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Why Do Shortened URLs Matter? ​

Google conducts 3.5 billion searches per day …​
To rank higher in un-paid search results using the URL format Google prefers is essential!
“We care about having the best possible results because in the long run that’s what’s best for users and, therefore, our business.”  ​
-Google Executive​
Richer, Fresher, Content = Better Search Results = More Satisfied Users = Cost Justification for Increasing Advertising Fees ​
“When we have two URLs that have the same content, and we are trying to pick one to show in the search results, we will pick the shorter one… It doesn’t mean it’s an “official” ranking factor, but it means that if we have two URLs, and one is really short and sweet, and the other one has this long parameter attached to it, and we know they show exactly the same content, we’ll try to pick the shorter one.” 
John Mueller - Google​



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