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How Do Shortened URLs Help Your Business?​

What is a URL Shortener? ​
What do they do?  ​
  • Refines the visibility of a website for organic, "un-paid” searches.  Converts every page and subpage into search engine friendly pages​
  • Add destination domain names and subdomains to be branded across the internet and reduce advertising cost​
  • Track results from point of origination, not through a service provider (e.g. Bitly) ​
  • Branded links connect a business’ custom domain to the URL shortener to generate increased link trust, brand awareness and CTR (click through rate). ​
  • Brief title, short description and unique keywords for S.E.O drives highly relevant traffic from target audience​
  • Share each brand links with all social media websites.​

Apply online or over the phone New York Retail Beer and Wine license

Beer and Wine licenses are required to sell beer and wine from store front location. The requirement of the license varies on the counties.