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What information do you need to protect with McAfee?

Whenever you think about online privacy, you need to be worried about securing your credentials and financial data online. However, it is a little more complicated than ever. There are 2 categories of pieces of information that you share in your online life which requires safety-


Personally-Identifying Information (PII) – The information includes your name, birthday, address and Medicare number or many other details related to your personal life.


Non-Personally Identifying Information – The information comprises everything from your online activities to websites you visit. It’s a combination of some websites that you visit, you buy online, your online searches and the pages that you like on your social media profiles. Your online activities create a digital folder that contains your info and many companies love this data as they exploit them to send target-oriented ads and boost their sales. Have you ever wondered why you receive so many ads about your holiday destinations after a few wishful holiday Google searches?


If you don’t have sufficient online security then all your information about the activities you perform online can be collected and analyzed by third parties. In fact, data collected about you by websites can be very useful for sales purposes. Some of the companies known as data brokers as they use to collect and maintain data of millions of people and sell them to third party websites.


Why do you need to be worried about your online security?


Just think for a moment about some of the data that is stored online


Your PII is stored in the background of probably every online account that you have such as social media, news, and banking


Online banking, annuity and financial institution sites contain details of all your accounts and your net worth


Your health and taxation records may be accessible online which may contain sensitive information you would prefer not to be shared


If you haven’t disabled location services on your phone, your whereabouts can be tracked by clever parties on a daily basis


Your pictures and videos


While some of this information is stored without your control, there are steps you can take to secure your access.


more information:-



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New Features of Microsoft Office 2019 Setup Office Help Center

Microsoft Office 2019 for Businesses


Later this year, Microsoft is going to release New Features of Office 2019, the latest update for the productivity and business software. Some businesses could preview the software which is for testing the new features, and you could sign up to be one of those if you can’t wait for the new features.


After the Microsoft Office the 2016 version, it is one of the first big updates by the Microsoft, and it also brings lots of big changes for those who choose downloaded the software. Throughout the last several years, the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 subscribers have enjoyed application and feature updates, but the Microsoft Office has always been the company’s flagship business software.


When Microsoft officially introduced, the Office 2019 will be an uninterrupted offering which means that the businesses will pay a one-time fee and also have access to the new updates and features as they are released. Microsoft just said in a press release that, while a disappearance from the subscription-based Office 365 plans it is approaching and is designed for the businesses that are not yet ready for the cloud.


The company also said that the “Microsoft Office 2019” will be a valuable upgrading for the customers who experience that they need to maintain some or all of their apps on the servers on-premises.


While the Microsoft Office 2019 is the official, the permanent rollout of the software, the Office 365 subscribers will also have access to these features as they are introduced. Previewers can enjoy the new Excel features, a latest and new OneNote for Windows 10, and some other IT and security features.


New Features of Office 2019


All through the Office 2019 beta, Microsoft is approaching towards the improved inking features across the apps, including the roaming pencil case ability to the PowerPoint. It will allow the users to move some objects by using their pen or write directly on the slides.


There is also a mass of IT and operation updates, such as improved Click-to-Run technology, monthly security updates, and also the reduced network consumption. Here we provide a complete list of features by the program.


Excel: Every business either small or large scale can take the advantages of the new Excel functions, Power turn and Power Query enhancements, and 2D maps. Users can easily publish from the MS. Excel to Power BI in the latest version of Office 2019.


Outlook: in this new latest version Microsoft is going to update the contact cards, support @ mentions within the Outlook and also introduces the focused inbox features in Office 2019.


Word: Word will have a new black theme, which sounds integrated into the Office 2019, also includes the learning tools and text-to-speech features. There will also be several usability and accessibility improvements features.

Power Point: In the Ms PowerPoint, Microsoft adding the better zoom capabilities featured, the ability to manage the 3D images within the program and also the enhanced roaming pencil case features.


One Note: In a One Note, it is probably got the biggest update of the year 2019. Microsoft said press release that it will combine the One Note 2016’s features with the Windows 10 usability. These features include the ink-to-text, improved syncing and enhanced user experience.



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