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Advertising Packages offers an affordable and attractive advertising packages that fit all sizes and types of Businesses. It is as good as a pay per click but the billing is fixed rather than a surprise billing.


Why choose to advertise your business online?

The Due-Clix has a number of unique internet advertising features that encourage a business owner to do the internet advertising with Due-Clix:


  • You may get as low as 1,000 visitors daily that increases the chances of your sale.
  • It is an ideal digital marketing portal for those who want clientele across the world, such as eCommerce websites.
  • We have millions of visitors visit on Due-Clix globally and it has an ability to minus any search engine or social media from your list.
  • There is no surprise billing end of the month rather we chare $99.00 each month for an unlimited hits.
  • We provide the statistic report to monitor your traffic and enhance the campaign.
  • A user finds your business by a keyword in addition to the display ads on
  • You publish a short product description, contact information and a company's logo on each ad.
  • Online or the internet marketing is less expensive and reaches more audience compared to the print or the electronic media.

How to start advertising on


  • Fill out the order form to review by our admin team and normally it takes 24-48 hours to review your online application.

  • We do not save your credit card information online for the security purpose rather we will send you an authorization form in the email to fill and either fax or email us back.

  • You can start creating ads on Due-Clix after the approval and we can also help you without any additional cost.

  • Your ads will not be displayed, if your card is declined.

  • Due to the security reasons, you are required to change your credentials in 60 days, otherwise our system will automatically change it and you can retrieve the new credentials in your email or contact to our office.

  • We will not approve your ads that contain inappropriate language, image and the adult content.


How to cancel advertising on Due-Clix?


A written notification is required in advance to cancel the advertisement on Due-Clix.


How to start a nonprofit with the state and IRS for federal exemption

A non profit organization is generally organized to help community, preaching or worship purposes. Non profit must be registered with the state N IRS
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