Everything You Need to Know About Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears is a potent form of cannabis oil with incredible medicinal properties. According to advocates, small and regular dosing can help treat and manage a wide range of conditions, including cancer.


What Are Phoenix Tears?


Phoenix Tears is a highly potent cannabis oil extract first formulated by the Canadian cannabis activist Rick Simpson. While Phoenix Tears is the most commonly used name, the extract is also widely known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO).


Phoenix Tears is revered for its medicinal properties, with many in the cancer community finding much success when using it as a treatment. Phoenix Tears is a versatile form of cannabis medicine that provides patients with options of administration that include topical application, ingestion, or vaping.


Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is one of the heroes of medicinal cannabis. He is a Canadian cannabis activist who got innovative in his own hour of need after receiving a diagnosis for a form of skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma. When his doctor refused him the option of treating the cancer with cannabis, he took matters into his own hands. He developed this highly potent form of cannabis oil extract known as Phoenix Tears, and after four days of topical application, his cancer growths began to shrink.


Given his own personal success with the formulation, true to the founding principles of cannabis culture, he took to cultivating and extracting his own oil and giving it away freely to those in need.


Does Phoenix Tears Cure Cancer?

The scientific community has documented the potential of cannabis as a treatment for cancer, and there are currently over one hundred studies indicating its promise. Sadly though, full clinical trials are still necessary before the medical community can make a definitive claim one way or the other with scientifically-backed data.


How Do I Administer Phoenix Tears?

There are three different ways of consuming Phoenix Tears. You can apply it topically, ingest it, or vaporize it.

How To Apply Phoenix Tears Topically

The most straightforward method of application is to apply Phoenix Tears topically to a localized area in need of relief. When treating his skin cancer, Rick Simpson applied the oil topically onto the cancer growths. Many patients report quick and effective relief from a variety of symptoms with topical application. Topical application is ideal for those who require relief on the go.


Without the requirement for any specialized equipment, the medicine can be applied quickly and effectively anywhere, anytime. An added advantage for many is that topical application won't result in any psychoactive effects even when high quantities of THC are present.


How To Ingest Phoenix Tears

Another way to medicate with Phoenix Tears is by applying the oil with your index finger onto your lower gums. Many patients find the most effective method of administration involves rubbing the oil in a circular motion with the index finger into the gum.


Phoenix Tears is also often available in capsule form for those who prefer to mask its strong taste. At Low Price Bud, we sell Phoenix Tears in syringes that allow for easy and precise dosing, something that's very important for beginners, given the potency typically associated with Phoenix Tears.


When applied onto the gums or sublingually, some patients report feeling the effects within minutes. When ingested in edible form, it will generally take between thirty minutes and two hours until you feel the impact, although the effects may then last for up to eight hours.


Vaporizing Phoenix Tears

The final method of administration involves vaporizing the Phoenix Tears. Vaping can be complicated as Phoenix Tears is a thick extract with a viscosity that many vaporizer pens aren't designed for. If you intend on vaporizing, then either purchase a pen designed for a heavier concentrate or dilute the extract to thin it down before vaping with organic vegetable glycerin.



What Conditions Can Phoenix Tears Treat?

Proponents of Phoenix Tears claim it to be effective at treating a variety of conditions. While science isn't fully accepting of some of the claims, many patients report success in predominantly treating forms of cancer and chronic pain among a host of other common conditions treatable with cannabis from insomnia, arthritis, depression, and inflammation.


Phoenix Tears as a Treatment For Cancer

In the treatment of cancer, Rick Simpson's protocol involves the ingestion of high quantities of the oil. He recommends starting with three smaller doses per day before gradually building up the dose.


His recommendations are to allow five weeks to gradually build up to one gram of oil per day. At this dose range, Simpson claims that people should begin to see their cancer recede. In the case where the cancer is already advanced, administration of the oil enables patients to still receive pain-relieving benefits that help them die with dignity.


