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Hidden Benefits of a Short, Tiny and Xzatly?

A Short and a Xzatly are apparently a simply redirection technology, that moves a web-user from one web page to another. But, in a reality it contains far more hidden features.

Security and Serious Secrets of a Short URL?

Since, converting a long URL into a short URL is a very new technology and a lot of people are still not familiar with its hidden and key characteristics, that we are going to expose below.

  1. A short URL is protected by a password and a hacker has to break it before blend a malicious code in a URL.
  2. Although, converting a long URL into a different character considers a notorious characteristic, but in the reality it secures a link from a hacker.
  3. Every short URL is scanned to check the vulnerability prior to publish on the website.
  4. Every user is required to pass a captcha condition to pass human visitors only, rather a bot with a bomb.
  5. It is an inevitable revolutionary technology that is used to brand a company, increase web-traffic and secure urls from a malicious code.
  6. The short URL does not look Spam because it appears with a keyword along with a brand name.
  7. A tiny url is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and many other famous websites, that feature of the Tiny URL optimize website very fast.
  8. A log manages the entire urls across the internet and each single url will be branded with a keyword and captcha to hit by a human rather by a hacker. It is one of the unique and dynamic features of a short url.
  9. You cannot use a similar link twice on the internet. This unique feature of the Tiny URL does not keep a server busy and take off the unnecessary burden or load from a server.
  10. A keyword is extracted from a long URL, if a user forgot to write a keyword.
  11. We use an auto extraction of meta-keywords, title and a short description.



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