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First 100 days plan of PTI after forming the federal Govt.

Posted By: Naeem Lashari, Dated : 11-27-2018

Policies and not rhetoric; for the first time in our recent history will a leader be presenting a detailed 100 day plan to implement the 11 point agenda that was laid out by Chairman Imran Khan at the historic jalsa in Lahore. Taking on human development and investment in Pakistan’s citizens as the agenda priority, the plan is set to be able to enable an improvement in the quality of lives of ALL Pakistanis. This is a great digression from the traditional culture of rhetoric only politicians who,despite taking multiple turns in office, have not been able to give focused plans or agendas as to how they plan on improving living standards for the common man. A revolutionary plan as PTI goes into the next election full throttle; and the ability to execute these plans has already been seen in the completely people-centric governance that PTI has displayed under Imran Khan’s leadership and the right team in KP.

Posted By:Naeem Lashari , Dated :11-27-2018

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What are the achievements of PTI after completing 100 Days of its Govt

Posted By: Muhammad Asif, Dated : 11-26-2018


Posted By:Naeem Lashari , Dated :11-27-2018

PTI 100 Days

Not Good Performance

Posted By:Asad Khan, Dated :2018-11-27 05:05:45

PTI 100 Days


Posted By:Muhammad Asif, Dated :2018-11-27 05:00:29

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I Think PTI Government has set right direction in first 100 Day.


Posted By:Muhammad Asif , Dated :11-26-2018

PTI 100 Days Performance

Very Good Direction

Posted By:Muhammad Asif, Dated :2018-11-26 12:16:30

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