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What is the history of the US Taxation?

Posted By:, Dated : 09-30-2018

The taxation is always a complicated and disputed matter globally. Tax  imposes to construct and maintain the infrastructure of the country.

As per the Internal Revenue Service, the US taxation has following income tax history.


  • In 1862 President Lincoln and Congress, enacted an income tax to pay war expenses.
  • The income tax was repealed after 10 years.
  • Again the Congress revived the income tax in 1894 but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional the following year.
  • In 1913, the Wyoming approved 16th amendment, which provided congress an authority to enact the income tax. The same year the income tax filing form 1040 was introduced to report income.


Posted , Dated :09-30-2018

About Income Tax Filing Form 1040

Year 2017 form 1040 contains 79 lines and many different sections such as personal information, Filing Status, Exemptions, Income, Adjusted gross income, Tax and credits, other taxes, payments and refund.

Posted, Dated :2018-10-02 13:37:15

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Should Pakistan go to the IMF?

Posted By: Muhammad Asif, Dated : 09-29-2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not the only choice for Pakistan or It is not a good choice


The loan option is the easiest practice for any inexperienced and weak administration. They should find venues to bring the investments and revenue not going to the IMF for the additional loans to payout their bills on tough conditions.
  • The current Pakistan's administration should consider the collection of taxes from the people of Pakistan and issue a notification to file tax returns and pay dues if they owe.
  • Reduce establishment lavishly living expenses and stop their cuts and percentages on major projects.
  • If overseas Pakistanis can contribute in dams and campaigns, they also have the capacity to invest in growth projects in Pakistan if they get the assurance from the Government of Pakistan that the establishment of Pakistan will not enjoy with their contributions and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will collect unbiased and impartial taxes from the people of Pakistan.

Developing dams on donation is not the Pakistan's priority. Their priority should be to make Pakistan stable and a debt free country. It is time to take the intelligent decisions instead of the hasty decisions which may make the Pakistan's economical condition worse.

Posted , Dated :09-29-2018

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Finance Minister Asad Umar on Friday said that the government had no plan to go for a programme with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) instantly to get fresh loans.


Posted By:Muhammad Asif , Dated :09-29-2018

Avoid IMF loan is the best option

They should seek better option and collection of taxes, reducing lavishly establishment expenses and the foreign investment is a better choice for the Pakistan.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-29 18:53:54

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Which is yours favorite Team India or Bangladesh in Final of Asia cup 2018?

Posted By: Muhammad Asif, Dated : 09-27-2018

So far the Indian undefeated Cricket Team is deemed a favorite of Asian Cricket Cup 2018 but India should not take the game easier because the Bangladesh will play with a high moral after defeating one of the favorite team of the tournament Pakistan.


We are expecting a fair battle in the Asia Cricket Cup Final, which will be played on September 28, 2018, between two great teams, regardless of the outcome.

Posted , Dated :09-27-2018

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Find the latest updates about the final of Asia Cricket Cup 2018 between India and Bangladesh which will be played on September 28 2018 in UAE.

Posted By:, Dated : 09-27-2018

Finaly India is Champion of Asia cup 2018

Posted By:Muhammad Asif , Dated :09-29-2018

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Bangladesh (Playing XI): Liton Das(w), Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Mithun, Mushfiqur Rahim, Imrul Kayes, Mahmudullah, Mehidy Hasan, Mashrafe Mortaza(c), Nazmul Islam, Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman


India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w), Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

Posted By:Naeem Lashari , Dated :09-28-2018

Congratulation to India and Indian Cricket Team To Win The Trophy!

We congratulate to India and Indian Cricket team to win the Asian Cricket Cup Tournament 2018 which was played in the United Arab Emirates. Regardless of the outcome the tournament, it was a great event and every cricket fan enjoyed the entire tournament. The Indian cricket team reached the target in the last ball. India won by three wickets with zero ball left. A great performance of the Bangladesh cricket team who fought till the last ball.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:57:52

India Score after 49 overs

India scoreboard: 217/9

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 14:47:16

After 49th over

India needs six runs in six balls and still three wickets are in hand.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:46:12

India lost 7th wicket

India 214/7 and still need 9 runs in 11 balls to win the championship. The match is still alive.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:42:44

India lost the sixth wicket in the Asia Cricket Cup Final

The game is not over and the Bangladesh cricket team has not surrendered yet. India 212/6 in 47.2 overs and still need 13 runs in 13 balls.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:37:59

India after 47 overs of the Asia Cricket Cup Final 2018

210/5 in 47 overs and need 13 more runs in 18 balls to retain the Asian Cricket Cup Trophy 2018.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:35:14