Phoenix Tears is more commonly associated with treating forms of skin cancer. Topical application is the preferred method, whereby patients cover the oil with a bandaid on the affected area. Rick Simpson claimed that such an approach led to his cancer disappearing within four days.

Of course, cannabis is an established and proven way to reduce the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy treatments.


Using Phoenix Tears To Quell Chronic Pain

Simpson himself claims that there is no better medicine for chronic pain than cannabis oil. As something that affects vast swaths of the population, traditional treatments for chronic pain often involve dangerous pharmaceuticals with addictive potential. While many of these mask the pain, forms of cannabis oil like Phoenix Tears do this and more by tackling the underlying issues more directly by acting upon the root cause.


What Are the Side Effects of Phoenix Tears?

As with any form of cannabis that's high in THC, Phoenix Tears can provoke paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, and disorientation among some consumers. Such effects are always transient and should subside within hours.


While Phoenix Tears shows much promise in the treatment of several conditions including cancer, the scientific evidence is still a long way from validating and understanding how the interactions between cannabinoids and other plant compounds may treat cancer.


Despite the uncertainty in the scientific community, many patients continue to report success with Phoenix Tears. This versatile, potent, and natural form of medicine packs a punch that many receive benefit from. And if you're curious to experiment with Phoenix Tears, then at Low Price Bud, we stock several solutions of differing doses and strengths for you to try.


How to do Balasana Yoga Asana

What is Balasana? Balasana translates to child’s pose and is a kneeling posture in yoga with the forehead resting on the ground. Typically, balasana is used as a counter posture for asanas such as sirsasana (headstand) and is used in warm up and cool down sequences. There are a few ways to perform the asana: you can keep your knees together, or take them apart; allowing the chest to rest on the knees or in the space between the thighs. You can extend the arms out over your head, or rest them alongside the body; stretching or resting the shoulders. And you may want to use a prop such as a bolster or pillow for the forehead and/or body if you are particularly tight or find the resting posture uncomfortable.



The physical steps to balasana are not too difficult to master, but the mental aspect of this asana is where many will feel the benefits. Child’s pose, or balasana, is the ultimate posture of surrender. You not only surrender to gravity and the yoga mat, in a state of non-doing. But you surrender to the guidance of your higher self as you rest your forehead, or third eye, on the mat. This posture encourages you to go within and seek the guidance of your intuition. It can help us achieve self-realisation and surrender to our worldly attachments. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed, unsure, or lost in thought; taking a short child’s pose can benefit you. If you feel pushed to your limit – take a child’s pose. If you feel short of breath in a yoga class – take a child’s pose. If you want to calm your nervous system – take a child’s pose. If you want a moment for introspection and clarity – take a child’s pose. This posture forces you to connect with your breathing, your body, and your thinking mind; you might feel a more profound sensation of breath as your ribcage presses against the thighs, and in making ourselves small like a child we return to a more humble and modest state of being. Balasana is also an opportunity to surrender to the guidance of mother earth and ground yourself. As you rest here, try to really connect with the grounding energy of the earth, feel the pull of gravity and surrender more with each exhalation.


For more details about Yoga :


To begin the pose, start by kneeling and sitting down on your heels. As you exhale, bend the body forwards (over closed or open knees, your choice) and send the arms either out stretched in front of you, or take them down by your sides with palms facing up. Perhaps you don’t find the posture that physically challenging, but the mental aspect of this wonderful resting asana will help prepare you to deepen your yoga practice; allowing the time and space to cultivate internal awareness and practice the art of surrender.

Travel tips for Annapurna base camp trek

Himalayan base camps are often most difficult to reach with glacial moraine, avalanches and high altitude. However Annapurna base camp is the easiest of all treks to base camp. The trek can be done in one week from the nearest city Pokhara while other treks takes much longer time. Annapurna base camp is at 4,190 m which is lower than many other base camps in the Himalayas. The well established lodges make the trek comfortable and economic as well.

