Forstavir 3 Tablet Uses Precautions Dose and Side Effects

FORSTAVIR 3 TABLET is a combination of 3 antiretrovirals medicines: Efavirenz , Emtricitabine, and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate. It works by slowing the growth of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection. It prevents the virus from multiplying in your body.

Use of Forstavir-3 Tablets. It is prescribed for HIV Infection

Side Effects


The following list of some possible side effects of Forstavir 3 Tablet that may occur. You can consult your doctor for medical help If you feel any of the following side effects.


  1. Nausea
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Bone pain
  4. Cough
  5. Tiredness
  6. kidney problems
  7. Vomiting
  8. Weakness
  9. Loose motions
  10. Headache
  11. Nightmare
  12. Depression
  13. Skin Rash
  14. liver problems
  15. Dizziness
  16. Insomnia


How to take Forstavir-3 Tablet?


  1. Take the medicine after advised by your doctor.
  2. Don't use Forstavir-3 Tablet if you have any allergy to any ingredients in Forstavir-3 Tablet.
  3. Before starting the treatment tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  4. Always take the prescribed doses.
  5. You may require a regular check blood tests to check your blood counts, liver function, and kidney function.
  6. Take medicine at the same time each day. Don't forget to take a dose. In case you skip the dose, take the next dose according to the time of your dose.
  7. Never take this medicine with alcohol.
  8. It is not recommended to drive or operate machinery after consuming the medicine. If you experience sleepy and dizziness.




  1. FORSTAVIR 3 TABLET is a combination of three antiviral medicine:
  2. Efavirenz
  3. Emtricitabine
  4. Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate
  5. Strength
  6. Efavirenz 600mg
  7. Emtricitabine 200mg
  8. Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300mg


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What is the Future of the Food Industry?

The food industry is one among the emerging sectors within the 21st century and these industries create multiple opportunities in various sectors like IT, automation etc. there's a promising future for the food product development companies and these are the 2 evolutionary changes expected within the way forward for the food and beverage development companies.


● IT and computerization framework for pressing and handling

In most of the developed countries, food and beverage development companies have began to use AI technologies to minimise the workers , save time and work efficiently. Nowadays, the Automation system like robotic arms, cobots etc are used for packing, transferring and arranging the packed products efficiently. Thus, within the near future AI technology and automation robots will completely replace the traditional system for packing and processing the food products.


● New functional and tailored food products

Nowadays, people demand for healthy food products so there's an excellent demand for functional food products. within the future, more new customized functional foodstuff s are often expected from these food product development companies. Thus, there's a broad scope for researchers, scientists and food consultants within the future.


There has been a big development in recent times and Slowly, all the prevailing conventional systems are being replaced by AI technology and automation systems. These technologies and machineries save time, work efficiently and minimize the danger . Moreover, there's an exponential growth with 10% increase within the value per annum and expected to grow more within the upcoming years.

How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation?

When the Amazon launched its range of smart speakers it completely transformed the way we looked towards life. Now, everything that seemed to be a far distant concept is possible because of technology. Life is so much easier, fun and interesting after amazon Echo setup with a smart speaker like Alexa assisting you at every point.

In its range, Amazon launched one of its most amazing speakers which is Echo dot. It came with added functionalities and features to top the experience. To start with this whole experience one has to know How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation first. Now, once you are done with setup Echo Dot you can make use of a lot of amazing features. Echo dot is a great smart speaker at a very reasonable price. It’s compact shape and size, adds to the fascination and will be an amazing addition to your home.
The best part of amazon Echo setup is that despite its compact size, its speakers are loud and strong enough for a compact space like Kitchen, hall and bedroom. All in all, it seems to be the perfect gift to give to someone who you think will enjoy this addition to their lives.

So, before you jump into this experience let us guide you step by step about How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation. Then you can make use of the complete skills of Alexa and see how efficient it could be. It’s a very small and simple process and wouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Fortunately, for amazon Echo setup you don’t need to be an expert or tech savvy. It’s very simple and anyone can do it easily by following the below mentioned steps and you will know How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation:

The first step is to download the Alexa app in your phone, tablet or even laptop. Yes, the Alexa PC version is also available now. So, the very first step of amazon Echo setup will require you to download Alexa app to which you are going to connect the smart speaker.

Now, once you have downloaded the app you will need to sign in with your amazon credentials. That could be of the amazon account you already have or if not you can create a new amazon account and sign in using the relevant credentials.
Once you are in the app you need to go the lower right corner where you will see the option of add device. Click on that and find the device for which you want to do the amazon Echo Setup.

There you will see the plus sign on the top right corner from where you will add the device for Echo Dot setup. Press the hamburger menu which are the three horizontal lines on the top and then add your device. To add the Echo dot you need to press on the Echo Dot icon and then press on the third-generation Echo Dot that will initiate the amazon Echo Setup.
Once you are ready for the Echo Dot setup on your phone you need to get the smart speaker ready also. For that you need to turn on your smart speaker. For that you need to connect the Echo device to a power source. So, plug in the echo dot using a power adapter that comes with the package, one end of which goes to the smart speaker and the other to a power source. Now, provide the power supply and turn on the device. You will see the LED light turning blue and then orange and it will launch it in the setup mode.

Now, you will be prompted to connect the device to a Wi-Fi source. For that connect to the available network and put in the password to get connected.

