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The Benefits of a Private Yoga Studio Over the Gym

Yoga deepens the connection within and to make the bond stronger, join a yoga studio for genuine guidance and profound knowledge. Explore the article and know the benefits of learning yoga in a private studio over learning it in a gym.


Working out is essential to keep the entire body healthy. In this time and age, when our mind is equally exhausted as our physical being, yoga is the solitary medium of keeping them in balance. Yoga is designed to bestow countless benefits and a treasure of good health. Today, yoga is famous like never before and with each passing day, the popularity is increasing immensely. Yoga is a complete practice that nurtures the whole being and with the increasing demand of this discipline, many gyms have also started offering yoga classes.


What’s better though? Yoga at a private studio or Yoga at a Gym? Here are certain points that can help understand the benefits of a private yoga studio over doing yoga at a Gym.


Exclusive Practice


Gym- As mentioned today, many gyms offer yoga classes in the training package as part of their additional activities. It is not the core activity here. Hence, the significance that needs to be given to Yoga here is quite basic owing to which the reputation of Yoga here is also quite uninspiring here.


Yoga- In the private yoga studios, the entire practice is focused on teaching yoga and its various traditional aspects that define yoga, few of those being pranayama, meditation, asanas, anatomy, etc. The private yoga studios also cater to the tailored need of an individual and provide personal attention to each student.


Teachers and Trainers


Gym- In the gym, the trainer and the teachers who teach yoga are less experienced in the field and are fresh out of their training and some are not even certified. They teach yoga as another form of exercise.


Yoga- But in a private yoga studio, the teachers are well-qualified and experienced and have undergone yoga teacher training programs. An expert only can help you attain in-depth knowledge of the science as it should be rather than just another form of workout.


Schedule and Curriculum


Gym- When you start learning yoga at a Gym, you begin to notice that a monotonous schedule is being followed where the instructor simply focuses on the asana practices that is only one fraction of true Yoga.


Yoga- But in a private studio, you get to learn poses step by step, know the benefits, and meaning of the same. Follow breathing techniques to improve the practice, learn about alignment, practice meditation, learn anatomy, philosophy, and slowly practice the advanced levels.


Priority and Personalisation


Gym- Yoga is not a priority at a gym; hence the focus of the trainer is least upon teaching the nitty-gritty details of the asanas. They do not provide extensive training.


Yoga- Unlike the gym, yoga studios provide the extensive and profound training and knowledge of the art. Not only this, yoga comes in different forms and styles and many studios provide style specific to the training and need of the aspirants.


Types of Classes


Gym- At the gym, you learn a few basic poses of yoga or follow a similar kind of sequence daily that is an amalgamation of poses of different styles that are mostly contemporary. There is not much to explore either.


Yoga- Whereas the private yoga studios focus on the requirement of an individual and accordingly conduct the session. An ideal yoga studio in Delhi offers different classes based on styles, ailments, or specialized classes to the yogis.




Gym- Yoga at the gym is more like practicing in a plain, empty room with a couple of basic props or a blend of equipment that are mostly irrelevant to Yoga.


Yoga- Ambiance matters a lot for practicing yoga rightly. Ideally, a Private yoga studio exhibits a calm environment, soothing lights, aromatic room, and a non-slippery floor. Additionally, these studios are well-equipped with a series of Yoga props and accessories for enhancing the practices.


Go to a yoga school in Gurgaon to get the best yoga studio options in NCR.



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What to Look for A Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Explore the article to know what all to look forward to a yoga teacher training program to reach the one that fits best.


Yoga is a soulful journey of forming a link with the Self and transforming the life. It is a pathway to connect with the divine. A yoga teacher training is a step towards a holistic yoga journey that gives us an opportunity to grow into the practice and dig deeper within. Yoga teacher training opens an entirely new world for the aspiring yogis, a world of self-discovery, a world of living a healthy lifestyle, and a world of spiritual affinity.


