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HP Tango Printe and Driver Setup

HP Tango Printers

The printing industry's pioneer has come up with yet another innovation, HP Tango Printers. These are the smallest printers that you could ever see in the history of printers and here are the features of the printers in detail.

Mesmerizing features of HP Tango printers

Print and scan from wherever you are

Print and scan function which solely requires us to stay near the printer will now let you print using the cloud-based and web printing.

Say Hello to Tango

Yes, the Tango printers will receive your voice commands and can print without any hindrance. Moreover, the Tango printers will get connected via smart home systems too. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana will lend a hand.

When style meets versatility

HP Tango printers will always print in a better manner and the design of the printers are sleek.


HP Instant Ink, by default, will help you to acquire new inks when you run out of ink. Just visit our website to know about the subscriptions and how to subscribe in detail.

Turn your mobile phones into scanning devices instantly

Scanning files from your mobile device easy now and you can share it via cloud, email or to your HP Tango printers

Get instant notifications

Instant notifications will be available on your mobile phone as you can hook up virtually from where you are

Configuring your printer is not a big deal


Commence your printing tasks lightning fast as HP Tango printers are designed to work faster. Wi-Fi Setup on your smart mobiles is actually easy than you expect.

Photo printing is absolutely free

Adding HP Instant Ink plan will definitely help you to activate free photo printing on your HP Tango printers. Just Wireless connection is enough for a faster printing

For more information about the HP tango Printers visit us at HP Tango Printer site or call us at the toll-free number +1-855-602-1890


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HP Envy 7155 photo printer

Removing the printer package

  • Get rid of the printer package vigilantly and take out the printer without making any harm to the printer.
  • Endure you eliminate the stickers and tapes from the printer sans alter the printer parts.
  • You will be acquiring other chunks in the package and safeguard it. Also, make sure you preserve it properly  
  • Once you have eliminated the package, get it to the recycled

Setting up the hardware

  • You have to hook up the power adapter at the printer rear and ensure the power source is a direct one
  • One end of the power cord should be connected using the power adapter and the other end should be in the power source
  • The power adapter’s one end should be at the rear of the printer and another end should be in the power source
  • Once you start the procedure, switch on the printer and check the network connection
  • You need to alter language, time and other settings using the printer control panel
  • Close the scanner lid and make sure you have placed the cartridges into its place
  • Put in the paper into the major tray
  • You can put in a pile of paper and fine-tune the paper width guides. Make sure the paper width guides slide against the paper to clip it in firm place.

A lot of HP users are having the predicament while performance. Flushing out of this slip-up is not a massive deal. The HP printer troubleshooting will help you to get rid of the printer mistake without any concerns.

To know more about the HP Envy 7155 Photo Printer visit our site or call us at the toll-free number +1-855-602-1890.



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