Now, place the setup Echo dot speaker in a location which is in proximity to the internet source and at the same time easily reachable to you.

Now, you have successfully completed the Amazon Echo setup and you are good to go to use the Smart Speaker.


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Find the Best Home Exchange Service

Vacation house exchange is a great way to enjoy holidays in your favorite tourist destination without putting a financial strain on your budget. It lets you pick an accommodation in the exchange of your choice- anywhere in the world - that aligns with your vacation schedule. Once you choose your destination you can take advantage of the many benefits of home exchange, which are as follows:-


1 Significantly Reduce your Vacation Costs


The accommodation costs are the most significant chunk of any vacation trip’s budget. If your stay is free, the money you save can be used to go out on family retreats more frequently. The only cost involved in a home swap deal is the expense to travel to get to the destination. Since you are saving hundreds of dollars, you can devote the money to your vacation excursion & expenses and bring back happy memories for life.


2 Access to Thousands Private of Homes


Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room or an expensive condo, the home exchange lets you enjoy living like a local in a private home where you can interact with the people around you and understand their culture and traditions. Depending upon the number of rooms in the house, you and your kids can enjoy their own space.

3 Access to a Fully Equipped Kitchen


Instead of eating out every night and spending tons of money every night, you can create a homely atmosphere wherever you, thanks to your home exchange that provides you a fully equipped kitchen. So, after check-in to your vacation home, head out to the local grocery store, and pick up whatever items will make your family happy during your stay.


4 Access to Laundry Facilities


Since almost all exchanges will provide a washer/dryer, packing for your trip is so much easier because you can take fewer clothes. And, won’t have to spend hours of time doing laundry when you return home.


5 Live Like a Local


One of the biggest perks associated with home exchange is that you have the complete freedom to venture out like a local in the town. This experience could be memorable if you want to explore things that tourists don’t often get to do.


6 Enjoy Luxury Amenities

When deciding on vacation home exchange, make sure you are getting the necessary and luxurious amenities for a comfortable stay. Many of these private homes come with beach access, private pools, space, clubhouse access, ski access, and the list is unlimited. So, it is advisable to put in a lot of research to narrow down on a place that echoes your needs and desires.


Let’s Wrap Up


Finally, there are numerous home exchange web portals where you can explore thousands of options for vacation homes. Decide on the one that best suits your needs. Based on your preferred location and schedule.  Also, make sure you’ve to create a well-written listing for your home - which includes real multiple photos and a crisp description - to find the right swapper.



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Can Weed Help You Recover from Workouts?

Smoking weed after your workouts might not be a conventional way to end such an activity, but doing might be beneficial, according to new research.


Thanks to cannabis’ medicinal properties, this remarkable plant can help you wind down after a heavy gym session. If you love going for long sweaty runs or enjoy heavy lifting at the gym, you might want to learn how this blessed herb can help your post-workout regime.

Benefits of Weed after Working Out


What you do in the hours following a workout is essential to recovery. For most people, a post-workout routine includes hydrating, eating, and resting. But one obvious benefit of smoking weed when you include it in your post-exercise routine is that it helps you relax. It gives your body the rest it needs for the recovery stage.


The well-known “munchies” will also encourage you to eat following an exercise session. Some people do not have the appetite after working out, but skipping food within two hours after exercising can make the time you spent in the gym relatively useless. Smoking weed following a workout will also ensure that you refuel your body. For those trying to bulk up, weed should help get through a high-calorie diet.


The science behind weed and exercise is in the early stages. Previous studies on cannabis mainly focused on its adverse effects, and it was only recently that experts are looking into its benefits on working out. Despite widespread use as post-workout recovery, there are no completed clinical studies on this subject. But even though science is not yet definitive, there is some indication that cannabis is useful for exercising.

Weed and Muscle Recovery


Following a strenuous workout, you may feel some pain the following morning. Referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS, this is a common consequence of exercise. Your stressed muscles have become inflamed, causing aching, stiffness, and soreness.

Typically, we treat DOMS with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) like Ibuprofen. Chronic use of NSAIDs, however, can cause liver damage, stomach ulcers, and impaired muscle protein synthesis. Weed, on the other hand, is safe to consume and contains pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate DOMS.


Weed and Muscle Growth

A big misconception about weed and exercise is that the former reduces testosterone levels, making it detrimental to muscle growth. While cannabis does slightly lowers testosterone levels, it also increases the stress hormone cortisol and the growth hormone somatotropin, both of which are crucial to muscle recovery and growth.


One more important thing that needs to be considered regarding this information is that the results were based on animal studies. But these are always the initial phases of any human trials. Remember, humans have been consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Thus, bodybuilders can rest easy with the knowledge that smoking weed after working out is safe.

Best Weed Consumption Method


Today, cannabis is available in many forms, giving you lots of options for adding it to your post-workout regimen. Edibles may be the tastiest option, but they can be inconsistent and take some time to take effect. Cannabis oils taken sublingually offer a faster and more effective solution, but perhaps the best method is vaping. It takes effect after only a few minutes and is much healthier than smoking.

If you are not a fan of vaping or smoking, you can always look into other options, like cannabis topical creams. Once you apply these directly to sore muscles and aching joints, you'll feel the soothing benefits. Another thing that you might want to try is cannabis bath bombs that you can use as a muscle-relaxing soak following a heavy workout.


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