Yoga Teacher Training has the ability to transform the lives of the practitioner for the better. And, if you’re someone who is all set to begin this amazing journey of yoga training, then here is what you can look into:


Know and Find the One that Fulfills The Purpose

At yoga teacher training, you attain a deeper knowledge of the life science that helps with Self- growth. Yoga teacher training along with teaching the yoga poses also focuses on teaching the life lessons and works on awakening the spirit. The yoga training course is the beginning of a new journey and before you commence it; ask yourself why you need to undertake a yoga teacher training? To get the most of the yoga training program, setting goals and intention are highly recommended. Choose the school that matches your vision.


Choose Your Style

The second important thing to do is to pick the right kind of yoga style and seek a course that can help you specialize in it. With so many options available, it becomes quite perplexing to select the perfect yoga style for the Self. Know about the style and their benefits, and how it is best for you, and choose accordingly. You can select from an array of options including Meditative yoga, restorative, Anusara, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha, and many more. As a beginner, at yoga teacher training you can begin with learning yoga sequences for beginners along with learning a few extensions and new poses.


Research About School, Teachers, And Program

Before choosing yoga teacher training program, spend some time researching the right type of school. A great school plays an essential role in getting a proper and authentic education of yoga. Also gain full information about the teachers, program, and curriculum.


School- It is better to select a school that is Yoga Alliance Certified and offers the style of your preference.


Course Curriculum- A residential Yoga teacher training is the best way to acquire in-depth knowledge of the yoga. The program should include major subjects like Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Asanas, Dhyana, Pranayama, Alignment, Yoga Ethics Adjustments, Ayurveda, etc.


Teacher- A great teacher proves to be the best asset to the school, so before selecting your school, know about the trainers. Know about their qualification, teaching style, and experience.



Another important point to consider while looking for a yoga teacher training is the location. Beautiful and calming places do wonder to your yoga practice and let you have an amazing experience of yoga training. Practicing yoga in the pristine lap of nature fills you with inner tranquillity and complete harmony. Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Retreats lend a wonderful opportunity to explore new places, know about the new culture and tradition, and also satisfy your wandering soul.


Be Easy On The Pocket

Yoga is one economical source of staying fit and healthy. So it always better to consider the cost of getting yoga certified. Make a budget and accordingly make sure that basic things should be included- accommodation, meal, study material, and props. There are many schools that offer scholarships to which you can also apply in order to make the yoga teacher training pocket-friendly.


Yoga teacher training allows you to embark the inward journey; it is more about a commitment towards transforming Self and the life for the greater good.


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Yoga For Flexibility The Best Yoga Poses For Inflexible People

We all know that genetics, age, weather, and weight are to be blamed for the body’s inflexibility, and with the help of yoga, we can easily resolve the problem. With the help of Yoga asana practice, a person can attain flexibility in no-time and reduce the chances of injury due to body stiffness.


Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)


The pose is great to treat several body issues as it gives the best stretch to the body. Adho Mukha Svanasana makes you flexible by stretching the following body muscles- back, shoulders, and hamstrings. It is an easy pose to do for strengthening the upper body.




Begin with standing on the four limbs- two hands and two legs.

Let your body form a table-like shape and then inhale slowly.

While inhaling, lift the hips and align the knees and elbows. Form an inverted-V like shape with your body.

Now put your hands on the ground and stretch the neck outward. Let the ears touch the inner side of the arms and hold the pose for 15-30 seconds.


Sucirandhrasana (Eye of the Needle Pose)


An easy and effective yoga pose to build flexibility. It is a beginner level pose that works great on the inflexible hips.




Lie straight on your back on the ground and then lift your legs.

Now cross the left ankle over the right thigh. Then wrap the right thigh and hamstrings with your hands. It will give support to the leg.

Do not let the leg touch the bottom. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Release the pose and repeat with the other side.


Ardha Uttanasana (Half Forward Bend Pose)


The asana gives a great stretch to the inner thighs and hamstrings. Easy to perform, Ardha Uttanasana also strengthens the back, improves posture, and stimulates the belly. You can also practice seated half forward bend pose.




Start with standing in Uttanasana (forward bend) with the feet separated apart. Let your knees bend as much as you want. This will help to release tension from the back.

