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Top Ten Reasons To Use A Short URL Rather Than A Long URL

There are a number of reasons that justify using a shortened U.R.L and the top ten reasons are described below based on the customer feedback. This tiny technology hides a lot of hidden significant benefits to discover. Like an iPhone tiny technology carries a lot of notable features that fit for your business and improve your lifestyle.


  1. It provides a perfect match with the title U.R.L that helps to optimize in Google and other search engines faster. It gives better ranking and rating in Google.

  2. A short U.R.L brands every single link and every link is different from other. Each short U.R.L contains an extension with a unique keyword. That tells a user about what is the other side of the door. Additionally, each link is screened and locked with a Captcha.

  3. It optimizes each type of domain name that includes a primary domain name, subdomain name, add-on domain name and a parked domain name.

  4. It automatically extracts the title, description and keywords from a web-page to create a branded U.R.L and share on the social media websites, rather you do it manually and make a mistake. But, you can still edit it according to your requirement before publishing it to the social media websites.

  5. The management report gives you an ability to check the real time progress and make changes to improve web traffic. A relevant traffic is necessary rather a traffic, that helps in a conversion.

  6. One of the best feature of the short U.R.L is a cost factor, it is very cost effective. You can create unlimited customized U.R.L without paying a single penny. You only pay a few cents when someone click it on a blended U.R.L. For example; you have created 1000 customized links and if all are instantly optimized across the internet. You will only pay when someone will click on it, otherwise you will enjoy 100% free of your 1000 customized links. You are in a win win position.

  7. It reduces the cost and the importance of an S.E.O professional, because this unique technology is a one magic click optimization, that pick most of your information automatically from your website and you just share it with all your social media to optimize. You can also monitor the progress of your visitors 24/7 including a bot and real. There is almost zero percent chance of a bot visitor because a visitor is required to pass the captcha test.

  8. It detects a duplicate U.R.L and does not let the system to create it again and this function make it distinguishable; no duplicate U.R.L, search engine severs will not waste time to get a right result for its users and additionally the fastest optimization than ever due to this tiny technology.

  9. Another rich feature of this tiny technology that we call a “”, editing and deleting function. You do not need a technical person to make any changes in your existing customized URL, rather you can do it by yourself without any help.

  10. It makes the optimization process simple and understandable for a layman. You can create link of a series of audios and videos, it is a great convenience for a smart phone user. For example; A book has ten chapters, you can create the entire 10 chapters customized links for a user to understand and remember, what the chapter has been completed and the next chapter to start. It is one of a unique and the most beautiful feature of this tiny URL.



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