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5 Reasons Why you Should use Odoo ERP for your Bussiness

The main reason many startups fail from the first stage itself is due to a lack of planning and the inability to capitalize on their rapid growth. New ideas are invented and tested out and there is no laid out plan that can tell you when a startup with grow exponentially or die down.

But, what does it grows into a developed business? The growth can be rapid and there is where startups tend to lose business as they are not equipped for the change. Suddenly they require tons of men’s power, process integration, and hundreds of other requirements that will take some time to fulfill. Overall, the scenario is not pleasant at all.

The idea to keep up with the change and adapt the ERP in an early stage. It is hard to digest the need for an ERP solution so early, but the idea is to keep the business floating and well equipped for the rest of the business life. ERP aka Enterprise resource planning is a centralized system that takes care of different facets of business and helps it grow.

Startups, on the other hand, can be reasoned not to have an ERP solution. But, today, I will go through reasons for having an ERP solution for your startups up to a developed business.

1. Take control of the critical business process from the start

Well, as a startup or a small scale business everyone relies on Google Spreadsheet for efficient data management to record and analyze different pieces of information. A sheet with many tabs is a very normal thing for a startup business. But as the organization becomes much bigger so the data, it will be quite impossible to analyze and to create an efficient report using the data in the spreadsheet. It is because initially, it will be easy to control the business process, and eventually it will get harder with times. Implementing an ERP software will help you to manage the business efficiently and timely, doo ERP system allows to process the business easily and provide security

2. Building a strong foundation

It is an important step to build a strong base before starting your business. We have to record each and every move that we take initiative to improve or to market our product. If you use and effective ERP software for business you can record each and every small detail of your business and can be used to analyze your business improvement. Odoo ERP is the best ERP software in the market to record and analyze your business activity. and the data can be retrieved in a single mouse click.

3. Keep Communication Up from the start

Maintaining a gap in communication is the key to success for every organization. As a business organization, it is crucial to maintain the track record of your clients and customers. Communication with customers is termed as the key to success for every business, Having an ERP system will allow you to track the client details and the information’s about the clients and can ease the communication. A systematic workflow of your business can be done using Odoo ERP Software.

4. Duplicate Data can easily be monitored and removed

The main issue with the spreadsheet is the inconsistency of data. Without an ERP solution plagued data cannot be found and removed, and the amount of inconsistent data gets increased day by day in your organization. Odoo ERP solution or an Odoo CRM will help you to identify duplicate data in your system. Data is the most important part of any organization and for developing your business and it is more important to remove the duplicate data.

5. Easy Evaluation of performance and profit

Investor of any startup business takes the biggest risk for his/her business. Until the business gets more popular or successful, the business is like a one-man show activity where the organization head takes the full responsibility of the company. When the business gets bigger it will be more hard to control or to analyze the business profit or from which part of the company is gaining more profit. Using and Odoo CRM software will help you to analyze the profit of the business in a simple click. Easy Evaluation of performance and profit.

The investor takes the total responsibility until the business becomes profitable, till that time the organization head is in charge to analyze the business profit. When the business gets big, it is quite hard to monitor the business profit and the working pattern, implementing Odoo CRM in your business will help the company heads to analyze to access the profit easily


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