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What is future of BehriaTown in Pakistan after case in Supreme court. And how will it effect the people who have invested billions of rupees in it?

Posted By: Muhammad Asif, Dated : 10-03-2018

Bahria Town Karachi’s Future in Aftermath of Supreme Court’s Approval

Bahria Town Karachi’s Future in Aftermath of Supreme Court’s Approval

Posted By:Asad Khan , Dated :10-08-2018

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It is very big project. A lot of people deposit their amounts in it. 

People invest their whole life saving and after this type of actions by government or court put bad effect on people. Some have heart patient ....


Posted By:Asad Khan , Dated :10-03-2018

The state is responsible for the investment in Bharia Town

Technically, the state and the authorities should be held responsible for any fraud or uncertainty who granted a permission to launch the project. An investor is also obligated to investigate before making an investment in any project that the project is covered by the insurance and do they have ample funds available in the escrow account to pay back to the investors if anything happened against the contract between an investor and a builder. Let me share here a personal experience in Pakistan with a property owner. I was in a process of rental an office in Defense Housing Authority and the owner of the property was a retired brigadier, he asked me for the six months deposit and six month advance. I asked Mr.X Brigadier, the money will be kept in the escrow account and you cannot touch it, he replied that no it is my money and by the Law of Pakistan the escrow amount can be spent or invest. I said Mr.X I have a doubt what you are claiming about the escrow account law in Pakistan and he agreed to take one month for the running rent and one month deposit which he will not spend and invest otherwise he will either pay me the interest or the profit he made from my money. So, an investor must guard the investment before investing in any project. This educational message must be shared with the maximum people for the awareness, education and safe-guard their hard earning money.

Posted, Dated :2018-10-03 13:48:44

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