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1. Pay Per Click on a banner or post

  • For each banner or post $10.00 per month for unlimited clicks/leads.
  • Minimum 50 clicks in a month on each banner or post.
  • Balance of clicks will be carried over to the next month if not reached the limit which is 50 minimum.

2. Customer trust seal to collect reviews $199.00 per year.

3. Send an inquiry with your requirement for the quotation.

4. Indexing on every 100 pages $15.00 per month.

5. Send an inquiry to create the political campaigns on

6. Send an inquiry for the affiliation Program: charge 20% of the Gross Sales to sell your products and services. You will not pay until we sell or you pay us after the conversion.

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  • Free business listing
  • File a complaint
  • Post job and resume
  • Create a blog
  • Create a wall
  • Post article
  • Ask questions
  • Send invitation to create a network

File a Professional Corporation online in any 50 states of the USA

A professional corporation (PC) formed with the intention of engaging in one of the learned professions. Generally, professionals can register it.