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Based in the Berber Village of Aremd, at the foot of Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa; Mohamed Ait Lmouden, known as Mohamed Jellah, has been escorting both individuals and groups through the beauty of the Toubkal region for the past 10 years. As a local Berber, Mohamed is attuned to creating a personal experience for you and connecting you to the local people and culture. His expert knowledge will enable you to taste, see and experience true Morocco, creating lifetime memories. Mohamed holds a professional certificate with the Moroccan Royal Federation of Mountain Guides in both skiing and trekking. Additionally, he is a member of the Royal Mountain Guides Association. He currently directs a team of Mountain Guides, Mountain Assistants, Muleteers, Cooks, and Ski Monitors to ensure your Moroccan adventure is a seamless, relaxing experience. Although Mohamed is Morocco mountain guide based in the Toubkal region, Mohamed and his team have been organizing personalized trekking adventures through many mountain regions in Morocco, such as Sirwa, Saghro, Mgoun, and Ikest, and dessert excursions through the Erg Chebbi and Draa Valley. Each of our adventures is expertly crafted to ensure you experience Morocco as you have never imagined. Whether your adventure of choice is trekking, biking, skiing, or camel ridding we have designed each to ensure every moment and detail of your adventure exceeds your wildest imagination. find me on TourHQ
06-13-2018 01:13:03

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