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What is the history of the US Taxation?

Posted By:, Dated : 09-30-2018

The taxation is always a complicated and disputed matter globally. Tax  imposes to construct and maintain the infrastructure of the country.

As per the Internal Revenue Service, the US taxation has following income tax history.


  • In 1862 President Lincoln and Congress, enacted an income tax to pay war expenses.
  • The income tax was repealed after 10 years.
  • Again the Congress revived the income tax in 1894 but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional the following year.
  • In 1913, the Wyoming approved 16th amendment, which provided congress an authority to enact the income tax. The same year the income tax filing form 1040 was introduced to report income.


Posted , Dated :09-30-2018

About Income Tax Filing Form 1040

Year 2017 form 1040 contains 79 lines and many different sections such as personal information, Filing Status, Exemptions, Income, Adjusted gross income, Tax and credits, other taxes, payments and refund.

Posted, Dated :2018-10-02 13:37:15

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Find the latest updates about the final of Asia Cricket Cup 2018 between India and Bangladesh which will be played on September 28 2018 in UAE.

Posted By:, Dated : 09-27-2018

Does Secretary of state New York permits Limited Partnerships to convert into an LLC?

Posted By:, Dated : 09-27-2018

Yes, the Secretary of State does have a provision of conversion from limited partnerships to a limited liability company as per the section 1006 which has a label "Conversion of partnership or limited partnership to limited liability company".


Posted , Dated :09-27-2018

What is the requirement to convert a Limited Partnership into an LLC?

A partnership agreement has to be prepared with the consent of all the partners that holds the terms of the partnership terms. All partners' agreement is required regardless of any greater or lesser percentage in interest of limited partners.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:36:48

Where to File a Limited Partnership or General Partnership?

A limited partnership is generally filed with the state, whereas a general partnership files with the county in most states.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:23:17

Difference between a General Partnership and a Limited Partnership?

Two partners are required for the partnership to form, whereas one person can form a limited partnership.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:15:49

What is a limited partnership?

Limited Partnership is a process to register business entity as a "Limited Partnership" under the law of this state such as in the New York, the Limited Partnership files with the New York Secretary of State.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:03:29

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Can Arshad Khan be a one man army for Afghanistan against India Asia Cup 2018?

Posted By:, Dated : 09-25-2018

Where can you find live updates of Pakistan and Bangladesh super four cricket match of Asian Cup?

Posted By:, Dated : 09-25-2018

Super four of the Asia Cricket Cup will be played on September 26th, 2018 in the UAE, which will decide if the Pakistan qualifies for the final against the defending champion of the Asia cup or not which will be played on September 28th in the UAE.


We will give time to time, updates about the knockout round match of the Asia Cricket Cup 2018 and we will also share the live updates on twitter, Facebook and linkedIn for the cricket lovers.


Posted , Dated :09-25-2018

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