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Case Study Number One: How does reduce the digital marketing cost?

We will discuss in case study #1, how does Due-Clix help Info-Tax-Square to reduce significant digital marketing cost?

Due-Clix is a digital marketing portal that has different newly discovered features to send traffic to the targeted website. A few most result oriented unique discovered functions are listed below.

1. Banner advertising feature brings the instant traffic like Google, Yahoo and other advertising websites from across the world.

2. creates a customized URL and it brands to each product. Additionally, it increases C.T.R (Click-Through-Rate) up to 50%.

3. Iphorma creates a dynamic digital banner to make website presentable.

4. Article directories, timeline and the rating are used to optimize a website.

Info-Tax-Square use every single feature of Due-Clix effectively to drive traffic. The Due-Clix sends estimated 1,000 visitors daily, and monthly 30,000 to Info-Tax-Square.

In once sentence, the Due-Clix connect to a customer with Info-Tax-Square to fulfill the current demand.


In a return, Info-Tax-Square pays to Due-Clix:

1. $99.00 fixed cost to display banner ads on Due-Clix.

2. Estimated $100.00 to to create and advertise customized URLs.

3. Pay $490.00 for the 70 domain names. Each domain costs $6.99.


Past and the present progress of Info-Tax-Square online traffic

1. The pressure is completely off of the big bills from different search engines and the online portals.

2. Everything is controlled from one website.

3. Rating and ranking is improving constantly.

4. Click through rate is increased significantly.

5. The advertising cost is down from over $200,000 to $15,000 per year.

6. Links between the websites are increasing more than ever.

7. 100% elimination of the outsourcing and S.E.O professionals.

8. 100% jobs are done in-house.

9. The traffic accuracy ratio is over 90%.

10. The conversion ratio is increased significantly due to the traffic accuracy.

11. The staff of the Due-Clix handles any issue very professionally.

12. The Due-Clix staff sends site timely for the indexing, create ads and guide to create the customized URLs.


Monitor live traffic:

• To adjust Google and other search engine campaigns.

• To adjust landing page's position based on the current traffic behavior.

• To adjust the content of the most traffic generating pages, it increases the conversion ratio.

• To adjust meta tags to drive relevant traffic.



Initial Report Filing is required for the new business registration

File Initial Report Filings or Statement of Information within thirty days of the company being formed such as Alabama, Nevada, Georgia, Alaska, WA
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