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7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Tea and Coffee Vending Mach


Tea and Coffee Vending Machine, whenever you heard that word your mind create an image of a hot cup of tea or coffee, which is about to refresh you! If you are working in any office, you know very well that what a hot cup of tea means to you.

Over the past few years due to an increase in demand, Tea and coffee premix manufacturer became well evolved. Now the market is flooded with different varieties of Tea Coffee Vending Machine. It is now a very confusing task for a common person to choose the best vending machine for his/her need.

If you are looking Tea and Coffee Vending Machine for Office, hospital, school, colleges, this article is for you!



Following are the 7 things you should check before buying Tea and Coffee Vending Machine :


1. Hygiene & Health:

For every food industry, health and safety play a vital role as people are going to consume that food. This is also applicable to Tea Coffee Vending Machine as well. So select Tea coffee Vending machine which provides you hygiene and safety to drink & make sure that tea and coffee will not get contaminated.


2. User Controls & Display:

A digital display makes usage of Tea Coffee Vending Machine so convenient and user-friendly. Use of Microprocessor Control, Proper navigation, Quantity Counter & Indicators will help you to use this machine with ease.



3. Security Provisions:

Security while an operation is yet another key feature. Security features are closely related to tea coffee vending machine working mechanism.

Make sure that your machine must have all safety features included such as:

Automatic locks to safeguard drink

Hot Water Tank Material and Heating element

Stability during operation

Complete thermal isolation

Since Tea Coffee Vending Machine is an electronic device you should consider the following factors for safety:

Operating Voltage

Power required


4. Size & Design:

Tea Coffee Vending Machines are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Different manufacturers produce a variety of tea coffee vending machine as per customers’ needs.

Following are some factors you should consider as per your requirement:

1 lane, 2 lane, 3 lane, 4 lane structure

Required types of tea & Coffee premixes

Storage Tank capacity of the machine

Availability of space for installing the machine

Cup size that machine supports


5. Easy to maintenance and reloading:

Maintaining & reloading a tea coffee vending machine is a very tedious task to do. Always go with the vending machine which have proper cleaning system and able to reload all raw material with ease.


Om Sai Foods is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Vending Machines & premixes. Our cardamom tea premix provide instant.


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