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Shortened URLs Help Secure Your Business Data

Capital One was recently hacked and over 100 million customers’ personal information was exposed…​
Protecting your business from hackers who can insert malicious code to corrupt or steal sensitive data  is a key benefit of a shortened URL ​
Security features of our shortened URLs:​
  • All Shortened URLs are password protected and encrypted and use HTTPS protocols preferred by search engines
  • URL creators are required to pass a “captcha” to ensure no malicious bot activity​
  • Every short URL is scanned for malware prior to being published and linked to the website
  • Including a keyword in the short URL eliminates possibility of it being considered spam​
  • Automated extraction of meta-keywords (detailed descriptions of content), title assure no spam blocks
  • The same link cannot be posted twice eliminating risk of duplication and negative SEO implications



Requirements for setting up limited partnership

Create Limited Partnerships such as LP, LLP or LLLP to start your business. Limited Partenships can be created by one person only.
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