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Step By Step Guidance To Create A Customized URL

Follow the following steps to create a powerful customized URL

Using a right technique is more important than use power to extract the expected results. Like a good swimmer wins by techniques than force. The xZat. LY is a technical and powerful tool to improve your search engine optimization and we will show you step by step that how to create a correct customized URL to improve your web site optimization.

Step One - Create A Customized URL

Sign up : The first step is signing up to start creating a Short URL. We have two versions to create a short URL, free and paid/customized. A sign up is required in other versions free or paid. It is required to avoid a robot and the validation purpose.

What is a free or a Un-Customized version to create a short URL?

A permission is not required to create a short URL after sign up at But, it does not let you customize according to your wish, rather you can simply create a short URL. But, the traffic statistic graph is available in a free version too. It is generally created to follow the traffic only.

What is a paid version to create a customized URL?

A quotation form is completed online to get permission for creating a customized URL. Generally, a permission is granted within 24 hours regardless of a holiday. It is used to follow the traffic, enhance C.T.R and Search Engine Optimization.

Step Two - Create A Short URL

Select free or customized tab, and a difference is described below between a free and a customized URL.

Free URL – It is used to create a short URL only, and it does not allow the customization as per your wish.

Customized URL – It is used to create a customized URL according to a user's wish. A customized URL helps to enhance click through rate.

Step Three – It is used to point destination URL

A destination URL is landing page where a user is sent to read the relevant information. A landing page URL is copied in this field. It is required in both the version Free and Customized.

Step Four – It is used to write a title for the S.E.O purpose

This customization field is only available for the paid users. It enhances the search engine optimization of a website content. A user can type maximum 70 characters to incorporate a customized title for the search engine optimization in the title field. This title is shared with the social media websites to invite potential customers.

Step Five – It is used to brand a specific domain name

This customization field is only available for the paid users. It brands to every single domain name, including primary and secondary domains. It is the most powerful feature of the customized URL. This feature helps to improve click

through rate.

Step Six – It is used to promote specific landing page

This message covers the destination page url of above mentioned step three. It is a final product that is used to display on the landing page. It increases click through rate that ultimately increases website traffic.

Step Seven – It is used to generate a customized URL

This specific step is taken to generate a URL by pressing a blue tab of “Generate URL”. This process saves a customized URL in your admin for the future use, and it remains in your admin section as long as your account is active with the

Step Eight is for the keywords to optimize landing page content:

After pressing “Generate URL” tab, a new field will be opened where a few keywords will be written according to the landing page content for the search engine optimization.

Step Nine is for a short description to S.E.O :

After pressing “Generate URL” tab, another field will be opened where a short will be written according to the landing page content for the search engine optimization.

Step Ten is used for to share content :

It is used to share the entire content on the social media websites for the search engine optimization.

Administrative Report of xZat.LY or a Short URL

Following reports can be viewed after login your account by using a unique email address and password.

  • Short URL Statistics – A complete traffic statistics are available with a graph.
  • Free Short URL - A complete list of free short URL is available.
  • Customize Update URL - A complete list of customized URL is available.
  • Convert URL – This feature is used to create a customized and Un-customized short URL.

A sample of a customized URL


Retail Food Store License for New York

Any Retail Food Store within the New York State where food and food products are offered to the consumer are required to have retail food license
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