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What Is Cheese Drugs?

The word "cheese" will sound appealing to most individuals. However, to those who have used heroin, or who want to experiment with it, hearing the word "cheese" will have an entirely different reaction. The presence of cheese heroin is growing, and many people are being charged with drug crimes related to its use.

Dangers of Cheese Heroin

The nickname "cheese" came from it's appeal to young people. For only a couple of dollars, someone can purchase this drug. It's very accessible, and thus very easy for young people to obtain. The use of the drug can lead to addiction, brain damage, or even death on the very first use.

Levels of Crimes

It has become a priority of law enforcement to crack down on the production of this illegal drug. Stopping the use from the source is the easiest way to curve its use. Those convicted of production will face years of jail time.
The distribution of cheese is a profitable business. The quantity sold makes up for the low price. However, if caught, it comes with fines, jail time, and a big stain on one's permanent record. Even possession of cheese can lead to these sentences, which can ruin someone's future.


Individuals charged with drug possession or distribution may face penalties that will be virtually impossible to recover from. There is a range of strategies that an accomplished drug crime lawyer may use to eliminate or at least substantially minimize drug-related charges. However, these outcomes can be challenging to obtain without professional assistance.
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