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Shortened URLs Help Secure Your Business Data

Capital One was recently hacked and over 100 million customers’ personal information was exposed…​
Protecting your business from hackers who can insert malicious code to corrupt or steal sensitive data  is a key benefit of a shortened URL ​
Security features of our shortened URLs:​
  • All Shortened URLs are password protected and encrypted and use HTTPS protocols preferred by search engines
  • URL creators are required to pass a “captcha” to ensure no malicious bot activity​
  • Every short URL is scanned for malware prior to being published and linked to the website
  • Including a keyword in the short URL eliminates possibility of it being considered spam​
  • Automated extraction of meta-keywords (detailed descriptions of content), title assure no spam blocks
  • The same link cannot be posted twice eliminating risk of duplication and negative SEO implications



Get a Tobacco License in Arkansas

You must apply for retail cigarette and tobacco license in order to sell tobacco products in Arkansas, You can apply electronically.
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