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About the website content competition? believes in the quality and encourage our users to share quality content on

We believe, a quality only comes from a competition and creates a competition to be a part of the first 100 top most websites and the winner will be entitled for a free one month advertising subscription.

Why has arranged top 100 websites competition?

The idea behind the competition is to produce better professionals in the market. Currently, based on our experience, we remove over 90% post from our database and over 5% people do not follow the digital advertising guidelines because they have not acquired digital marketing necessary education and they are just doing job based on the internet knowledge. Less than 2% professionals are professionally serving the market.

Based on our survey less than 1% customers are satisfied with the S.E.O professional services, because they do not see results.

Based on the statistics digital marketing, desperately needs more professionals to serve the industry and this competition is an effort to produce more awareness and professionals.

Who will be a winner?

The rating and ranking is all about trust flow rate to the customers and digital guards across the internet that monitor your activities such as spamming, plagiarism and unethical techniques. A higher trust flow rate represents you follow the digital marketing guidelines whereas the lower rate report represents the opposite.

Benefits of competition:

  • Users will get better quality content

  • A website will try to improve trust flow of the website that is one of the important features of the search engine optimization.

  • This competition will add an additional value of the potential users' trust.

  • A better ranking in this competition will ultimately give you a benefit on Google and other search engines too.

  • This competition will create a motivation among the competitors to introduce new techniques and technologies to improve the S.E.O.

  • This competition will produce better professionals.

  • This competition will help to reduce such unethical practices.

Free advertising package for the winners includes:

  • Profile page promotion on

  • Two articles promotion on

  • Create up to 50 customized URL by using xZat. ly

  • Up to 2 banner ads on


What is the procedure to file partnership firm in the United States

Partnership is a form of business in which two or more sound persons come together to form a new business with the same interest in mind.
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