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Cotton Washable Face Mask With Filters

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About Washable Mask


  1. 100% cotton fabric
  2. 3 Layer Mask: Cotton Layer, Cotton Fibers Layer ( in the middle) and woven fabric layer (pocket filter)
  3. Comfortable & breathable for extended wear
  4. Adjustable elastic ear straps
  5. Hidden form-fitting nose clip
  6. Includes 2 PM2.5 carbon filters
  7. Inner pocket designed for filter replacement
  8. Smooth breathing with one-way breathing valve
  9. Mask is 9 inches wide 5 inches tall
  10. Mask is Machine Washable
  11. Filters are recommended to be replaced every 7 days.


Filter layers:
anti sticking cloth
Filter cloth
Activated carbon
Efficient filter cloth
Anti sticking cloth


Colors Available Black:

Blue, Red and Gray


Other Features:

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  • Regular Supply

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Cotton Fabric Mask

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