The most awe-inspiring Himalayan scenery within short trek and vibrant trek through the culturally rich foothills make the Annapurna base camp trek the most popular in the Himalayas.


How long is the trek ?


Annapurna base camp trek is 9 days long trek from the nearest city Pokhara of Nepal. 9 days trek includes the detour of Ghorepani / Poon Hill and comes back downstream following the Modi River. The recent road expansion have made it possible to do the trek in 5 days as well. However, trekker need to have at least one week to do the trek without rushing.


How difficult is the trek ?


The trek is moderately difficult and is suitable for reasonably fit trekkers. Remember, trekking in the Himalayas are much more difficult than walking and hiking in the west. So regular jogging and hiking prior to the trek is much helpful. The foothills have lots of ups and downs of about 500 m each. The rough trails with uneven steps and bitten path makes it tricky to walk on. The shortness of breath makes it difficult at the higher reaches. The trail at higher elevation passes through avalanche prone areas and snow fields. Teahouses are basic and the room temperature may get down to - 10 C. Like all treks in the Himalayas, Annapurna base camp trek is also made challenging by weather and high altitude.


Best Seasons


Spring and Autumn are the best time to do the Annapurna base camp trek. The summer is rainy season in the Himalayas. The peak winter snow covers the trail at the higher reaches making it impossible to traverse. With Spring, snow melts and sky clears up. Whole trail is covered in Rhododendron blossoms from mid March till mid April. This also makes the trail over crowded. The first half of the March and second half of the April have similar good weather with less trekkers. Similarly October and November are the peak season for the Annapurna base camp trek. Early October and December is the best time to enjoy the good weather and less crowd.


Trekking permits


Two different types of permits are required for the trek to Annapurna base camp. The trekking region falls in Annapurna conservation area and the conservation permit is charged. The conservation permit costs USD 30. Similarly the other permit is 'Trekking Information Management System' which costs USD 20. Both permits could be acquired from Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu. Pictures and passport details are required for the permits. Normally permits are bought by trekking companies included in the package.


Food, Water and Accommodation


There are well established lodges run by local families. They have been catering and accommodating trekkers for over thirty years for the service to be terrific. Lodges have western toilets, hot showers and attached toilet in most of the places. Teahosues are basic at the higher reaches. Basic International cuisines along with local foods are available in the teahouses. Food serves are of basic international standard in taste and hygiene. Trekker need to take reusable water bottle in the trek. Every teahouse have boiled and filtered water for refilling with small charge.



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Tips for Taking a Semester off From College

For most students, faculty may be the top 4 or 5 decades in their lives. But, in addition, there are many students who get to school and begin to experience burnout or confusion on what they wish to do after college. Sometimes this may result in falling grades, or pupils questioning whether going to school was even the correct choice for them.


In some specific situations, some individuals have even taken a semester off so as to recharge their batteries regain focus in their research. Even though this may be a good thing to do, it may also be a challenging choice to describe to parents, loved ones, friends, and fellow pupils.


Listed here are tips/strategies for folks to make the most of their off time before going back to school to receive their level.


In case you decide you wish to take some time off from college to clean your mind, you need to produce a plan to be able to market the idea for your parents. The strategy won't simply set their mind at ease, but additionally, it will be something which you can return on during the session to keep you on course.


You should think about your strategy nearly just like a business program. Be certain you account for the motives which you're taking time off and everything you intend on doing during each period of the time off from college. It'll be an additional bonus if you're able to describe what sorts of lessons you'll be studying during every stage.


Don't underestimate how important with a strategy could be. Parents may initially see your session off with stress since they will fear you will eliminate motivation to return to college. They generally have a substantial monetary investment tied to your academic achievement. And of course that the deficiency of a strategy will also cause an absence of private attention and inspiration on your own end.