India scoreboard after 45 hours

India's current standing in the 2018 Asian Cricket Cup tournament 197 for five and need additional 26 runs in 30 balls to win the champions trophy of the Asian Cricket tournament 2018. India is also defending the cup. Indian cricket team performance throughout the tournament has been impressive and they deserve to retain the Asian Cricket Cup 2018.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:24:18

India Score after 45 overs

India scoreboard: 197/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 14:24:06

India need 37 runs in 47 balls to pick the champions trophy

The Indian cricket team is very closed to pick the Asian Cricket Champions Trophy.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:09:24

India after 40 overs

172/5 in Asia Cricket Cup final 2018 and the Bangladesh set up the target of 223 to pick the Asia Cup Champions Trophy, which initially seemed a thin target for India to achieve, but the superb teamwork of the Bangladesh cricket team has made it difficult for the Indian cricket team to achieve easily. Crowed in the ground is enjoying every single ball and run regardless the outcome of the game.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 14:01:10

India's Status after the 38 overs in Asian Cricket Cup Final

India had made 167 runs and lost five wickets at the end of thirty eight overs.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 13:50:07

India lost the 5th wicket in the Asia Cricket Cup Final

Bangladesh has taken a fifth wicket of India in the Asian Cricket Cup final 2018 and India's current standing in the match 162/5 in 37 over and the India is chasing the target of 223 runs to defend the Asian Cricket title.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 13:42:04

India scoreboard after 35 overs

India has reached to the mark of 154 after 35 overs and lost four wickets.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 13:27:21

India lost the 4th wicket in Cricket Asia Cup Final

India 139/4 in 32 overs against Bangladesh in Asia Cricket Cup Final 2018.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 13:14:55

India score after 30 overs against Bangladesh

135/3 in the Asian Cup Final which is being played in UAE

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 13:01:55

After 25 overs

India 112/3

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 12:41:55

India after 20 overs in the Asian Cricket Cup Final

India's score on the board is 90/3.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 12:24:05

India after 18 overs

After 18 overs India's score on the board is 85/3.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 12:12:25

India after the 17 over

India has lost another wicket and India's score after the 17 overs are 83/3.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 12:08:41

India after the 15th over against Bangladesh

India has scored 79/2 after the completion of the fifteen overs. Both batsmen seem comfortable and confident against Bangladesh bowlers.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 11:57:17

India after the ten overs in Asian Cup Final

The Indian cricket team has made 57 and lost two quick wickets in the Asian Cricket Cup final in UAE against Bangladesh.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 11:33:41

India Score after 10 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 57/2

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 11:29:32

India lost a second wicket in Asian Cricket Cup Final 2018

India 46/2 in 7.3 overs against Bangladesh in Asian cup final 2018.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 11:21:16

India has started batting to chase a a target of 223 runs

India has started their inning and chasing a target of 223 runs to win the Asia Cricket Cup 2018 title. India 37/1 in 5.5 overs.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 11:12:40

Bangladesh 222 all out in 48.3 overs

Bangladesh has completed their inning in 48.3 all out and now India has to bat after a break.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 10:00:13

Bangladesh has lost 9th wicket

Soumya Sarkar Run Out!! 33(45)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:57:49

Bangladesh's Score after 48 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 221/8

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:53:11

Bangladesh's Score after 47 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 213/8

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:51:01

Bangladesh has lost 8th wicket

Nazmul Islam Run Out!! 7(13)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:49:47

Bangladesh's Score after 45 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 202/7

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:43:18

Bangladesh After the 46th over in Asia Cup Final against India

210 for the lost of seven wickets and the Indian cricket team is yet to bat.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 09:40:58

Bangladesh's Score after 44 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 199/7

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:31:34

Bangladesh's Score after 43 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 196/7

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:26:51

Bangladesh has lost 7th wicket

Mashrafe Mortaza out Stumped by MS Dhoni 7(9)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:25:05

Bangladesh's Score after 42 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 190/6

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:23:04

Bangladesh's Score after 41 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 188/6

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:22:04

Bangladesh has lost 6th wicket

Liton Das out Stumped by MS Dhoni 121(117)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:21:32

Bangladesh's Score after 40 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 178/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:12:23

Bangladesh's Score after 39 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 168/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:11:50

Bangladesh's Score after 38 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 166/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:10:56

Bangladesh's Score after 37 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 165/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:10:16

Bangladesh's Score after 36 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 163/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:09:30

Bangladesh's Score after 35 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 160/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:08:55

