toward that one doesn't drive after the method on the day.


Amid the recuperation, patients will be required to wear an uncommon pressure piece of clothing for quite a while after the technique. It is imperative to wear the pressure piece of clothing as taught, since the pressure article of clothing may decrease swelling. A pressure article of clothing likewise gives the body a chance to adjust to its new shape.


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