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Does BDSM Comes Under Fundamental Rights

The term BDSM are not new in the History of the world. We know that around the world there are 47% and 60% of male and female have a fantasy about dominating someone sexually. This ratio is more for males as compared to females, as published online in March 2016, The Journal of Sex Research. When we go a little back in history around the world regarding this, the term first got it’s name in a Usenet post from 1991 and presented in a combination as Bondage + Discipline (B/D), Dominance + Submission (D/S),  Sadism + Masochism (S/M). To go in detail these four letters cover wide range activities, which are quite interpersonal relationships and have distinct sub-culture. People with a non-normative streak who are ready to dedicate themselves to this community are always welcome and to indulging in this is supported by the use of branded bdsm kit which generally consists of items like whip, strings, handcuffs, variety of clips and sex toys etc.


They should have the zeal to cross-dress, body modification enthusiasts, animal role players, rubber fetishists, and others with the help of BDSM KITS which are easily available online. When the term interpersonal relationship came into existence with it, it clearly defines that it is all a person’s wish. And when the fundamental right term comes about BDMS yes in some senses it is one’s right. One can enjoy his/her life at their wish apart from maintaining social and family life. When we will go deep into the rights regarding these acts, we can say that these are our basic rights to live our lives in our ways and the same applies to everyone. In New York City, a spokeswoman Michal Daveed for The Eulenspeigal Society, a non-profit organization describes the organization as “The oldest and largest BDSM support and education group in the country”.

The right when we study as per different countries differs from one country to another. In many societies they consider it to be prohibited and getting involved in such particles within the society may cause obstructions to public policy.


But the studies done by Dr. Justin Lehmiller in his journal of Sexual Medicines have given the results that 300 are people involved in this, and are found more emotionally stable, self-confident, and less insecure.

In countries like Japan, Germany, and some others it has given legal status. In India, it also comes under the category of Fundamental Rights under the Article 21, under the rights to livelihood, as per Section 87 of Indian Penal Court, Indian law, Section 354(A)(i)(iv) gives protection to the people who are involved in this act in conditions, when the SUBS as per the predefined norms and under contract are exploited by the DOMS. But in Australia the conditions are still not clear; the picture is a blur, whereas in America it depends on the seriousness of the situation. But similarly when it is found to be physically torturous and may harm the life of the person involved they are being protected.


While looking back into ancient times these practices are not new, Inama the Greek Lord is also considered as the Fertility God in the Greek period of Mesopotamia. In India, also from Vedic Age, its base is found in KAMA SUTRA. And found to have customary status and no law can contravene this position.

By all these tends which have been existing since the historic or ancient age from when these practices are existing. So no one on this Earth can take the rights of the members of this society.


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