Bangladesh's Score after 34 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 157/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:08:13

Bangladesh's Score after 33 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 152/5

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:07:30

Bangladesh has lost 5th wicket

Mahmudullah out Caught by Jasprit Bumrah! 4(16)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:06:40

Bangladesh's Score after 32 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 150/4

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:04:59

Bangladesh's Score after 31 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 149/4

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:03:13

Bangladesh's Score after 30 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 147/4

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:01:44

Bangladesh's Score after 29 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 145/4

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 09:00:51

Bangladesh has lost 4th wicket

Mohammad Mithun Run Out!! 2(4)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:59:39

Bangladesh 165/5

In 36 overs Bangladesh has lost five wickets.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 08:56:21

Bangladesh's Score after 27 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 138/3

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:55:34

Bangladesh has lost 3rd wicket

Mushfiqur Rahim out Caught by Jasprit Bumrah! 5(9)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:52:03

India won the toss in Aisa Cup Final 2018 with Bangladesh

India won the toss today and elected to bowl first in Asia Cup final with the Bangladesh which is being played in United Arab Emirates. The supporters of both the sites are fully charged and supporting to their team on every ball and run.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 08:30:14

Bangladesh's Score after 26 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 135/2

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:26:06

Bangladesh's Score after 25 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 133/2

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:25:09

After 28th overs

Bangladesh 139/4 in Asia Cup Final 2018

Posted, Dated :2018-09-28 08:24:55

Bangladesh's Score after 24 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 128/2

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:23:15

Bangladesh has lost 2nd wicket

Imrul Kayes out Lbw!! by Yuzvendra Chahal 2(12)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:22:12

Bangladesh's Score after 23 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 128/1

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:10:31

Bangladesh has lost 1st wicket

Mehidy Hasan, out Caught by Rayudu! 32(59)

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 08:09:07

Bangladesh's Score after 22 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 124/1

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:59:41

Bangladesh's Score after 21 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 120/1

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:59:03

Bangladesh's Score after 20 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 116/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:58:24

Bangladesh's Score after 19 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 108/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:53:33

Bangladesh's Score after 18 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 102/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:43:12

Bangladesh's Score after 17 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 97/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:38:05

Bangladesh's Score after 16 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 93/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:32:33

Bangladesh's Score after 15 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 86/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:30:39

Bangladesh's Score after 14 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 79/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:29:47

Bangladesh's Score after 13 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 78/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:29:09

Bangladesh's Score after 12 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 74/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:28:35

Bangladesh's Score after 11 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 66/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:28:06

Bangladesh's Score after 10 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 65/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:27:33

Bangladesh's Score after 9 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 64/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:26:55

Bangladesh's Score after 8 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 58/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:21:42

Bangladesh's Score after 7 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 42/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 07:21:11

Bangladesh's Score after 6 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 36/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:56:12

Bangladesh's Score after 5 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 33/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:52:34

Bangladesh's Score after 4 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 25/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:49:22

Bangladesh's Score after 3 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 13/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:46:05

Bangladesh's Score after 2 overs

Bangladesh scoreboard: 8/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:44:53

Bangladesh's Score after 1 over

Bangladesh scoreboard: 3/0

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:43:51

Liton Das and Mehidy Hasan are at the crease. Liton Das is on strike. Bhuvneshwar will open the attack

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:37:15

Final, Asia Cup at Dubai, Sep 28 2018

India have won the toss and elected to field

Posted By:Naeem Lashari, Dated :2018-09-28 06:29:48

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Does Secretary of state New York permits Limited Partnerships to convert into an LLC?

Posted By:, Dated : 09-27-2018

Yes, the Secretary of State does have a provision of conversion from limited partnerships to a limited liability company as per the section 1006 which has a label "Conversion of partnership or limited partnership to limited liability company".


Posted , Dated :09-27-2018

What is the requirement to convert a Limited Partnership into an LLC?

A partnership agreement has to be prepared with the consent of all the partners that holds the terms of the partnership terms. All partners' agreement is required regardless of any greater or lesser percentage in interest of limited partners.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:36:48

Where to File a Limited Partnership or General Partnership?

A limited partnership is generally filed with the state, whereas a general partnership files with the county in most states.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:23:17

Difference between a General Partnership and a Limited Partnership?

Two partners are required for the partnership to form, whereas one person can form a limited partnership.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:15:49

What is a limited partnership?

Limited Partnership is a process to register business entity as a "Limited Partnership" under the law of this state such as in the New York, the Limited Partnership files with the New York Secretary of State.

Posted, Dated :2018-09-27 14:03:29

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