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Pay Per Click (P.P.C) Campaign

What is a Pay Per Click Campaign?

  • P.P.C Campaign is the most effective way to get the instant visitors interested to buy your products and services.
  • It is very simple and popular model of advertising.
  • You do not have to have advanced computer skills to handle it.
  • You can control the advertising cost by setting up a daily budget.
  • It is budget friendly and cost effective.
  • It will bring you the tangible results, you only pay when someone click on your ads and mostly interested people will only click on your ad. Even if they do not buy it now, but they recognize your name and logo, they may buy your products or services later or can refer to others.
  • You do not have to depend on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will reach the targeted customers instantly.
  • You can monitor a real time progress of your keywords and ads and have direct access to change the strategy any time.
  • Millions of people see your ads globally and continuous visibility of your ads makes your business a brand.
  • Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest way to get results and makes your business a brand.

Why Choose us?

  • has designed and developed our dynamic and unique PPC program to give you the best conversion rate.
  • Our first priority is you, to have a maximum sales to afford the advertising cost.
  • You can create as many text ads with your company’s logo with targeted keywords, short and long description and the landing page URLs.
  • You can create banner ads of different sizes.
  • We are offering the most affordable prices.
  • You can use our blog for the organic searches and keep the PPC cost low. It is 100% free to optimize your products and services. You will have a facility to post your articles or blogs with a unique title, short and long description and keywords. No other advertising platform is providing these facilities to keep your advertising cost low and affordable.
  • It is the fastest way to increase your sales.
  • We do not set low and high bids and believes to give everyone the equal opportunity to grow.
  • We have the maximum bid 0.35 cents and may be eligible for the discounted rates.
  • We want to see your business grow.

How we charge for Pay Per Click?

  • Offers for Daily Click Cycle (only unique visitors will be charged per click):
  • 50 clicks received within 24 hours will be charged 0.39 cents per unique visitor
  • Clicks between 51-100 received within 24 hours will allow a 5% discount
  • Clicks between 101-150 received within 24 hours will allow a 10% discount
  • Clicks between 151-200 received within 24 hours will allow a 15% discount
  • Clicks 201 and above received within 24 hours will allow a 20% discount