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Society members switch to user friendly society management system

From calculating penalties to ensuring digital transactions, record keeping to security, managing housing societies has never been so easy. Many societies have even gone a step further to digitize the visitor’s log through an application, which offers information about any visitor in real time.


Security is a prime issue and a major concern in modern apartment complexes and gated communities. To close potential security gaps, many modernized applications have emerged to provide a seamless, top-notch solution. For example, the gatekeeper app, Hamari Society. The easy and intuitive interface of this Housing Society Management System in Mumbai authorizes security managers to effortlessly create watch lists, schedule tasks, and download visitor reports.


One of the industry-leading housing society software, Hamari Society significantly strengthens security parameters by authorizing housing societies to execute robust security policies.


The member of the Apartment Complex said, “We can now place our problems on the online notice board. It suffices to flash messages about upcoming festivals, events and accompanying celebrations, inaugurations of novel facilities, etc.”


Now, being a resident in the society does not mean that one may keep their vehicles parked wherever they want to. It is important to assign a particular place, such that is easy to keep a database of vehicles parking system. This housing society management system program takes up the job of parking management. This will help you to differentiate resident vehicles from visitors’ vehicles.


Since the Online Society Management System in Mumbai records everything automatically, you will be able to order whatever you need on time. There is even an online stock ledger, as well as sub-ledger, which will exhibit the monthly income and expenditure. The spotlighting of evaluate and calculations should aid you in financial planning, specifically intelligent ways of saving money.


If this is not enough, our Society Accounting Software authorizes you to retain voucher entries related to incoming and outgoing of funds. Bills associated with internal or external vendors will show up on screen, with the click of a mere button. As a result, you should find it effortless to retain a balance sheet for yearly auditing quite easily. Match it with all the proof of purchase/payments etc, which you have mapped.


Also, this Housing Society Software offers the most private portal in the industry. They do not deluge you to buy from different service providers to earn commissions. There are no advertisements on their App because they dislike ads.


According to Sachin Shinde from Navi Mumbai handling Prithvi Society, strongly shares, “I will advise everyone to consider Hamari Society (Society and Apartment Management System - Cloud based, Secured). It's a secured cloud based society management solution to effectively manage every features of the Society Operations.”


Just to name a few features of Hamari Society:


  • Chilled out” component for the management committee and the residents

  • Advanced level of services to the inhabitants

  • An assured system based on user profiles

  • Higher consistency and higher cost saving

  • Improved utilization of resources

  • Little resources because of automated operations


Hamari Society” is an easy-peasy & well organized Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society’s managerial activities high speed, efficient and automated.


Know Information of Forum & Chat facility in the app:


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Want a Serenity of Mind while Managing Housing Society? Download Hamar

Housing societies are directed by management committee comprises of the residents. Since they do the work willingly and don’t get any payment, the perception should be to make their task easy and less unwieldy.


Managing the housing society is an all-rounder task where management committee needs to manage legal, financial, housekeeping and managerial tasks. They are expected to do user management, resource management, and people management. If everything is controlled manually, then it becomes a full-time responsibility. Hence, you need a Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai to make the life easy. It is a comprehensive system that can execute a plethora of activities on your behalf.


A whole list of benefits brought to you by society management software

As discussed earlier, the task of society management is quite a difficult one. Hence, you need an inclusive system. Thankfully, Online Society Management System in Mumbai analysts and developers always understands carefully on the changing needs of users. Hence, they keep on revamping the system constantly.


  • Revamped system safety and security

  • Peace of work for every committee member

  • Excellent quality of service to the users

  • High cost-productive because of better utilization of resources

  • No need of doing the work physically

  • Single-window solution for everything that is required to manage a society

  • User-based access control and benefit


Execute fully-integrated software for great work planning

The quality of service you provide to the society members of the society depends on the level of worldliness offered by the system that is used. When you buy an ordinary system that offers a limited functionality, several things are required to be done manually.


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