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Xzatly Link Management System

In any management system, either a person or robot is hired to mange an input and output. A right input, extracts expected results, whereas a wrong brings a bad result.


For example; A real person hires a manager to manage office activities, whereas a good operating system is used for an effective computer system to manage devices and applications effectively.


What does Xzatly manage for you?


Domain Name:Generally, the management focus advertising a primary domain name, and ignore the attached domain name with the primary domain name, such as subdomains, parked domains and the add-on domain names. Well, other than a primary domain name holds more or less the same importance to promote, so does a primary domain holds.


The Xzatly, gives management an ability to manage, monitor and monetize each domain name, and to add an additional value in each domain name.


Besides, branding to each domain name that is listed under a primary domain name, each domain name will have its own multiple unique extensions and branding. This unique function of Xzatly force management to give an equal importance to each domain name, regardless of its type or a unique function.


Number of links across the internet:


Xzatly, gives management an ability to see the real time, number of links associated and the progress of each link across the internet. It also gives an ability to edit a link, if it is not progressing as per the expectation.


Social Media Scale:


It gives management a tool to scale each link sharing progress on the social media.


Individual Link Popularity:


It gives management an ability to analyze each link across the internet to add, edit or delete. It works same as the iPhone, that give you an access to attach your business 24/7. Xzatly gives you an ability to improve your campaign 24/7 to extract the best results from your advertising campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization:


Xzatly, is a link shortening, which provides its users with the ability to monitor and see the real time progress of their campaign, adjustments can be made to enhance its ability.


It tracks search engine traffic, social media traffic, email marketing, traffic from the other advertising channels, where you have used our tinyurl.


This is game changing technology for small business owners, who always have wished to advertise online, but they were unable to afford.


Online advertising is a symbol of status:


Online advertising is a status symbol for big companies. Smaller businesses can hardly afford it. We have designed this platform to give a revolutionary solution to small businesses to be able to elevate their status and compete with larger companies.


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A professional corporation (PC) formed with the intention of engaging in one of the learned professions. Generally, professionals can register it.
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