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What Is Ayurvedic Perspective About Diabetes And Its Treatment?

Diabetes that is considered to be an incurable disease in medical science is referred to as ‘Madhumeh’ in the ayurvedic language. It is a condition that is chiefly characterized by extremely high level of sugar or glucose in the blood and is accompanied by numbers of other symptoms too. As we all know, the modern medical science considers the abnormal functions of the pancreatic beta cells as the major offenders of this disorder. Also the inadequate production of the insulin hormone in the body is responsible for incomplete conversion of sugar or glucose into the energy. Do you know that ayurvedic science also has its own viewpoint about diabetes and of course its management too? Let us now discuss about what ayurveda has to say about high blood sugar and what it suggests for its effective and natural management.


According to ayurvedic perspective, diabetes is considered to be a Maha Roga or Major Disease. It is because this disorder may lead to serious complications, if it is not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Some of the major and most common complications noticed in the case of diabetic patients include damage to the eyes, problem of joint pains, kidney failure, and impotency, sexual and urologic problems and so on. Further, ayurveda suggests that diabetes is a metabolic disorder that can’t be just treated by controlling the level of sugar in the blood. In fact, the efforts need to be made in a holistic way so that the entire body may be rejuvenated and no further complications may arise in the body.


It is worth noting that diabetes is described in the ayurvedic texts as the ‘Prameha’ or ‘Madhumeha’. It basically means frequent urination or presence of sugar in the urine. Based on the predominance of the dosha in the body of the patient, the treatment plan for diabetes also varies accordingly. In simple words, Ramdev medicine for diabetes is based on doshas present in the body. It all depends upon the individual constitution of the human body.


Diet and lifestyle advocacy for the diabetic patients

The diabetes ayurvedic treatment also advocates following particular diet and healthy lifestyle so as to keep a check over blood sugar levels as follows:


  • Whole grains such as wheat, bread, pasta, brown rice etc. may be taken in the diet as these are all healthy and good sources of energy for the body.

  • Likewise, fresh fruits and vegetables must also be incorporated in the diet.

  • When it comes to dairy products you may take cheese and yogurt prepared from the skimmed milk.

  • Anything that contains sugar and especially the synthetic sugars must be eliminated from your diet. It is because chances of increase in blood sugar are greatly increased when you take sugary products in any form.

  • Exercising is certainly important to maintain normal level of blood sugar in the body. Simple walking may help you a lot.

  • Proper rest and sleep is also important but day time sleeping may be avoided.


By opting for Ramdev diabetes cure approach, you may successfully control this condition and lead a healthy life.


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