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Training Workshops to start a business in the United States and learn to use DueClix.com, an advanced Search Engine!

  • How to start business in the United States as a Non US Resident? (Online Workshop Available)
  • How to use DueClix.com, an advanced search engine? (Online Workshop Available)
  • How to use DueClix.com to develop a customized website instantly?

Starting a business in the US- Workshop duration is one week and three hours a day.
Registration Fee US $150.00
It covers:

  • USA market is known as a world financial hub and the most attractive market and safe heaven for an investor.
  • Do you need a local sponsor to start business in the US?
  • Can you register a US company remotely?
  • How to connect with the US buyers?
  • Can you register a business without having a social security number?
  • How can you get an ITIN an alternative of a social security number to file taxes and open bank account?
  • Are you required to open a bank account to start a business?
  • What is the best business entity for your business, such as sole proprietorship, Corporation or an LLC?
  • What is the best US state to register a company?
  • How to file business and income tax as a Non US Resident?
  • How to open a branch office in the United States?
  • How to get a business license?
  • How would customers rating would affect your business?
  • Online visibility
  • Daily discussion session

How to use DueClix.com- Workshop duration is two weeks workshops and three hours a day.
Registration Fee US $150.00
It covers:

  • An introduction of DueClix.com
  • What are the policies of DueClix.com?
  • What are the benefits of using DueClix.com?
  • SEO techniques for major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and DueClix.com
  • How to create a pay per click campaign on DueClix.com?
  • How to index other websites on DueClix.com like Google and Yahoo?
  • How to use and the benefits of customer trusted seal?
  • How to use affiliate programs of DueClix.com?
  • How to do SEO using DueClix.com?
  • How to file a complaint at DueClix.com?
  • How to create a blog and write articles on DueClix.com?
  • What are the best places to apply your DueClix.com training to make money?
  • We will provide practical training to use DueClix.com including group discussions.
  • What is the role Of Robots.txt?
  • How often does DueClix.com send a robots.txt to update the files for indexing?
  • How does DueClix.com search engine indexing function?
  • What is DueClix.com Crawler and its function?
  • How often does DueClix.com run crawler at your website to fetch data for indexing at DueClix.com?
  • How does internet Search Engines Work?
  • How web pages are scanned by spiders/crawlers?
  • How crawler read heading, text content, images and links to other pages?
  • How search engine discover new content?
  • How often do you have to add fresh contents, and how important it is?
  • Will DueClix.com penalize you for the duplicate content?
  • Can DueClix.com remove my indexing, if I did not follow the protocol?
  • What should I do to recover my indexing on DueClix.com due to violation of GetConnected 360.com policies?

Learn to use the DueClix.com site builder to create a dynamic website instantly - Workshop duration is two weeks workshops and three hours a day.

Registration Fee US $150.00
It covers:

  • Fully dynamic admin to set up product images, prices, sales tax, promo codes, offer affiliate and re-seller programs
  • Beautiful themes that are responsive, customization and compatible with all types of mobiles
  • You can start selling your products and services online in just a few hours.
  • Inventory control and receive orders in admin
  • Fully customize theme change options to (color, images, font and text change and show/hide functionality)
  • Modern eCommerce Templates and Storefronts
  • Search Engine Optimized Online Stores
  • Create Video Galleries to showcase multiple videos
  • Create image Galleries to showcase multiple images
  • Change your site's color scheme with a single click
  • Create unique designs without limitations
  • Save time when customizing your design with complete style management.
  • Add Facebook Like widget
  • Instantly begin accepting credit card payments directly from your website
  • Custom Email Addresses
  • Custom Headers and Menu Builder, Custom Email Addresses
  • DueClix, Google and Bing Sitemap support
  • Post to your very own blog
  • Create custom and multiple forms
  • Upload and download document center
  • Get real help from real web experts

What are the benefits of attending our workshops?

  • Become a part of our research team
  • Join us as an affiliate
  • Join our sales and marketing team
  • Join us as a reseller
  • Start your own business
  • Life time free consultation
  • Secure your future
  • Develop your leadership skills

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