Now breathe in and lift the torso halfway at your hips with a flat back. Put your hands on the shins for supporting the back.

Now straighten the arms and lift the upper body away from the thighs. You will feel a stretch between the front and back body.

The direction of the gaze should be set forward. This will lengthen your neck. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds.

Breathe out and come back to Uttanasana position.


Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)


This yoga asana opens the neck, shoulders, spine, back, heart, chest, and hip flexors. The asana improves the flexibility of the whole body.




Lie straight on the back of the floor. Now bend the knees with feet flat on the floor.

Your knees should point upwards and arms beside the body.

Now press your arms on the floor and lift the hips and back from the floor.

Now lift the upper back and support the back with the hands, neck, and shoulders.

Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds.


Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


The pose looks easy but takes a lot of strength while holding the posture. The pose helps in strengthening the legs and arms.




Stand straight with feet slightly apart. Now bend the knees like you are sitting in a chair, and push down the pelvis.

Now raise the arms and tilt the head slightly upward. Do not bend the elbows and maintain a straight back.

Hold the pose for as long as you can.


Yoga is a unique combination of deep body stretching, dynamic movements, and bends, which lengthen the muscles and realign the body. All these factors contribute to having a healthy and flexible body.



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How Yoga Classes Help You in Learning Yoga?

There are several individuals that actively say that more they practice yoga, the healthier and brighter they feel. Additionally, there are many censuses stressing upon the fact that yoga is gaining momentum in all genders and all age groups while the yoga classes and studios across the globe are brimming with yoga enthusiasts. There seems to be an insatiable appetite for yogic wisdom and yogic lifestyle among the folks across the globe. So, if you are curious to step on the yoga mat and to experience the mystical benefits of the science of yoga then it is highly advisable to enroll in yoga classes.
Explore the reasons for joining a yoga center. Take a look at the pointers below:
1. A place to learn theoretical and practical Knowledge: Yoga classes provide the space where the students can learn, understand, and practice yoga from its origin. For students, undertaking the science of yoga, it is imperative that they gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga for enrichment.Yoga studios provide a consistent platform for the teachers where they offer unique, ingrained teachings and help students imbibe every aspect of yogic discipline from physical postures to spiritual practices. Yoga centers offer holistic yoga education where students are exposed to varying yoga styles from traditional to contemporary such as Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin-Yang yoga, Chair yoga, etc., to meet the varying needs of students with comfort and ease. Additionally, if you are residing in the corporate hub of Gurgaon, then you can easily find a yoga center in Gurgaon imparting a comprehensive yogic knowledge and helping students lead a healthy life. 
2. A space for safe Yoga Practices: Yoga classes are a place of safe and healthy learning with experienced teachers. In order to reap most out of your practice, it is crucial that you learn and understand the right and safe techniques for performing the yoga postures. Yoga classes have a team of experienced yoga masters from across the globe that practice and teach their students the non-invasive yoga techniques for robust living. They also have a knack for modifying the yoga asanas according to the individual body type and for students having an injury so that learners can dwell in the correct yoga practices. Practicing various yoga postures with attention to the alignment and adjustment details enables a student to not only practice the science of yoga in a safe and correct manner but also allows the practitioner to reap the innumerable benefits of the yoga postures.
3. A place to gain expertise in yoga: Whether you wish to dig deeper into the roots of yoga or you desire to take your yoga practice to next level, yoga classes can help you reach your designated aim. Yoga centers hold an authentic, friendly, and learning environment where the students can immerse into pure, unadulterated, and traditional yoga practices. The qualified, inspiring yoga teachers lead the students to enlightenment through quality yoga education and help students elevate in their yoga journey. If you do not wish to compromise on your office schedules and still wish to unfold the various aspects of yoga, then look for yoga center in Gurgaon and learn the nitty gritty of yoga. 
With changing times, technological advancements, there are newer ways of learning the science of yoga. While the new, innovative ways of practicing yoga are great, nothing can really take the place of yoga classes that foster a positive, safe, and healthy atmosphere for learning yoga.


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