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Case Study Number Five:

It is about to post fake reviews on the Internet to get ranking against a competitor.

To distinguish between a right and wrong is a challenge in today's world. You will know later in this post whether a rating on a product does help or not to make up your mind, we will share a few real reviews that are posted by the companies or on behalf of the companies by a third party professionals such as Search Engine Optimization Companies. provides a fully audited and transparent online digital portal to distinguish between a right and wrong. We cannot give a 100% guarantee, because the ratio of the fraudulent practice is too high.

You will be amazed and surprise how does companies post fake reviews to capture the potential customer's attention.

What is a fake review?

A review that is posted to get an undue advantage. A seller publishes a fabricated comment on the internet about the product or services to increase sales is called a fake review.

How does a fabricated review affect to a business?

It reduces the trust flow rate and blacklist your website. Most reputable companies manually review every single review before publishing it for their users. And, is one of the companies, that checks every single review prior to publish on the internet

What is the ratio of the fake reviews on the internet?

Based on our experience, research, survey and internet statistics, we have observed at least over 75% customers reviews are posted on the internet are wrong and fraudulent posted by the SEO companies to acquire rating and show progress to their clients. And, estimated 95% overseas companies are involved in this bad practice. spends a lot of resources to control such bad practice and publish legitimate reviews only. Again, we do our best, but make no guarantee for the 100% accuracy, because the current fraudulent rate is too high.

What is included in a fake or a fraudulent review?.

Find below real examples of the fake and fraudulent reviews that are posted by different SEO companies and most of them are located in overseas. removes on a daily basis a number of fake reviews to keep the market transparent.

Specimen Number One:

Following user creates an email and post many reviews of the different companies under a unique email address. (Used this email address for a photographic company).

Original Review - Artview Photobooth is the best option that I could hire here in New York, punctual, professional, everything clean impeccable. In addition the cabin is rigid, it is not made of cloth and it has an external monitor so that the people waiting in the queue are entertained looking at the one who takes the picture, I recommend them (Used same email posted another review of a different user).

My daughter was beautiful in her sweet sixteen! thanks to Artistry By Mindy came to our house in NYC and not only loved the hairstyle, but it was exactly what I wanted, your warm treatment, patience and good vibes helped us to enjoy those important moments and so many nerves thanks !

Specimen Number Two: Another example of the same type of practice.

Artview Photobooth are excellent professionals, they offered us several alternatives for the wedding of my daughter Laura Event held in Long Island, we selected photos and videos, we were very happy with the results, we chose photos and videos of very good quality.

Artistry By Mindy, they are excellent professionals, they offered us several alternatives for the wedding of my daughter Laura Event held in Long Island, we selected expert make-up, we were very happy with the results, we chose pastel colors of very good quality.

Specimen Number Three: In this review, a reviewer and the receive are same. It is a self-promotion.

Reviewer: Bemiike-Rickeal-Oil-Services

Receiver: Bemiike-Rickeal-Oil-Services Email Address:

Comment: Lets do business

Dated and Time: 11-21-2014 09:04:20

Rated : Five

Specimen Number Four: In this review, a reviewer and the receive are same. It is a self-promotion, rather a real review.

Reviewer: Prowiz-Loans

Receiver: Prowiz-Loans

Email Address:

Comment: Thanks Prowiz

Dated and Time: 10-12-2014 00:40:00

Rating: Five

How do we extract the fake or the fabricated reviews?

We filter the posted user reviews and check past history and this is one of the examples. These two persons constantly post fake reviews for many companies. We will notify them through email and same time remove from our system.
Another great example of the fraudulent user reviews on the internet:
Nithish Prasad studied and learned on 08.31.2018 professional cake making course and on the same date Nithish Prasad became a Marine Engineer in Indian Merchant Navy. Rated him/herself rating five in both the reviews. I am assuming he is a newly SEO professional and not realizing that he/she is being monitored.


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