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Disinfecting Spary To Kill Germs

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Using the principle of air automation and negative pressure absorption, the spray solvent is sprayed out with high speed and very fine particles.

This mist blower is equipped with an extended coiled hose that can perfectly achieve ULV atomization. Extend this hose easily over your head to reach the desired spray area.


Adjustable Fog Volume

By changing the nozzle with different aperture, the size of droplets can be controlled to adapt to different occasions and applications

The spray volume is about 400 ml / min. The particle size of the spray is ≤ to 50 microns. Therefore, it takes 12.5 min to use all the solution for the 5L sprayer.


Where can I get these disinfectants?


You can buy it from your nearby brick and mortar store or check online. This chlorine tablets are usually used for pool water purification.

It is completely safe for human body and suggested by WHO and CDC.

You'll need around 1g chlorine dioxide tablet with each litre of water. Just drop 1 tablet into a bucket of water (1L) and it will dilute itself within seconds.


What type of liquids/disinfectants should I use with it?


It is recommended to use chlo


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Disinfecting Spray To Disinfect Invisible Germs
A heavy sprayers to disinfect invisible germs.

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