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Short Overview of Different Parts of Shot Blast Machine

Shot Blasting is a process used for the treatment of surfaces with the assistance of high velocity steel abrasives. The shot blasting method aids in obtaining exceptional cleaning and preparation of the surfaces for the secondary finishing operations.

The process of shot blasting is commonly used for the purpose of the following:

  • For cleaning of metals like: iron, steel, forgings, non- cast parts and many more.

  • For mechanical cleaning of: sheets, wire, rods, coils, etc.

  • For shot peening to alter the mechanical properties such as for increasing resistance to fatigue for springs, gears, etc.

  • Preparation of surfaces for secondary operations like painting, coating, etc.

In general, the process of shotblasting focuses on throwing the abrasive particles at a high speed of 65 to 110 m/second in a highly controlled way at the material to be blasted and as a result removing the contaminates on the surface with the help of the abrasive impact.

When the process of shot blasting was on its peak in the 1930s it was used with compressed air for propelling the steel shots.



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