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Ferozeajmali Dawakhana is working for 60 years to bring you the useful unani drugs pure and precise. The founder HAKEEM ZIA-UD-DIN made and marketed the quality unani products himself in start. He reviewed the pharmacopic compound formulations, made improved compound drugs and left no mistakes in their composition & preparations.

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04-15-2019 12:07:46

Asad Khan
Ghouri Dynasti

Ghurid dynasty

The Ghurids or Ghorids (Persian: سلسله غوریان‎; self-designation: شنسبانی, Shansabānī) were a dynasty of Iranian descent from the Ghor region of present-day central Afghanistan, but the exact ethnic origin is uncertain.[7] The dynasty converted to Sunni Islam from Buddhism,[5][6] after the conquest of Ghor by the Ghaznavid sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in 1011. Abu Ali ibn Muhammad (reigned 1011–1035) was the first Muslim king of the Ghurid dynasty to construct mosques a

Posted By :Mhammad-Asif, 04-17-2019 02:43:17

Ghurid dynasty

Excellent Dynasty

Posted By :Mhammad-Asif, 04-16-2019 12:46:32

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03-21-2019 02:51:13

Maokeli Masjid
Maokeli Masjid
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08-10-2018 03:51:38

This place is near Maokeli in Indonesia. Maokeli is a village in Flores Island near Ende city.
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07-09-2018 08:57:31

In 2018 Election, our votes are for what party. Can any one give suggestion with reason.

Vote for change

Posted By :Mhammad-Asif, 07-24-2018 15:51:29

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07-03-2018 14:20:43

Masjid AL Shukar
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07-03-2018 01:35:58

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07-03-2018 01:02:29

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