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Degree Programs

School of Ministerial Studies                                                                                            

Diploma Programs (A.A) & Undergraduate Programs (B.A)                                            

Biblical Studies                                                                                                               

Christian Counseling                                                                                                                      

Pastoral Studies                                                                                                                             

Evangelism & Missions                                                                                                               



Graduate Programs (M.A):                                                                                                     

Master of Biblical Studies                                                                                                              

Master of Pastoral Studies                                                                                                             

Master of Christian Counseling                                                                                                   


Post Graduate (Doctorate):                                                                                                      

Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Studies                                                                                            

Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies                                                                                          

Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling                                                                                     


School of Christian Education                                                                                                 

Diploma Programs (A.A) & Undergraduate Programs (B.A)                                                     

Christian Education                                                                                                                   

Christian Elementary Education                                                                                                 

Christian Early Childhood Education                                                                                          

Christian Secondary Education                                                                                                 



Graduate Programs (M.A)                                                                                                     

Master of Christian Education                                                                                                


Post Graduate (Doctorate)                                                                                              

Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education                                                                            


Vocational Ministry Certifications                                                                             

Church Usher Certification


One year and two-year Diploma                                                                               


Do you want to study the Bible more deeply, but                                                              

You are not interested in a degree?                                                                                 


Macedonia Theological Seminary Inc. offers a  Bible Diploma.  Successfully complete 12 courses  And receive a Diploma from MTS School of the Bible. Macedonia Theological Seminary School of the Bible is one of Macedonia Theological Seminary Inc. schools that offers a diploma course to the student (not a degree track).  The School of the Bible offers an exciting opportunity to increase your bible knowledge and to improve Your ministry.

Macedonia Theological Seminary School of the Bible was established for those of you who are not interested in pursuing a college degree at this time.


Vocational Ministry Certifications

Study to earn a certification and serve as a Pastor, Teacher, Elder, Deacon, Christian Counselor, Missionary or Evangelist.

Macedonia Theological Seminary School of the Bible offers Vocational Ministry Certifications after completion of the educational requirements at Macedonia Theological Seminary School of the Bible.  The certification can be the basis of ordination or licensing by your church or Independent ministry.


Ideal for specialized chaplain ministry

This certification will demonstrate to the Employing ministry that the minister has studied to become and approved workman with a doctrinally sound school.  These certifications Starts with a basic, conservative and fundamentally sound program.


Church Usher Certification

An usher can be one of the most valuable public relation representatives in your church?  No one Comes in personal contact with as many people. Their Christ-like manner and attitude can be a soul-winning aid.  This program begins with the basics of being a good usher, the continues with The biblical courses below that are designed to Help develop the usher’s character and spiritual Leadership.


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