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How to Improve Your Life with Well Being Therapy

What is well being?

The importance of it in our lives is something everyone agrees with and it has been a widely discussed topic in the last twenty years. There are many definitions and they all pertain to the quality of life. Well being is generally accepted as a positive outcome where things in life are going well.


Well-being is described as the condition of being happy, healthy, successful, content, realizing your potential, coping with stress in life, being productive, contributing to community, calmness, purpose, connection, awareness, self-sufficiency and vitality.


Well-being therapy is emotional, mental, physical and intuitive client-based therapy. The goal is to improve well being and improve overall health-mental, physical and emotional.


We can improve overall health by taking the first step- assessing where we are at this point in our lives. Well-being is very subjective. One person may require better sleep for their well-being whereas another may require better finances. And it’s usually not just one thing. And for some of us, it is a very long list! What is required for our well being also differs at various times in our lives. What we required in our twenties may differ greatly to what is required for who we are in our fifties. Well being is always something that we can better in ourselves, no matter what our age, financial situation or accomplishments. Accomplishing increased well being never ends. To improve our overall health-mental, physical, emotional and intuitive-we must look at our lives in a very honest way. This is the first – and sometimes most challenging step.


In our environment, we should look at the people involved and how they affect our lives. Are they assets or liabilities? The people surrounding us -family, friends, employees, neighbors and co-workers are extremely important to our growth and well being. They can hold us back in life, make our progress difficult and even send us in the wrong direction- further away from our goals. On the other hand, they can be our well-wishers and support our growth and realization of our goals and dreams. Well-wishers are similar to gardeners to our lives and help us flourish. With well wishers, we can achieve our goals so much easier than by doing it alone.


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