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What is 4D BIM and how it is useful in BIM project?

Building information modelling (BIM), it is the procedure of creating information models or some data sets to create graphical and non-graphical information in a digital space, which is known as common data environment (CDE). By BIM course training, the trainees can know about the shared digital space and its effectiveness. As the project progress, the information is handed over to the client or end user until it completes.

By taking BIM course training, you can include scheduling data to different elements, create accurate programme information and enabling stepwise visuals of the development of the project. This process is known as 4D BIM or 4-dimensional building information modelling.  

If the BIM modelling is linking in cost data to support the cost planning and create estimates, then it is known as 5D BIM. And if there is the inclusion of information that supports the facilities management and operation, then it is called as 6D BIM. By understanding the concept of 4D BIM, Future Gen Technologies is providing BIM course training to the design engineers. In the course, we are providing the advanced version of BIM modelling like 4D, 5D, and the latest version of 6D also.


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