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8 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Your Office Desk

Being a career woman, the vicious cycle of 9-5 can be a real headache. I was having the worst phase of my life after I promoted to the role of Manager as it coincided with my marriage. The increased responsibilities of my life and work contributed to the work stress.


But more than anything it was my increasing belly fat that was giving me panic attacks. Part of this change was associated with the biological changes that resulted from my marriage and childbirth. From a carefree teenager to becoming an aspiring professional and a married woman, my journey to obesity sped up with my increasing roles.

I was a healthy girl with a decently looking physique and then I got my first job. Well, things were still under control until I tied the nuptial knot and became a mother. I gained 10 kilos and my clothes were no longer fit.


Then I got a book and learned about some light exercises I could do sitting at the office desk. To my surprise, the exercises were extremely easier than the strenuous workouts and don’t require any special arrangements. I was quick to try those exercises and I began to see the results.


Well, I would not say that I have built a physique like Beyoncé but it did help me reduce some weight. But more than anything, these exercises activated my body and boosted my energy. Today, I’m a more active woman and feel more energetic than I used to feel earlier and it is helping in my work and life.


So if you are also a working woman who is a victim of work stress and an unattractive body, then here are some of the exercises you can do at your office desk and they can really do wonders:



Don’t jump on the thought of the conventional way of doing this exercise. There is a variation for people like me who want to do it in their cubicle. You can do the exercise just by pushing yourself against the edge of your desk or the wall of your room. Do it 5-10 times. 3-5 reps would be enough.


2.Seated Reverse Crunch

This exercise will work on your core muscles and inner thighs. Just bring your body forward to the edge of the chair and then join both of your knees. Now pull them up to your chest, wait for a second, and then retract to the original position. Keep your back erect while you do the reps. Repeat it 5-10 times.


3.Triceps Dips

There are two variations to do this exercise. Either you can place your body in front of the chair and then put the hands on the edge of the chair and then push your body up and down. Do it for 5-10 times. Make sure that your chairs don’t have the wheels.


For the second variation, you don’t have to leave your chair. The only criterion is that your chair doesn’t have wheels and your chair is sturdy enough to bear your weight. Just set your hands on the hand rest of your chair and then lift up your body putting by the weight on your arms while your legs are extended out.


4.Shoulder Blade Exercise

Sitting on a chair for a long time is a major cause of slouching which in turn affects your posture. The exercise is meant to improve your posture and erect your spine. You can do it by sitting on your chair and bending your back so that it makes a curve. Wait for 10 seconds and then release. Do 5-10 reps after every half an hour.


5.Leg Exercises

Sitting for long hours can result in low blood circulation towards the legs. To cope with it, you can do several leg exercises to pump up blood to your legs. Doing a seated leg exercise really helps. Straighten your leg while seated on your chair. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then lower your legs without touching the ground. Repeat it 10-15 times.


Similarly, you can do the leg stretch to ease the muscles and increase the blood flow to your legs. You can do it by stretching your legs to the ground and then you can touch your feet. Do it 10-15 times. 5 reps are enough.


6.Neck and Shoulder Exercise

Sitting for 8 hours in the office makes you slouch and the muscles of your neck and shoulders suffer the damage. Often, it results in a stiff neck or cramped shoulder. This exercise can help you alleviate the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.


Just stand up and extend out your arms behind your back and intertwine your fingers. Now lift your arms until you feel the tension in your chest and shoulder. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times a day.



This is yet another simple exercise you can do within the premise of your cubicle. The exercise strengthens the thigh, hamstring, and hip muscles. You can do it by putting one leg in front of other and then lowering your knee of your back leg towards the floor. Stretch the back leg until you feel the tension in your muscles. Change the position after every 5 reps. repeats the exercise to 5-10 times.


8.The Squat

The squats are the easiest exercises. In this variation, you can simply stand up and then lower your back as if you are seated on a chair and stretch out your arms. Count to 15 and then get back to standing position. Do the 5-8 reps. The exercise really cuts down on your fat and shapes your hips.


Being a working woman and a mother, you are constantly in a race against time. The worst part is your sedentary lifestyle that takes its toll on your physique. So unless you make deliberate efforts to deal with it, it can have effects on your body and this where these light exercises come into play.


These light exercises don’t require much time and efforts and you can do in the comfort of your workspace. I’ve benefitted from these exercises and now it is your turn to benefit from them.


Author Bio

Kane Williamson is an ambitious man working in a private company as a Marketing Manager. He is also a part-time academic writer and offers assignment writing service. His interest in writing has resulted in two e-books she has written on academic writing. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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