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How to use Xzatly?

Extract The Best Results From

Simply investing in a technology or buying a tool does not serve the specific purpose, rather a buyer who spends money, must understand the technique to use and extract the anticipated effects.

We have divided this subject in two segments to explain the significance to understand the BIOS of

  • BIOS of
  • Extract expected results from Xzatly

What is a BIOS of

It is necessary to understand the BIOS that is stands for (Basic Input/Output System) of any tool or the technology, that you are using to extract the expected results to make your time and investment useful.

We will explain below how an input supports to an output. Only a correct input can provide you a result oriented output.

  1. Field Number One: Type or copy a primary domain name or if it's different from a primary domain name. Like an alternative domain name.
  2. Filed Number Two: Write a brand name to cover domain name that is used in field number one. This field has a limited character and a counter count the characters to control a limitation of the field.
  3. Field Number Three: A key word of a limited character that will be used as an extension of the brand name. The combination of the fields from one to three will create Cross or Xzatly URL, that will be applied on the web-pages. Every url will be 100% unique with a unique extension. Not a single U.R.L will contain a duplicate characteristics. It will help search engine crawlers to pick your content without wasting a time. Your every single link will be a brand.
  4. Field Number Four: A title is created to share your specific page service or product on the social media websites. This field has a limited character and that is controlled by a counter. The content is automatically extracted from a website page and it can be edited.
  5. Field Number Five: This field is dedicated to write a short description of the specific web page to share on the social media websites. The description is automatically extracted from the specific web page and it is editable.
  6. Field Number Six: The comma separated keywords are extracted automatically from your specific web page and this field provides an optimization to your keywords.
  7. Spamming Recommendation: It is highly recommended to use Xzatly moderately,otherwise the search engines and the social media websites may treat it a spam.

Extract expected results from Xzatly:

Xzatly is used to provide the following benefits:

  1. Every single link is Unique.
  2. No link duplication across the Internet.
  3. Perfect optimization of the content.
  4. Create purposeful infinite links across the internet.
  5. Multiple benefits are achieved same time, such as sharing with the social media websites and search engines.
  6. No bot hits a link, because it is secured by a captcha.
  7. Every single link passes through a screening process to check and clear the vulnerability.
  8. It may bring advertising cost significantly down to a unique link in the search engines and sharing every single link with the social media websites.
  9. It will brand to each domain name, regardless of a subdomain, parked domain name, add-on domain name and a primary domain name.

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