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Learn Here How to File An Annual Report On The State of Illinois

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State of Illinois: Following are the guidelines to file an annual report with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Corporations Annual Reports Illinois:

1. The annual report Illinois is filed by the listed officers in the articles of the incorporation Illinois.
2. Up to six directors can file the annual report electronically otherwise file a paper application if the limit exceeded.
3. State of Illinois domestic profit corporations, professional corporations and foreign profit corporation filing fee is $750.00 plus $25.00 minimum franchise tax.

Limited Liability Companies Annual Report Illinois:

1. State filing fee is $75.00 to file annual report of the LLC in the state of Illinois.
2. Revoked, dissolved, withdrawn, administratively dissolved and terminated, limited liability companies in the state of Illinois are not eligible to file the annual report electronically.
3. An LLC annual report in Illinois is filed within the sixty days of the due date to avoid filling it with the penalties.

Illinois Not For Profit Corporations Annual Report :

1. The state filing fee of not for profit corporation is $13.00 and additional $3.00 penalty is paid if it was not filed on time.
2. Domestic Not for profit Illinois file annual report online where as the foreign Illinois Not For Profit send the paper application.
3. Up to sever directors and six officers are allowed to file annual report electronically otherwise a paper application is filed.

Other entities of Illinois filing fesses schedule:

1. Limited Partnerships of Illinois domestic or foreign $100.00.
2. Limited Liability Partnerships domestic $100 per partner-$200 minimum to $5000 maximum and foreign $300.00
3. There is no filing available for the Illinois Limited Liability Limited Partnerships.


Posted By: , Dated :01-04-2019


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