Obtain Work, Gain Expertise

The very best thing you may do during your off time is get work. Whether it's paid or unpaid, awaken each morning and operate. The job doesn't need to be fulltime and if you're creative it doesn't even need to be working for someone else. There are loads of students who've tried their hands small start-up companies with varying levels of success. The most important goal regardless of what you are doing would be to obtain expertise and transferable skills which you can add to a resume.


The occupation skills are not only going to help you build career-wise, but also give you a hand in interviews once it is possible to bet you will be asked the reason you chose off a semester and everything you did during this period of time. Your short term job might even allow you to concentrate on a profession or career path you had not considered before your fracture.


Among the most difficult things to do throughout time away from faculty is to keep your brain self-evident. Though your classmates are ongoing to move to class, take examinations, and also write term papers, you'll be away in your grind doing something entirely different.


To be able to keep on creating the intellectual portion of your mind, you need to keep on reading anything that's near you. Whether it's a paper, book, or something from the New York Times bestseller list, browse it. Whenever you're finished reading it, then attempt and find someone to talk about it with this it is possible to keep on practicing your critical thinking abilities.


Do to do your very best to stay current with current affairs. View the news sometimes, or see websites like CNN to remain fresh on what's happening in the world. Another positive point to do would be create a reading list of publications inside your major. From the time you contact school, you'll be armed with knowledge and questions your classmates might not have.


Preventing your intellectual side is only going to result in you needing to prevent return to college afterwards, which will only cause an overall demanding transition back to school.


Among the gorgeous things about being at school is being subjected to various individuals from so many diverse areas. When you take off your time, it's very likely that you will return to exactly the identical region which you just grew up in, and also the exact very same thoughts to which you're constantly exposed previously.


If you can, attempt to discover some opportunity to traveling to other regions throughout your break. It can wind up as a large trip to Europe or the Caribbean, or it might only be a trip from state to go to some relatives. In any circumstance, the excursion won't just keep you thrilled, but additionally, it will expand your horizons. Have a little time to take new areas of interest and speak to as many individuals as possible from the new places.


In the end, it might never be as simple to travel as soon as you're back in school or the working world, take advantage of it.


. .To Everybody

During the time you're not at college, go out of the way to speak to as many individuals as you can. Speak with your parents. Speak with your pals. Speak with your loved ones. Speak with your classmates back in college. These new folks will let you break from your typical school social bubble, and also be exposed to new methods of believing.


As tempting as it might be, don't sit home all day and play games or even watch tv. The very best approach to find out more about yourself is by interacting with different individuals in the external world.


If you falling your semester maybe you need to use one of the official essay writing services like


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Home Staging Trends for 2020

When it comes to home staging, It is common to hear that neutral color will please everyone and people should use this color for their house. However, if all people use this pale-neutral-grey color for their home staging, then it is quite hard to stand out from the crowds. If you are going to stage your home, why not try with a new trendy color in 2020



Color trend is considered a direction. It changes the way people feel, think and inspires people to create things with that color. And in 2020, the color trend is Classic Blue which was declared by Pantone. This color brings the feel of calming, soothing, elegant and associated with stability, introspection and resilience. It is widely used across all categories of design.



Involving navy blue furniture such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, nightstands or a dresser is a great way to create an interesting effect. You can combine navy blue with golden accessories, white wood, white color, and light greys to create an elegant and classy look for your room. You also can create a contrast combination for your room by having a whole wall painted in navy blue



Now it is time to focus on creating - instead of using a set of furniture. You can combine different colors with different materials based on the chosen color palette and the materials selected for your interior. For example, you can mix and match the lamps. Instead of two identical side by side, you can use different shapes or different colors that will match each other.
However, there is one thing you should keep in mind that you can easily mess it up if you mix and match too much. Let’s start with small things such as different chairs, lamps, and tables.


If you are not sure about how you should stage your home, you can use virtual staging for preview. There are many virtual staging software on the internet, you can choose one and start visualizing your idea.


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