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Most Rewarding Function of the or

Well, this unique, latest and one of the smartest technology has endless benefits, and a few of them, we have already shared with you earlier. The automated Search Engine Optimization is one of the most rewarding feature of this smart technology to share your post with the unlimited social media websites besides creating a unique URL.


How it works?

  • Add destination domain names and the other subdomains that you want to brand across the internet after sign up and login your account on DueClix or xZatly.

  • Write a limited title, short description and the most attractive unique keywords for the S.E.O purpose.

  • Share your each brand link to unlimited social media websites.

  • It gives a boost to each your domain name across the internet for the optimization.

  • Do not copy a similar link more than once anywhere on the internet, this practice will demotivate search engines than motivate.

  • This routine practice will generate links across the internet to pull traffic at your website, eliminate the essence of the S.E.O professional and further, it will help you to cut advertising cost significantly.

  • The content posting will be 100% accurate and bring the targeted audience.

  • It is all in one and it covers all the formalities of a Search Engine Optimization.


File Annual Report | Statement of information | Biennial Statement

Every Corporation and a Limited Liability Company are registered with the secretary of state is required to file annual reports to conduct business.
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