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Case Study Number Seven

Case Study Number Seven: How to keep your website fit, healthy and extract the expected results?


Digital marketing is a professional occupation. It is similar to medical and engineering in that requires a set and proper procedure to follow before one expects to extract results. It is a combination of professional design, development and search engine optimization.


Digital marketing, is similar to the human body in that it contains different organs working together to perform a unique function. For example, a cancer patient referred to a cancer specialist whereas for an eye problem an optometrist is referred. Therefore, a relevant experienced person is referred according to the niche in the digital marketing.


Make a Map/Flow Chart: It is important to define expected results in your map. What are your financial goals and how many users do you want to bring to your website to achieve your financial goals?


Budgeting : Funds are reserved based on the goals to cover the development and promotion of the website.


Design a website : A professional designing is inevitable and it is the same as a building's foundation. The most important element digital marketing is setting up a proper database, creating tables as well as navigation. Improper designing damages your ranking on the internet badly. The database must be created by a professional certified person to extract the expected goals and it must be consulted with the marketing team prior to forwarding it to the website developers.


Website development: An experienced web developer is hired to develop a website


Website Trust Flow: It is an essential element of the website to be able to maintain a reasonable ranking on the internet. The quality internal and backlinks improve the website trust flow. The trust flow rate is 0-100 and one must get at least 11 to gain reasonable trust on the internet.


Importance of the Citation Flow: Citation flow increases with the trust flow, and it is part of ranking on the internet. A citation rate is 0-100 and 50 represents that a website has reliable content and performing great.


Website Ranking: 100K and lower are considered great websites that have valuable information and visitors are increasing and relying on the information.


Backlinks: Links are the most important feature of any website to drive traffic. It proves that the website contains relevant content.


Page Rank Authority : It is the most important feature of any website that increases the sales and user trust. A weak, strong and very strong status is given based on the user's experience.


Spam Score: It is 1-10 and shows the relevant content and visitors on the website. Lower numbers represent more reliable content, whereas an increase in the number represents the less reliable content on the website. One should try not to exceed by 5.


Bouncing Rate: It is also one of the most important features of the website ranking and it is allocated based on the content on the website. It is rated based on the relevancy of the content and each industry. One should try not to exceed by 50.


DNS Propagation : It is vital for the DNS networking verification and it enhances the website reliability. The website must be verified on important networks across the world, that open doors for internet visitors.


Website Performance: It includes page speed score, page loading time and how many requests are called on each page. It is vital in order to try to bring the user again and stay longer. Additionally it saves your resources. More loading time demotivate to visit the website again and damage website ranking as well.


The above guidelines are shared to rank your website organically!


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Any Retail Food Store within the New York State where food and food products are offered to the consumer are required to have retail food license
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