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How to apply UAE Visa on the go by DVPC mobile app.

Emirates Airline passengers can use the DVPC mobile app to apply for UAE visa in a Few Minutes


How to apply UAE Visa on-the-go by DVPC mobile app.


The user-friendly app calls for a one-time profile development to yourself and your loved ones; you can use it to uploading documents and data, which makes payments and getting the support online.


DVPC also supplies online visa application service in over 180 nations through Its value-added services like Express Visas (where creditors are turned about on priority for pressing apps ) and door-to-door services (software pick- up in the home or office) also have surpassed the visa processing solutions for the UAE. To learn more, please see


Indians keep seeing this thriving, secure and safe Gulf nation to appreciate its own shopping, recreation and experience possible, and also to fulfill with family members and friends, who exude them with a whirlwind excursions through this miniature paradise. For Indians, the UAE, and in particular Dubai, is now their home away from home, a hop-over destination for lengthy weekends and federal holidays.

Emirates Airline passengers can use the DVPC mobile app to apply for an UAE visa in Only 5 minutes

Dubai is also a favorite transit destination for travelers, due to its central location between Asia and Europe. Throughout the previous ten years, the UAE has witnessed a huge increase in the amount of travelers from India. The popular summer months of July and August when outside is still hot, the trendy setting malls in the UAE are flush with tourists, who come to partake from the Summer Surprises shopping bonanza.


They also ensure faster turnaround times, which makes the Dubai visa app procedure of Indian holiday manufacturers easy and hassle-free.


Dubai Visa Processing Centres at 12 Indian towns


The area's broad selection of attractions appeal to the preferences of varieties of holiday-makers. In the skyscrapers liner Sheikh Zayed Road, the world class mega parks and multi-million-dollar overseas progress, into the Old World souks, beaches and adrenaline-charged desert safaris, Dubai has everything.


Step 3 Create payment and receive your accepted visa on the App and through email


For Indians, any time of the year is a fantastic time to see the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Reachable from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport in under 4 hours, or by the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport in only over this moment, the UAE is accessible by air from most major Indian cities at an average of 4 hours.


Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC), VFS Global's exclusive centre for Emirates Airline and also the Government of Dubai for processing UAE visas, established in October 2002, plays a fantastic part in easing the visa of Indians traveling into the nation.


How to apply UAE Visa on-the-go by DVPC mobile app.


3 simple Actions to implement via the Cell App

Empowering clients with newer styles of visa app, VFS Global's DVPC cellular app is currently on iOS and Android apparatus and may be downloaded from Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. The DVPC app helps Emirates Airline passengers to finish the total UAE visa application procedure while on-the-go. Utilizing the app, you are able to make an application to your 30-day tourist destination, 96-hour transit or 90-day visit visa, dependent in your Emirates Airline destination.


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Renew your Emirates ID easily online

Emirates ID is proof that you are UAE citizens or residents. When a person from his/her domestic country visits UAE, he/ she is provided with an Emirates ID. When it comes to renewing the Emirates ID and UAE residency visa online, you can easily take help of the services that the UAE authority provides. They understand the need for such a service and made the process online that can be easily filled by anyone. Now you can renew your Emirates ID easily online and lessen the struggles of confusion in the documentation.


A person who visits UAE on a residency visa also has to make sure of his/her passport validity. So, he/she doesn’t want to go through a hectic procedure of getting the ID renewed. Such reasons have made the UAE authority to bring such services online. Afterall, we are getting a Dubai visa online and other permits online too, then why not have the benefit of renewing our IDs online. Also, when you register to the portal, there are many different services of renewal that you can take advantage of by relaxing at your place.


Steps to renew your Emirates ID easily online


Now you can renew your ID in these four easy steps, which do not take much time of your day and will get you a renewed ID in a week. Before registering yourself to the portal, make sure you have the appropriate documents to fill the form.


Documents Required:


1. Hard Copy of your current Emirates ID.
2. Scanned Soft copy of your Emirates ID (both sides).
3. Original passport and its scanned copy.
4. Visa page on the passport (both hard copy and scanned soft copy).


Also, you should have a payment option to make online payments, like a debit or a credit card.

4 effortless steps to renew your Emirates ID




Go to the official website of UAE authority for the renewal of Emirates ID and register yourself as a new user. Fill a legitimate email address. Then, they will ask for verification of your residency in the UAE. After typing your UAE number, you will get an OTP. Make sure you type it correctly. After such verification, you will get a temporary password on your registered email address.
Log in with that password and change it to something you can easily remember by going on Edit Profile.


Go to the Renew your Emirates ID card options for the renewal of the same. Fill the necessary places with the correct information that is on your ID, passport and Visa.




After filling the mandatory details and double-checking them to make sure you fill them right. Click on submit the application. This will take you to the payment portal, where you have to make the payment for your ID renewal. After making such payment,the site will redirect your request to the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship.


Make sure you save a soft copy of the application and also, print it as you have to use it further process.




In the payment portal, the prices you require to pay for the renewal of your Emirates ID depends on your domestic country that is from the country you came. Also, the fees depend on the period for which you are renewing your ID (which can be two or three years). The service charges are the same for everyone as the transaction is taking place on an online platform. Currently, the service charges are Dh40.




If you are an EXPAT, you need to visit a healthcare centre that is approved for the Emirates ID tests.


There, they will examine if you are well for ID renewal or not. Sometimes the renewal gets rejected due to some illness. But if you have some small disease, then you can get a favourable report of medical test after some days.
Usually, it takes a week to get a medical report, and after that, they grant you a renewed Emirates ID.


You can collect your renewed ID from the nearby post office if you made that requirement while filling the application form. Otherwise, you can always download your Emirates ID online and get it printed and laminated as per your wish.


You can also take advantage of this portal for other services that it provides. When you apply UAE visit visa online, make sure to visit the official UAE services website to see what other services you can get.


For more info Click here -


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