About Us

DueClix.com is an online portal that advertises and optimizes the website content to generate website traffic. It is a combination of a natural and paid advertisement. The mission of the DueClix.com is to provide an affordable and effective online portal for the business owners to increase sales and business network. It is an organically grown platform that believes in the performance and protocol.


DueClix.com is a dba of GetConnected360.com, Inc and GetConnected360.com is a subsidiary of VeVill, Inc. that is a Delware corporation. GetConnected360.com was registered in New York on OCTOBER 26, 2015. 


Key Features of the DueClix.com


Free Business Listing – This global free business listing directory, is created to facilitate businesses and professionals to expand their audience and business network to get the newest leads. It has many dynamic functions to tell a user about the business credibility. It is a part of the search engine optimization and enhances your business visibility on the internet.


Online Advertising – It is paid function rather than a natural search of the DueClix.com and it connects a buyer and seller instantly.


xZat.LY – It is a revolutionary technology of DueClix.com, it creates a customized url that increases the click through rate and helps in faster indexing. Xzat. Ly also gives an ability to a user to share the content with different social media website, that brings more potential customers.


There is no other tool available on the internet that can audit your landing page with one click and tells you the area to fix for the accurate optimization. And, later share with millions of people on the different social media websites.


Time-Line – It is a daily diary where a person shares daily experiences and knowledge with their followers. It is a part of search engine optimization and increases external backlinks.


The timeline is one of the most powerful tools of the current age that spreads out your voice and message across the internet within no time, and further it enhances your website optimization in Google and the other search engines.



File A Complaint – It is created to keep the market and society transparent and anyone can file a complaint. And, it is 100% free.


Create Online Store – DueClix.com has created its own site builder to create websites. DueClix.com site builder contains every advanced feature that a website needs for an online visibility.


Trusted Trusted Seal – It is developed to share a business credibility and integrity of a business based on the user experience.


Blog/Forum/Ask Question – These three modules are created to share knowledge with DueClix.com users and these tolls are the keys of the search engine optimization. The search engines rank the websites based on the good or weak content.


Mapping/Indexing – DueClix.com indexes a website content. Generally, it is done in 24-48 hours.


Job Portal – We receive resumes and publish to DueClix.com to find a right employer.


Iphorma – It gives an ability to a user to create a digital banner and even a dummy can also create one.


Become Agent Program – We share residual income with our agents up to 50%. This is a great way to make extra and permanent income.


Ongoing Projects -DueClix.com has many other ongoing projects based on our daily experience to make your content visibility better.